[X2] Crashes in mission 3 Brennans triumph

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[X2] Crashes in mission 3 Brennans triumph

Post by pulvens » Wed, 8. Feb 12, 15:27

Hi everybody

Tried the search button thingey, no luck manually read through 50+ pages of topics to see if there was anybody with the same problem.

Im having problems at the 3rd mission, X2 crashes (CTD) after 2-3 seconds into the cutscene after entering brennans triumph. (Sometimes the ship keeps crashing into the jumpgate)
All other cutscenes worked well until now.
I have tried to reinstall X2, different graphics settings, alt video playback.
Please help, Starting to love this game...
Finally have a Nova and small SPP empire with the Silicon holding mine and such, really dont want to start over now.


Running vanilla X2 no mods or scripts vers. 1.5
on XP sp3
2500k I5
GTX 560 TI
Gigabyte Z68AD-D3 board
8 GB 1866MHz Dual

DXdiag showed no problems, ran all tests.
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Post by CBJ » Wed, 8. Feb 12, 17:05

I've moved this to the Tech Support forum for you. :)

Please provide the information requested in the first thread in the forum it's been moved to; without it we don't have much chance of being able to help you!

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Post by Sergar » Tue, 10. Jul 18, 16:06

I noticed this has not been answered despite now being in the technical support section.

I would appreciate an answer as well as I am having the same issue.

Alan Phipps
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Post by Alan Phipps » Tue, 10. Jul 18, 16:13

@ Sergar: Please read CBJ's post above yours about the information needed. Most useful to us will be the DxDiag and the Windows error/crash reports.

Also note that this thread has been unanswered by the OP and so dead for over 6 years now. It might be much better to describe your game and issue and provide all the necessary system information in a new thread of your own.
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