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AalaarDB's scripts, mods, utilities and references

Post by AalaarDB » Thu, 15. Dec 05, 06:26

If you want to host anything written by me, please contact me for permission first. This is for the user's benefit; I don't want you hosting something unstable.
If you like it bump it.

Signed Script Candidate:
Station Manager - CoAuthor with Burianek.

Unsigned Scripts and Mods:
The M7 Mod - CoAuthor with Moxy The M7 Mod forum
Shopping List CoAuthor with 'Jon'
AStar Pathfinder Commands
Salvage Mod
Escort CCM
Better Spoken Text

3D Math Library
Binary Heap (sort)
Random ShipType Generator
Random WareType Generator
Camera Functions

Guide to combining Mods
Gate, Sector, Jumpdrive Info
Universe.xml Decoded
Notoriety Formula
mov\00044.xml Decoded (Spoken Text)
Jobs, JobWings, Warelists Decoded
Info on how to change wares to command wares
Manually Editing the Galaxy Using a Text Editor (X2)
How to add color and formating to text
How to use a batch file to unpack those pesky scripts

Small stuff:
Mission Cheats
So far only Mission 16 (Fly Thru Asteroid). If you need more, send me an email with savegame and description to my name at yahoo.com
Destroy Station Debris
Destroys station debris; fly to the sector the debris is in and manually run this script.
Distance Calculator
Calculates distances between 2 objects, even across sectors!
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Post by AalaarDB » Tue, 17. Jan 06, 02:16

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Post by NZ-Wanderer » Tue, 17. Jan 06, 05:40

Does your debris script get rid of the junk in Presidents End?? - I would really love to set that place up as my own sector but the rubbish puts me off..
Link to the list of Mods working in X4-Foundations and also Link to the list of Mods working in X-Rebirth

NOTE: I play with a modded game, so any reports I make outlining suggestions/problems/bugs/annoyances, are made with mods installed and running.

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Post by AalaarDB » Tue, 17. Jan 06, 05:46

Yes it does, but you've got to open it and edit it yourself.
It should be easy.

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Salvage mod stopped working

Post by mharvey9077 » Thu, 23. Mar 06, 11:45

I had your salvage mod running--saw the scrapyards, capture several derelicts. Saw the drone transports.

I saw the salvage station etc,

I had a few scripts reading only text. They are reading correct now and they are the other salvage script.

I opened up tonight and all of your scripts are missing.

The other salvage script is there. I see your scripts in the editor but cannot get the lines to show in the menus. I like your traffic. How do I get yours running again.

I loaded the mod 4 pack again to no avail

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Post by Raptor013 » Sun, 23. Jul 06, 14:44

None of the downloads work. Is there another place I can download them?
Thank you,

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Post by rottystorm » Mon, 1. Jan 07, 17:57

trying to get the Destroy Station Debris please can some one help?

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Mission 16 cheat

Post by mcsquared » Thu, 19. Apr 07, 01:08


Do you still have the Mission 16 cheat, Chasing Kyle Through the Asteroid?

I was hoping to replay the game; the first time I played the original missions, I had to send someone my saved game file and they finished the chase portion of this mission for me. I'm an old fart and my reflexes are not as good as when I was younger. I was able to do all the other missions including the Bala Gi ones successfully without help.

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