XWiki Moderation Team Members wanted!

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XWiki Moderation Team Members wanted!

Post by alchi_ant »

Hey there! 🚀

If you have a knack for organization and a passion for all things X Universe related, then we're hoping that you would like to join our XWiki moderation team and make our X-Universe even better!
We already know that you're as crazy about the X Universe as we are!

What do we need from you?
Attention to Detail: A sharp eye for catching inaccuracies and the dedication to make things right.
Commitment: Be ready to invest a little of your time and energy into maintaining and enhancing the XWiki.
Team Spirit: You're not in this alone; you'll be part of a team working together towards a common goal.

If you're excited to become a part of the XWiki moderation team and help to shape it, we'd love to have you on board. Ready to dive in? Let me know 🌌
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Re: XWiki Moderation Team Members wanted!

Post by rudi_pioneer »

Definitely interested - half of the time I’m digging through game files makes me wish I’d document my findings. I usually end up being documenter in work projects as well.
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Re: XWiki Moderation Team Members wanted!

Post by Stoats not Goats »

Let's go, get keen!!! :x4:
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Re: XWiki Moderation Team Members wanted!

Post by Miniding »

Hi there!
I Don't have so much time but I would love to be involved in helping the X Community anyway.
I have quite a lot of hours spent in the game so I think I can be helpfull to the Xwiki team...
If you!ll have me of course!

I'm french by the way, I can deal with english but not german (except with google trad lol)
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Re: XWiki Moderation Team Members wanted!

Post by MrMack1793 »

hello there,

I'm definitely interested furthermore. There is a lot to do in the wikis, especially for the translation to different languages.
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Re: XWiki Moderation Team Members wanted!

Post by RaifalM3n »

Sounds interesting !
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Re: XWiki Moderation Team Members wanted!

Post by Kajar »

Oh yes! I definitely wish to join!

I got a lot of data and experience to share to help newcomers get to grips with the game.
My specialty being weapons.
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Re: XWiki Moderation Team Members wanted!

Post by Snafu_X3 »

Yep, I'm still here.. tho still waiting enough spare cash to upgrade my GFX card so I can play more often :(

TVM for the notification!
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Re: XWiki Moderation Team Members wanted!

Post by Endellur »

I am interested in being added to the wiki editor's group, is that still an option?

Is the old wiki data still available? I noticed today that all the images in the plot walkthroughs are broken links now. If those images are still available, we can get them re-posted to the new wiki.
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Re: XWiki Moderation Team Members wanted!

Post by ColdRogue26 »

If still possible, I'd like to help with the Wiki as well :)
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