Public Beta Rules and Information - PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU POST

This forum provides information on obtaining access to Public Beta versions of X4: Foundations allowing people running those versions to provide feedback on their experiences.

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Public Beta Rules and Information - PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU POST

Post by CBJ » Thu, 6. Dec 18, 17:48

This forum provides information on obtaining access to Public Beta versions of patches for X4: Foundations and allows people running those patches to provide feedback on their experiences. By downloading and installing the Public Beta, you agree to abide by these rules and accept the disclaimers below.


The Public Beta program allows you to try out our next update or patch and provide feedback before it is released. As such, we cannot guarantee that it will be free of bugs. In particular, while we will endeavour to maintain compatibility, we cannot guarantee that savegames made with a Beta patch or update will be compatible with the final released version.

Before running any Beta version, please ensure that you back up your savegames so that they can be restored if you find any problems.


In addition to the General Forum Rules a number of special rules apply to this forum.
  • For practical reasons, we have to ask everyone to post in English. Please contact a DevNet public forum moderator if you need help with translating your report into English.
  • Posts in this forum are limited to feedback involving problems with the currently released version and/or the current Beta patch or update. Posts involving other subjects including but not limited to general discussion of the game, the company or the development process, general gameplay enquiries, new feature ideas, hardware recommendations, complaints, questions about the future releases, and any thread containing arguments between individuals, may be locked or deleted by the moderators without prior warning.
  • All posts reporting problems should contain as much as possible of the following information:
    • A descriptive title (not just "It's broken!!!").
    • If your report involves performance, graphics/sound issues, hangs or crashes, then add your system specifications in the form of a DxDiag and VulkanInfo report.
    • The version of X4: Foundations that you are running, including Beta patch version and hotfix number where applicable (e.g. "1.30 Release" or "1.31 Beta 1").
    • A description of the problem and its symptoms, including any error messages received.
    • The location in the game where the problem occurred, and the circumstances which led to it, where applicable.
    • If you are able to reproduce the problem, then please include the steps someone else should take to do so.
    • Any additional information that could help trace the problem, including screenshots, crash dump files and savegames (see below).
  • Please do not add 'Me too' or '+1' posts to threads that add no new evidence, supporting information or steps to replicate the issue; these are of very little value to the investigation.
  • Please do not give multiple unrelated reports in one thread. The issue reported and descriptive title of the thread should always correspond so that the right dev sees it.
  • Reports involving modified games will be ignored. Also make sure you are not using the -prefersinglefiles command line option.
If you are providing files to support your report, then please upload them to a file-hosting site such as DropBox and include links in your report. If not using compressed savegames then also please think of compressing savegames into a .zip archive (.rar or 7z are fine too) before uploading them. This will save upload/download volume.

Note: We are not able respond to to all reports individually. This does not mean that we are ignoring them. All reports will be read, the findings analysed and, where appropriate, fed into our development process. We may respond to some reports, for example to request additional information, ask people to try again with the latest update, etc.

Note: In order to prevent problems with the timeline of discussions being lost, the ability to edit or delete your own posts has been disabled in this forum.
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