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Re: [X3LU] The Joubarbian Toolkit

Post by liquid_de » Mon, 31. Dec 18, 14:08

Joubarbe wrote:
Mon, 31. Dec 18, 10:01
Do you have the file Lib.DropWares.xml in X3\addon\scripts?
It's included in Mayhem, but I don't remember if I created it, or if it is from LU.

EDIT: You don't. I've uploaded a new version with the missing file.

Thank you. Working.

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Re: [X3LU] The Joubarbian Toolkit

Post by Senior Tigr » Fri, 18. Jan 19, 18:23

Is there any check for enemy presence or enemy ownership of the sector the Universe Collector tries to collect in? Mine just decided to collect two 25MJ shields from OCV Ares Iota which happened to still have the satellites put there before the invasion.
If there is not such check, is it a big change to add such?

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Re: [X3LU] The Joubarbian Toolkit

Post by Joubarbe » Fri, 18. Jan 19, 20:48

Go to your personal console, there's a blacklist feature. That's only in Mayhem though.

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