X-56 fully working with X3

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X-56 fully working with X3

Post by tomas.lizner » Mon, 21. Feb 22, 23:47

Hi, for a long time I couldn't find anywhere how to play X3 with Logitech X-56 HOTAS. So I started researching myself and figured it out. Since I've come across more desperate people, here's a tutorial and for X-56 owners, straight to the configured profile for X3 - you can of course modify it as you like or base it on, which is also true for owners of other joysticks.

Code: Select all

(it is a free, fast and safe czech server)

In the zip you have packed the complete software, video guide, profile and I also left the official Logitech driver, without which my joystick was previously incorrectly reporting as Rhino.. and in czech language this comment of mine for short (I translate it only here for you):
This is how to make a HOTAS joystick with separate throttle on a separate cable (or any two separate joysticks) work for games that only recognize one joystick (i.e. where you can either use just the strick or just the throttle, but not both :-/ ).
The trick is to create one common, virtual joystick and map all the controls you want from both (or more) devices to that.

You need
1. Vjoy
2. Joystick Gremlin
3. HidHide

You might need some directx or C++ redistributable libraries, you can install that from MS. Oh, and it's probably better to have the official driver for the Joy from Logitech or another joystick installed.
Then go to the video tutorial, it shows it nicely.
- HidHide I don't know if it's strictly necessary, but I prefer to use it so the real one doesn't conflict between joysticks or get buried in the game before the virtual one. When following the installation and configuration procedure exactly as shown in the video guide, everything works.

Profile for X3: ATTENTION! Even with the virtual joystick according to the procedure above, the throttle control on the throttle stick did not work while all the buttons were fine. I fiddled with it for a few hours and... figured it out! :-) The joke is that the X3 only supports 4 axes, while the two joysticks (stick and throttle) have a total of 6 or even more. So it wanted to redo the axes so that the throttle moves from about the sixth position to between the first four. Load that profile into Gremlin and take a look - that XML is already configured primarily for X3.

Axis to button: for the same reason, the joystick mini-sticks (mini-joysticks) on the stick and throttle, which have their own axes, don't work. The alternative is to configure them as keypads, which is a very desirable thing for vertical/horizontal scrolling by a thumb, at least for me. The profile already includes this as well. So I'll just leave a video on how to do it.

//edit: sorry, this should be probably in technical section :gruebel: Admin, please can you move it? Thanks :oops: <Done, Alan Phipps>

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