[Script] x3tc Drone Retrieval

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[Script] x3tc Drone Retrieval

Post by Lonark » Wed, 27. Feb 19, 22:12

Compatible with X3TC 3.4 and XRM mod.

A merchant's friend.

Using hotkeys, eject 5 of one type of fighter drone at one time. Then collect up to 10 of each type with the push of a button. You could have 30 drones in space, 10 of each type and it will collect them all without having to run them over. Select a target, hit shift-8 to swarm them while you run away then collect them when you're out of range.

In the file, I gave the option for just using the retrieval. One hotkey instead of 4. And if you delete the script, I gave a file to remove the hotkeys without opening the MSCI. If there is another way of doing that, I don't know it.



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