Report# DD-104635 - Startup crash in CrashRpt - Feedback Request

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Report# DD-104635 - Startup crash in CrashRpt - Feedback Request

Post by rboerdijk » Tue, 16. Dec 14, 15:38

If this is your first visit to Egosoft Technical Troubleshooting, then please read the Introduction.


Problem Description

The specific crash you have experienced appears to be related to corrupted/modified game files.


Feedback requested

First verify your Steam game-cache to ensure that all files are valid.

1. In Steam, go to the "Library" section and select "X Rebirth".
2. Right-click on "X Rebirth" and select "Properties".
3. Click on "Local Files" and "Verify Integrity of Game Cache...".
4. Wait for the verification to complete before running the game again.

If you still experience this issue, please let us know by mailing with subject "DD-104635" with the following information:
• An MD5 checksum of the "XRebirth.exe" file (if possible).
• Any additional information you think would be helpful.

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