[MOD]X3:AP Map Generator + Shipyards for HQ

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[MOD]X3:AP Map Generator + Shipyards for HQ

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X3:AP Map Generator
Current version: V 1.1
Required: X3:AP v. 3.3
(I did it with official Bonus pack but not sure it's really required.)
Support all languages containes at Steam version.
Interface languages: Russian/English


Description: It's soon soft than mod. Generates new additional universe with 190 random sectors for X3:AP.

Required Adobe AIR. Link: https://get.adobe.com/air/

1. Start X3AP Map Generator.exe.
2. Press "Choose game folder". (The folder must containes X3AP.exe).
3. Options:
-Set amount of sectors for each races by sliders. Free sectors will generates as "Unknown sector". Core sectors calculates as (amount of race sectors)/5 + 1.
-Set "Pirates and goners can have shipyards".
-Set "Ammo for gauss guns at new teladi's docks".
-Set "Allows generate fabs for missiles unproducts in main game Wildfire, hammerhead etc."
-Button "Assortiment at Trading Docks". Percentage probability of product generation at trading stations. Set your custom values if you need to.
-Install/Uninstall mod "Shipyards for HQ"

4. Press the button "Generate new map". Generate the map to the desired result.
Optionally: "Hide map". Set if you not wish to see sector's positions. Warning! You have a chance to get univers with untied sectors. Use at your own discretion. If you wish, you may connect untied sectors by gates in "Galaxy Editor".

You can save/load generated univers (buttons "Load Saved Map" and "Save Generated Map").

5. Start the game.
Warning! As the mod had installed any started/loaded game will have status *modified* and starts all yours unactive mods and scripts.

There two maps x3_universe.XML and y3_universe.XML. The first one is using for any new game. The second one adds to your saved game wich not containes new universe yet.
If you wish, you can edit both maps in "Galaxy Editor".

The gates to new univers placed at Xenon Core 023. You can try to get there from start position "Lost Lar".
Or you'll have a chance to get there from start position "Unhouly Traitor", if you'll start the game in sector "Family Zyarth". Split's sectors unconnected in main game are tieds with last sector of new univers.

I recommend to start new game. Even new sectors will added to your current game, there will desert without civilians, traders, police etc.
If you start new game, new univers will live it's own life immediately.

Shipyards for HQ.
Makes possible to purchase shipyards. When you get HQ, you'll have ability to buy there ships of your blueprints. The shipyards are divided by races. Argon's shipyards are builds argon's ships, boron's builds boron's etc.
Also you can rebuild your Equiupment Docks to Service Stations. At service stations you can upgrade your ships.
When you docked to station you'll get request to create Service Station from your Equipment Dock. If you agree, station will copy all upgrades from your current ship. So you'll have ability to upgade your other ships at this dock.

1. Start X3MapCreator.exe.
2. Press "Choose game folder". (The folder must containes X3AP.exe).
3. Press "Remove from game".

Files adds and updates by Map Generator:

addon/director/Add_y3_universe.XML - looking for new sectors in game and adds new univers if not find them.
addon/director/KhaakSectors.XML - Unlock K'haak's sectors at map when you get Corvet. Remove it, if you don't need it.
addon/maps/y3_universe.XML - generated map.
addon/maps/x3_universe.XML - Original map + y3_universe.
Objects/Cut/00749.bod - modified file for displaying new univers.
addon/t/0001-L007.XML - localisation files

Shipyards for HQ
addon/scripts/SWR.Technical.Equipment.SYHQ (Eng or Rus depending on the current interface language)
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