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For any bug report, please upload a savegame and tell me what to do to reproduce the bug. If I can't reproduce it, I won't be able to solve it.
Consider leaving a full review on ModDB, it helps :)


Version 2.9.13 (13/09/2019)
  • NEW: You can now unclaim a sector when there are no enemy stations left. However, like abandoning a sector, unclaiming one denies you the right to recapture it for 6 hours (info section of the capture menu has been updated to explain that).
  • CHANGE: All ships are now discovered in the encyclopedia. This check is made everytime you load a game.
  • CHANGE: All M1, M2, TL and M7 will now execute broadside maneuvers when they are in active sector. It should reduce the number of collisions (because they don't charge with their main turret) and does not seem to affect too much the combat output.
  • CHANGE: Added Pirate, Xenon and Sohnen in the relation tab of the Ministry of War menu.
  • CHANGE: Increased price: Pirate Falcon Miner, Aamon.
  • CHANGE: Decreased price: Perseus Miner, Phantom.
  • FIX: Taking the No Food Consumption perk was not deactivating the starvation state.
  • E/I: A wing called 'null' was created.
  • E/I: Fixed non-player stations and ships spawning in player sectors (thanks Hector0x).
E/I has been updated to 1.35.

Version 2.9.12 (24/08/2019)
  • CHANGE: When a fleet ship needs to resupply, it will prioritize the ship he's docked to.
  • CHANGE: Call To Arms will not recall ships that are currently resupplying or repairing (from a previous fleet rejoin or Call To Arms command). It will also ignore ships that are being "ferried".
  • FIX: Various fixes, thanks to rw602: viewtopic.php?p=4881064#p4881064 (invasion cost improper calculation, auto-respawned stations, auto HQ respawn if one already exists, misc fixes).
Version 2.9.11 (17/08/2019)
  • CHANGE: Plunder pirates will now scan for all crafting materials (in vanilla, they only look for Crystals and Quantum Tubes), and will now ignore freighters that do not transport anything valuable (in vanilla, there is a chance to target a random freighter).
  • CHANGE: Mayhem will not override turret commands if they're already set. That is especially true for fleets: if you manually set turrets, they won't be changed. If turrets have no commands, Mayhem will set them to defense or attack, depending on the situation.
  • CHANGE: Mayhem will automatically set turrets of all attacking ships if they have no previous commands. This is to insure that all ships fight at maximum capacity at all time.
  • CHANGE: Broadside combat has been improved. I've made sure that capital ships always turn around each other without going too far away from their maximum laser range. If they do, they will move directly to their target, and resume broadside afterwards. All random movements have been removed, and they do not interrupt the fight before the target is down (this previously was a safety, but IMO could lead to other problems). The maneuver is not perfect, that's not proper Pirates of the Caribbean technique, but remember that in vanilla, Capital ships just go bumping into each other, Nascar style...
  • FIX: Achieving a major victory wasn't unlocking ship data.
Version 2.9.10 (13/08/2019)
  • CHANGE: Restored LU Xenon and Pirate job ships. The galaxy is now more alive than ever, but obviously a bit harder to survive.
  • CHANGE: Extra Xenon and Pirate invaders will now defend their home sector if the defense force is not strong enough (you can thank Hector0x for that).
  • CHANGE: Autopopulate will no longer spawn mining outposts.
  • FIX: Get Refuel freeze. Also made sure the ship refuels from where he's docked when possible.
  • FIX: Game was freezing when trying to autojump inside a sector with no known gates.
Version 2.9.9 (06/08/2019)
  • FIX: Explorers that deploy satellites were disregarding some eligible sectors.
  • FIX: Fleet Patrols were freezing the game when only one sector was ordered to patrol.
Version 2.9.8 (29/07/2019)
  • NEW: Ferries! A ferry will tug every fighter that is coming to its homebase without being able to jump. It will also tug followers when possible.
  • CHANGE: Fleets will jump even if there is a ship left behind that cannot jump. This ship will be issued an order to resupply instead, and will join afterwards.
  • CHANGE: Decreased fleet patrol timeout from 15 to 10 minutes.
  • CHANGE: Docking computer has an explicit description of what it does.
  • CHANGE: Reduced even more the cost of the Remote Control Software. It now costs a bit less than the Transporter Device, which to me is more valuable (ie. it saves more time). Also, bailed ships don't have these anymore.
  • CHANGE: Bailed ships don't have CCDS, Transporter Device or any marine related equipment onboard.
  • FIX: Couriers would unload their own equipment when all tech wares was targeted.
  • FIX: Bailed ships had lasers installed in wrong gun slots / turrets.
  • FIX: Resupply list was not reset on bailed ships (should be fixed, unsure).
  • FIX: Cancelling the Sanctuary placement menu when claiming a sector was still taking money from player.
  • FIX: SA/DA should properly consider blacklisted sectors.
Version 2.9.7 (25/07/2019)
  • NEW: "Easy economy" option (off by default). Reduced the number of resource types you need to build ships, stations, lasers, missiles and shields. Ships now require Computer Comp. and Quantum Tubes, stations Teladianium and Ore, lasers and shields Crystals, and missiles Silicon Wafers. This setting can be set in your personal console, just below the difficulty level.
  • CHANGE: All craftable equipment are now in the encyclopedia as soon as you start the game.
  • CHANGE: The fleet command "Guard" has been renamed to "Attack All Enemies".
  • CHANGE: The "Create default jobs" station command now assigns 2 ships instead of just 1.
  • CHANGE: Turrets are automatically set to Defense on newly built ships.
  • CHANGE: Trade product search menu sorted! (+ Dock, Factory and Natural categories removed)
  • FIX: Pink was fuchsia.
  • FIX: OCV countdown was reset when the first message talking about them was sent.
    E/I has been updated.
Version 2.9.6 (21/07/2019)
  • NEW: Three new perks: Adjacency perk bonus (gives +1 max. perk to all adjacent Sanctuaries), Solar panels (Sanctuary generates E-Cells) and Resupply drone (will resupply all ships in the sector). Encyclopedia updated. Only affects new Sanctuaries.
  • CHANGE: Reworked some Ascension rewards.
  • CHANGE: All races now target OWP in priority (not only the OCV).
  • CHANGE: Freighters are no longer a valid target for Battle Groups.
  • CHANGE: UTs are harder to level up.
  • FIX: Autopopulate was sometimes acting strange with Pirates and Yakis.
  • FIX: The ship-getting-stuck-around-bailed-ships bug should be fixed. The solution is pretty radical: I reissue a new order to the ship responsible of the bail and all its formation. If that doesn't work, I'm out of ideas!
  • FIX: It was impossible to progress along the story when you were in permanent war against the Teladis. Now if the game cannot find a valid dockable Teladi Stock Exchange, the main story will advance regardless.
  • FIX: Text message in the difficulty menu was the one from Autopopulate.
Version 2.9.5 + 2.9.5b (20/07/2019)
  • NEW: Universal Traders are now restricted to a maximum range that depends on their experience level and also on their homebase trade jumps, if they have one. They will now always prioritize stations that are "open to your traders", respecting their export and import settings for both factories and docks (that wasn't working before). They will also properly set their autojump settings and respect both ware and sector blacklists (the sector blacklist wasn't considered before). Encyclopedia has been updated.
  • CHANGE: Weapon component factory is now only available as Argon design (resources are the same for all factions).
  • CHANGE: The amount of shield or laser energy you can lose from a failure now depends on the ship quality. Also, the range of random numbers is wider (meaning potential bigger hits).
  • CHANGE: Added a "current order" tab to the Ship Display Manager.
  • CHANGE: Research station icon.
  • FIX: Battle group fighters were getting out and redocking immediately while their carrier was attacking a station.
  • FIX: Removed useless (and apparently buggy) confirm message when followers of a ship can't jump.
  • FIX: Removed UFOs. Because guess what? Giving a ship the same name as a common error ('Unknown Object') is a mistake!
  • FIX: The E/I module has been fixed in many ways. It's still not perfect, but it's a lot better.
  • FIX: Issue with ships getting stuck after making a target bail (ships that are already stuck will not get reset). (UPDATE: partially fixed, not entirely it seems)
  • FIX: UTs were not leveling up (2.9.5b).
  • FIX: Fleet Guard: the leader wasn't going back to the sector center after killing enemies in range (2.9.5b).
Version 2.9.4 (15/07/2019)
  • NEW: Added a difficulty setting in the Personal console. It affects OCV invasions, maintenance costs, Pirate and Xenon additional invasions, Research cycles, loot chances, bailing chances and number of Scraps per boarding operation.
  • NEW: Restored two vanilla missions: Follow Ship, and Deliver Ship. There's a certain lack of non-combat missions in early-game, and even though those missions are boring, they fit quite well. Return Ship has been removed due to bugs and possible exploits.
  • NEW: Added all Baldric variants to the ATF. They always had trader jobs that never worked in LU because they didn't have any TS. I've also made sure Terran and ATF are looked as one faction for NPC traders of both races.
  • NEW: It's now possible to cancel the automatic templating of a ship.
  • CHANGE: Fleet ships wanting to resupply will now dock at carriers if possible, thus allowing resupply without Transporter Device. They will also dock at a local Sanctuary or an SPP if needed. Command description updated (affects "Call To Arms" and "Fleet: Join With").
  • CHANGE: Energy, Food and Bio NPC Transporters are no longer restricted to their own sectors.
  • CHANGE: Autopopulate is now smarter (yeah, about time). It will scan all stations in the sector and if one of them doesn't find a supplier for one of its resources in the area, a friendly supplier factory will be built. Also, the number of stations built in one sector now respects the Support stat (previously it was still looking at a Mayhem 1 arbitrary variable).
  • CHANGE: Missile resupply is reset when you successfully board a ship (they usually have a ton of needs).
  • CHANGE: Reworked Sanctuaries overview menu (from Personal console).
  • CHANGE: Fleet fighters will be assigned to fleet carriers even if they are in a different sector (the carrier must still be "currently in fleet" though).
  • FIX: Stations being spawned at hundreds of kilometers from sector center (also added a maintenance routine to reposition existing stations).
  • FIX: Advanced Firewall Software had no effect. Now it makes hacking the core more difficult.
  • FIX: Collect mission dropped black crystal (again!).
  • FIX: All wingmen hotkeys ("attack target", "protect me" and the one added by Mayhem "go home"). Wings (as wingmen) are now properly working with these hotkeys.
  • FIX: Interracial greekifying stations. (if you understand what it means)
  • FIX: Freighters not dropping Tech wares when killed by the player.
  • FIX: Bailed ships could have people on board.
  • FIX: Bailed ships had lasers installed in wrong turrets.
  • FIX: Logistics Overview: "Unknown Object" string.
  • FIX: Magnificent bug where a fleet ship could not homebase a carrier that is in need of resupply, but doesn't find any source for it. Bug Art.
  • FIX: Some ships without jumpdrive could not move to their targeted sector under specific commands. UTs wanting to buy jumpdrive when you play with the No Jumpdrive t-file option also fixed.
  • FIX: Satellite Monitoring pagination (again!).
  • FIX: Invisible lasertowers.
  • FIX: Couriers idling while they were supposed to move to another sector.
Version 2.9.3 (10/07/2019)
  • CHANGE: Added an information message when at least one fleet ship cannot jump to the targeted sector (if that's the case, nobody will jump: intended behavior).
  • CHANGE: Fleet ships will now temporarily leave the fleet to resupply and repair if needed.
  • FIX: New "All wares" courier feature wasn't working on ships.
  • FIX: Fleet ships were not responsive to a new order when they had a target.
  • FIX: Fleet fighters were undocking before jumping.
  • FIX: After a fleet rejoin order, one fighter would always undock from its carrier if this carrier was full.
  • FIX: Freeze related to new Pirate/Xenon invasions.
Version 2.9.2 (09/07/2019)
  • NEW: Pirates and Xenons will now launch random invasions from time to time (with ships spawned all at once at random shipyard). This is a rare occurrence and the delay can be changed in the t-file 9972 (can also be deactivated).
  • NEW: Added a t-file option to remove non-critical information message from DA.
  • NEW: Ships you build can now automatically be assigned to a Wing from the "Assign home & send" menu.
  • NEW: Couriers can now Load and Unload all wares from a ware type in a single task.
  • CHANGE: Ships from which you own the full Blueprint will now appear in green in the Ship Compendium.
  • CHANGE: The presets of the automatic renaming feature will now give ID numbers for everyone and will avoid duplicates (unique IDs). Also made sure the ID number is always at the end of the ship name.
  • CHANGE: Explorers deploying satellites will now avoid ruining you when buying Ad. Satellites.
  • FIX: Supply Command Software cost (2 Yellow instead of 1 Green).
  • FIX: " - Flagged Tug" is now removed from tugged ships. Also added "unloading" string order when the Tug returns home with ships.
  • FIX: Satellite Monitoring: number of pages miscalculation.
  • FIX: Added ship data to database when buying a used ship from Companies.
  • FIX: Fixed/Changed global ship naming menu and added possibilities of just changing a color or use a color preset.
  • FIX: Used ships being destroyed after a while even after buying them.
Version 2.9.1 + 2.9.1b (06/07/2019)
  • NEW: It's now possible to assign a ship to a fleet via the "Assign home and send" sub menu. The ship will automatically wait for template if needed, then join the fleet with its current order.
  • CHANGE: Ships ordered through the backlog as a full template will wait to be outfitted even if their homebase is different from where they're built.
  • CHANGE: Reduced delay between the generation of two generic company missions.
  • CHANGE: Increased used ship price.
  • FIX: UT disregarding blacklisted wares.
  • FIX: Added an error message while trying to add default jobs to a Sanctuary under construction.
  • FIX: Added OWP to encyclopedia.
  • FIX: Switched price of Transporter Device with Remote System Control Software.
  • FIX: OWP tutorial message saying they can be relocated.
  • FIX: Explore Universe no more known sectors and weird behavior.
  • FIX: Corporation stations being rebuilt with Docking Computer or Spaceflies as product.
  • FIX: Collect mission ship dropping a Black Crystal instead of a Green one. (2.9.1b)
Version 2.9.0 (03/07/2019)

Export/Import required! See the Export/Import page for instructions.
  • NEW: All drones have been removed from the game.
  • NEW: Diplomatic action: "Lead dirty wars only" (Rank 10 required).
  • NEW: Food consumption varies from a type of food to another. See the food tab for the exact number (bye bye obvious Scruffin Fruits).
  • NEW: Capturing a sector for you costs money ((Threat + 1)^2 * 100,000).
  • NEW: When you capture a sector, you can now place your Sanctuary wherever you want.
  • NEW: Each Sanctuary takes time to build. They actually start with 0% shields and are considered fully built when recharged. While under construction, all internal features are deactivated.
  • NEW: Dream Farms and Bliss Places can now be built, and the margin on Space Weed has been increased.
  • NEW: Ascension: added 1 objective per level, and changed a few.
  • NEW: New ship equipment: Crystal Transmuter.
  • NEW: Robustness is replaced by Quality of manufacture. The quality is manually set in your Sanctuary. Lower quality means lower cost, but higher maintenance, and also higher risks of engine, shield and laser malfunction (temporary hit).
  • NEW: Fleet overhaul. All scripts have been rewritten to finally make the fleet system works. Not perfect, but good enough. They resupply each other, dock in fleet ships if possible, repair to nearest Sanctuary, auto-set their turrets according to the given order, and they can now invade sectors by prioritizing stations in a chaotic manner. Also, a new hotkey has been added to target the nearest fleet leader.
  • NEW: Marines have to get their way back to your Sanctuary after the ship they were trying to board got destroyed. In other words, there's now a cooldown before you can use them again.
  • NEW: You can receive the audio feed of any boarding. Bear in mind that it's kind of incomplete, as I can't play the background combat noise, so there's only the voice over.
  • NEW: You can now build racial variants of these factories: Crystal Fab, Chip Plant, Computer Plant, Quantum Tube Fab, Weapon Component Factory. The goal here is to have different food as resource requirement.
  • NEW: Vanilla taxi missions and used ship missions have both been replaced by a new taxi system and a used ship market. The former simply needs you to register your ship as a taxi (and you'll get passengers when you dock at any station), the latter gives you the opportunity to buy ships salvaged by company salvagers (from the Ministry of War screen).
  • CHANGE: Autopopulate will now favor strategic factories (the ones that produce crafting resources) and will avoid building SPP and mines.
  • CHANGE: Autopopulate racial restrictions removed (everyone can build everything).
  • CHANGE: Autopopulate will build factories closer to center.
  • CHANGE: The amount of Unknown sectors has been increased and they now appear in scattered clusters instead of totally random.
  • CHANGE: Asteroid generation is much faster.
  • CHANGE: Removed Space Flies from universe (requires a new game for full effect). Spaceflies Collector also removed. Should limit late game lags.
  • CHANGE: Added C-Ration and factories to produce it. C-Ration is now the most "efficient" food to feed your people.
  • CHANGE: OWPs are no longer moveable.
  • CHANGE: Changed some station price. Ore and Silicon mines more expensive, as well as Disintegrator Rifles and Teladianium.
  • CHANGE: Chances of mining decreased from 75 to 60.
  • CHANGE: Docking Computer is no longer a default equipment.
  • CHANGE: When ordering a full template via the Backlog, the ship will wait for all components to finish and auto-outfit when done. This check will break if the ship undocks.
  • CHANGE: Increased the value of Crystals (from Crystal Labs).
  • CHANGE: Adjusted calculation of ship and sector values.
  • CHANGE: Safes and computers can only be found during expeditions, and no longer during ship boarding.
  • CHANGE: Reduced the duration of some actions during ship boarding (in fact reduced the gap between Fast Action, and non-Fast Action).
  • CHANGE: Rebalanced two groups of weapons: Impulse Ray Emitter / Mass Driver / Particle Accelerator Cannon, and Energy Bolt Chaingun / Pulsed Beam Emitter / Phased Repeater Gun. In both groups, there is one balanced weapon, respectively the MD and the PBE. The other two have pros and cons. Note that the IRE and the MD are much more powerful now.
  • CHANGE: "Normal" gamestart is now called "Beginner" and "From Scratch" is now "Normal".
  • CHANGE: Increased the cost of light lasers and all Terran lasers.
  • CHANGE: The OCV first invasion countdown now starts at Threat 1 instead of Threat 2. It is now possible to customize this value in the t-file.
  • CHANGE: Removed Distress Calls feature. It was never fun.
  • CHANGE: It's no longer possible to load and unload Sanctuary people to your ships (and if you like slavery, let me say that things will get more complicated for you!).
  • CHANGE: "Intruder" gamestart no longer removes jumpdrive. Use the t-file to do so if you want.
  • CHANGE: Max. trade jumps of all Universal Traders are now set to 6 if no Homebase is set, or the trade jump setting of the Homebase otherwise.
  • CHANGE: While defending a sector, Battlegroups, OCV and Xenons will now watch for enemies very frequently, instead of going to a position THEN check for enemies.
  • CHANGE: Removed the sector corruption feature.
  • CHANGE: Drastically reduced the number of Nividium dropped by Kha'aks.
  • CHANGE: Thorn and Needle missiles are now exclusive to Terrans, as they should have been from the beginning.
  • CHANGE: Huge ships won't go actively after small ships like fighters if under attack by one of them.
  • CHANGE: The Defend Object mission (where you have to defend a station) is now a bit different: knowing that you're a mercenary paid to protect the station, the enemies will target you first. Also, Battle Groups won't help you anymore.
  • CHANGE: Dock Agents will stop instead of returning to homebase when they can't buy a product because of a lack of funds.
  • FIX: NPC carriers will now properly send their fighters against their attacker.
  • FIX: Ship data market was locked if the player reached reputation rank 10 without buying access.
  • FIX: Station Agents were overlooking Sanctuary thresholds.
  • FIX: It was possible to board bailed ships.
  • FIX: Explorers were not scanning stations and gates.
  • FIX: Disassembling a station was displaying an "Unknown object" error.
  • FIX: Probable bug that would mess up with your scraps during a boarding. (aka the "NaN conversion to string" bug)
  • FIX: Hull Polarising Device and Internal Sentry Lasers were always supposed to have an effect on boarding, but that was never implemented. Now it is. Also, both equipment are removed from Sanctuaries because they're useless to the player.
  • FIX: Through the Backlog, it was possible to build a template of a ship whose blueprint wasn't unlocked.
  • FIX: Some vanilla signals were not properly working... (and potential end-game lags)
  • FIX: Bailing bonuses were not applied. Also added a t-file option to completely deactivate bailing.
  • FIX: Invulnerable ships will now jump out of existence. Even though technically they still exist somewhere (in "the void"), they will at least be removed from the playable galaxy. All destruct commands on these bugged ships do nothing.
  • FIX: Several vanilla fixes concerning docking management (M7/TM not considered as carrier, Teleporting impossible into TM, carriers not waiting for dockable fighters before jumping).
  • FIX: NPC carriers being blocked because one fighter cannot dock for some reason.
  • FIX: Battle Group fighters being lost and frozen while their carrier defend a sector.
  • FIX: Added a few checks here and there to abort combat when the target is neutral. The idea here is to try to fix the known issue of bailed ships being a prioritized target of military ships.
  • FIX: Collect Ware (singular) was not ordering proper jump to sector when needed.
  • UPDATE: Mayhem Graphics 1.4, with a No Trails option. Removes trails of ship engines, lasers and missiles. Readme updated on ModDB.
  • UPDATE: In-game encyclopedia and tutorial.
  • UPDATE: Added a Trans-Orbital Gate Models file on ModDB. Not perfect, but I'm tired of the bubbles.
  • UPDATE: Mayhem now includes my entire scripts folder, including the Cheat package and MLCC TM compatibility.
Version 2.8.2 (25/05/2019)
  • Joubarbe.Lib.RandomizeArray was bugged. Probably some minor bugs were caused by this.
  • UTs don't flee anymore when they're attacked, due to several unexplained bugs. Do not affect current UT, you have to reset the command.
Version 2.8.0 AND 2.8.1 (02/04/2019)
  • CHANGE: All missile damage have been halved. (yeah, that hurts)
  • FIX: More encyclopedia stuff.
  • FIX (2.8.1): Station ownership. Now when you start a new game, all stations are owned by the sector owner.
  • MISC: Added a "Known Issues" section on the ModDB page. Unfortunately, all these issues are (for me) impossible to fix, including the bug where a captured ship could sometimes make some nearby targets turning red against you.
Version 2.7.10 (30/03/2019)
  • CHANGE: Drastically reduced the price of the Data Scanner (early game exploit).
  • CHANGE: Ascension ship blueprint reward changed to ship data only (ie. you still have to do the research).
  • FIX: Bailed ships causing nearby ships to turn hostile.
  • FIX: Scrap or credits being dropped as physical ware.
  • FIX: Ascension did not take into account that a permanent war against Terrans and ATF only counts as one.
  • FIX: Fixed some errors / confusions in the encyclopedia.
  • FIX: It was possible to scan a ship through the Additional ship command menu without having a Data scanner. Note that it's still possible to scan from the space suit.
  • FIX: Possibly fixed a bug where you could lose more than 1 Threat after having your sector destroyed by the OCV.
Version 2.7.9 (26/01/2019)
  • NEW: T-file options to determine minimum and maximum number of non-vanilla Unknown sectors at the beginning of a new game.
  • FIX: Freeze due to a bug in the DA refueling script.
  • FIX: DA retreating loop when under attack.
  • FIX: A sector could still be corrupted after the company's TL has been destroyed, or moved to another sector.
  • FIX (E/I Module): "local" job target was imported as "Kingdom End" (sector 0,0).
Version 2.7.8 (03/11/2018)
  • CHANGE: Added the class name of every missile in their description.
  • FIX: Lots of double spaces in ware descriptions.
  • FIX: Nearest sectors were not prioritized by invaded shipyards. This can be deactivated through a new t-file option.
  • FIX: The Silkworm description was the vanilla one instead of LU's.
Version 2.7.7 (02/11/2018)
  • NEW: T-file option to make all wars "dirty". Can lead to serious chaos and unbalanced economy.
  • NEW: T-file option to disallow instant jump for Battle Group fleets. Can make things very unpredictable, and probably imbalanced.
  • NEW: Added two station blacklists, one for DA, one for SA.
  • CHANGE: All OTAS ships are now properly classified as Argon ships, meaning that you can buy their data from the Argon market (and that Argon Battle Groups will use them).
  • CHANGE: Station Agents are now distributing to all your Sanctuaries, prioritizing local and nearest ones.
  • CHANGE: Station Agents are synchronized: if they're looking for the same ware at the same factory, only one will go. Can be deactivated through a t-file option.
  • CHANGE: "Minimum stock to distribute" changed to "Minimum stock to start distribution".
  • FIX: Station Agents description.
  • FIX: Dragonfly and Rapier are now light seeker missiles, instead of dumbfires.
  • FIX: Agents should now properly check for needed fuel on the station they're docked in, then in the local Sanctuary, before looking for NPC stations.
  • FIX: 150km build restriction does not apply to mines.
  • FIX: Possible trigger of company's rescue missions by a ship other than the player's ship.
  • FIX: Jumpdrives could respawn for sell if you were playing with the "no jumpdrive" t-file option, without playing the Intruder gamestart.
Version 2.7.6 (12/10/2018)
  • CHANGE: Cahoona Bakery is now XL.
  • FIX: The main plot would get stuck if the flagship you're supposed to destroy has already been destroyed. Now Mayhem recreates it.
  • FIX (E/I Module): Sectors that are set to Unknown by Mayhem and are not originally Unknown in LU Vanilla would repopulate after an import.
Version 2.7.5 (05/10/2018)
  • NEW: T-file option: Chaotic Expansion. Each faction can expand to sectors that are non-adjacent to their territory. Default is off.
  • NEW: Added a "Local" option to the list of dock agents' possible targets. This allows presets to be more easily exportable and gives some clarity in the jobs list. You can still specify the local sector if you want this specific sector to be the target for everyone.
  • NEW: T-file option to deactivate docking tax warning messages.
  • CHANGE: Invasions against player sectors now only consist of one wave.
  • CHANGE: Teladianium foundries go back to XL size.
  • CHANGE: All marines (enemy or ally) reload their gun after killing a target.
  • CHANGE: "Attack All Enemies" will target enemy stations in priority.
  • FIX: Restored the LU energy consumption rate of the Concussion Impulse Generator (like every other laser).
  • FIX: Removed the mentions of Sanctuary levels in the encyclopedia.
Version 2.7.4 (09/09/2018)
  • CHANGE: Reduced the rate of fire of Ion Disruptor by 20%.
  • FIX: Marines: Effective protection was not properly calculated.
  • FIX: Marines: Initiative bonus was applied to enemies as well.
  • FIX: CIG (Concussion Impulse Generator) rate of fire was twice its normal value.
Version 2.7.3 (08/09/2018)
  • FIX: Marines getting reset in Sanctuaries that don't have the Marine Barracks perk.
  • FIX: "null" blueprint could be obtained from a computer during boarding or expedition.
  • FIX: Boost Extension could be seen on some ships.
  • FIX: Marines were not properly destroyed when the ship they boarded had not enough place for them AND when there were no sanctuary left.
  • FIX: Message of a new blueprint added from computer hacking could be displayed, even though the blueprint was already known.
  • FIX: Victory screen was freezing the game when you had at least one marine improvement researched.
Version 2.7.2 (04/09/2018)
  • CHANGE: Marines transfer and list are now accessible without the "Marine Barracks" perk.
  • FIX: Jumpdrive minimum jumps setting could be reduced if a homebase was assigned.
  • FIX: Factories not being connected to their complex should be fixed.
Version 2.7.1 (29/08/2018)
  • CHANGE: Goner temples still increase sector stats, but not to their maximum anymore.
  • CHANGE: Recycling stuff now gives you 50% resources instead of 100%.
  • FIX: OCV could sometimes display a "clean" claim.
  • FIX: Template outfit "assign home & send" is now reset to default when the menu is closed.
  • FIX: Unnamed ships.
  • FIX: Quantum Jumpgate extension and perk are hidden when you play the Intruder gamestart or you deactivate jumpdrive.
Version 2.7.0 (24/08/2018)
  • NEW: There's now a t-file option to deactivate OCV at any time.
  • NEW: Perks system revamped. No Sanctuary level, some perks have changed, some have been added, some have been removed. All perks are available from the start, but they are not refundable, so you better plan your strategy in advance.
  • NEW: Opportune deliveries. Your DAs are getting smarter.
  • NEW: Fully equipped ships t-file option. For losers. Yeah, you.
  • NEW: Two new hotkeys: Wingmen go home and Wingmen refuel from playership. The latter requires a Transporter Device.
  • NEW: Added 25 potential new connections between sectors. They don't use standard gates, but trans-orbital gates (un-jumpable and hidden on the galaxy map). Check the new map, these random connections are shown as question marks.
  • NEW: Two new hotkeys: Turret: attack enemies and Turret: missile defence.
  • NEW: Marine improvements.
  • CHANGE: Restored LU-Vanilla weapons damage, with some increased shield damage for most medium weapons. The anti-hull / anti-shield concept is removed. Mayhem range and speed are preserved.
  • CHANGE: Removed all magic powers from weapons (charge, reduce speed, drain weapons).
  • CHANGE: Penetration bonus is increased and is now displayed into the total bullet energy.
  • CHANGE: Removed all planet supply jobs. They're bugged and stupid.
  • CHANGE: Reduced the number of M1 in the universe (jobs).
  • CHANGE: Victory changes: it now requires you to finish the main plot first, the "Economy" victory is removed and the "Subjugation" victory is now achieved by subjugating 2 factions instead of 3.
  • CHANGE: Sanctuary Of Darkness is easier to retake from the Xenons.
  • CHANGE: Sector stats: factory support goes from 4/8 to 6/9 (new game only), with a chance of an "oasis" sector (silly name for extra support, up to 15).
  • CHANGE: Rethought some missions: some removed, some restored, some reduced, some increased.
  • CHANGE: Shipyards information (as a diplomatic action) can be bought at anytime, with anyone.
  • CHANGE: You can now see how many ships they would send against you in case of an invasion (estimation only). Shipyards information required.
  • CHANGE: The ship data market is now a diplomatic action (2 million). And it's unlocked by default with Alliance gamestarts.
  • CHANGE: More weapon support for OWPs (including Terran weapons).
  • CHANGE: Removed LU's ship salvagers. Only company's salvagers stay.
  • CHANGE: Freedom's Reach is now Yaki.
  • CHANGE: The Albion area is now randomly assigned to one of the Commonwealth faction.
  • CHANGE: Sector traders are no longer a thing. UT only.
  • CHANGE: Templates can be ordered through the Backlog screen without having the "Ship hangar" perk. (one of the manufacture perk is still required)
  • CHANGE: Decreased build times.
  • CHANGE: Pirates do not autojump out of sector when heavily damaged.
  • CHANGE: The mission that consists of escorting a TL in the main story has been removed.
  • CHANGE: Plutarch Tractor System removed. It is no longer possible to move asteroids.
  • CHANGE: Station positioning (from Autopopulate, NPC Shipyards, etc.) is now made according to sector size, instead of using an arbitrary system of coordinates.
  • CHANGE: Reverted back the size of Teladianium Foundries to L instead of XL.
  • FIX: Relation from factions to player should be updated more often.
  • FIX: Increased following distance.
  • FIX: Probable corruption of Stock exchange (was causing the global task Lib.Gen.RunScriptWhenFinished to be stuck).
  • FIX: Terran shield stock bullsh*t. (removed)
  • FIX: Infoboxes from the Ministry of War menu were not shown.
  • FIX: The Collect Astronaut command was restricted to small ships.
  • FIX: The backlog menu was not properly initialized.
  • FIX: Station's color was messing the Sanctuary section of the job Register menu.
  • FIX: Best Buys/Selling Locators were supposed to have an effect on the delay it takes for a DA to search for a trade partner. Now it really does.
  • FIX: Global ship set homebase now takes carriers into account.
  • FIX: Some complex connected factories were displayed in some menus.
  • FIX: It was not possible to delete boarding report when the boarding was failed.
  • FIX: Boarding reports duplicates.
  • FIX: Ships that were supposed to go to a different Sanctuary after they are built were not always properly refueled.
  • FIX: Crash related to the impact effect of the Phased Array Laser Cannon. (replaced 217 by 201)
  • FIX: It was sometimes not possible to start the boarding command from another ship.
  • FIX: Freeze when a sector being corrupted was conquered by the player.
  • FIX: The game will now purge claims from Xenons, Player and OCV when it's loaded, if the claimer has no ships inside the sector.
  • FIX: Completely removed the need for love and protection of Kha'aks. Sad times...
Previous changelog (dropbox)
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Re: [X3LU] Mayhem

Post by Hector0x » Tue, 28. Jul 15, 18:27

Awesome stuff!
Joubarbe wrote:Not compatible with LU's Export/Import.
Can you explain this a bit further? If i hit the shiny "Export empire" button it

a) will melt down my CPU
b) would be pointless, because i couldn't select the import gamestart afterwards
c) works, but doesn't export any of the mod features like sector ownership and basicly starts it all from scratch while keeping player assets and OCV/Phanon state
d) kills my bunny

In short: Are we stuck at one LU codebase?

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Post by Joubarbe » Tue, 28. Jul 15, 19:12

Well, making Mayhem compatible with E/I would mean to spend a lot of boring work, and IMO, LU is good enough as it is in 1.5.2. Maybe, if Litcube comes back with a lot of updates, I'll reconsider, but for now, you can export your empire, but I deactivated the import feature on the New Game screen. The reason is that it would not import any of the Mayhem features, not even the new stations and the universe configuration. That would be pointless.

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Post by Hector0x » Wed, 29. Jul 15, 17:29

It should last for a decent time i guess. Making another copy of the LU Backup right now. I'm thankful for your hobby selection.

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Post by Shomey » Wed, 29. Jul 15, 19:15

This looks amazing. A painfull Yaki start seems nice.

How does the player deal with stations you cannot obtain because of racial wars? Like Yaki, I don't believe they have much stations by themself. And something like a PHQ, isn`t it only buyable at an argon shipyard?

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Post by Joubarbe » Wed, 29. Jul 15, 19:28

If you really want a PHQ, you better make Argons your new friends :) A lot of Borons to kill in their sectors. And now with the bounties, it should be easier.

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Post by ColeTahn » Sat, 1. Aug 15, 11:04

I assume you have to start a new game or does it work with an existig one,no matter how far the player is?

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Post by Joubarbe » Sat, 1. Aug 15, 11:14

Yes, new game is required.

I recommend waiting for the 1.0 RC, coming soon, if you want a serious game. Yep, sorry, it's probably stupid, but I changed more things that I anticipated first. I also have more time to fine tune this mod.

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Post by Shomey » Mon, 3. Aug 15, 18:11

Just wondering how you get enough money without much trading. Is there lots to gain with combat? And from there build some infra to get missiles and such?

Did you beat this gamemode yourself?

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Post by Joubarbe » Tue, 4. Aug 15, 18:10

"Without much trading" ? You mean that if you don't have the whole universe, you won't make profits ? IMO, it's untrue. I can be wrong, but with the inflation, I'm under the impression that my traders make the same profits as before, if not more.

Besides, in LU, mining makes a lot of money. Some players seem to forget that.

And yes, combats, especially bounty hunting, + all bails and wares that get on the numerous battlefields between races, have good rewards.

I didn't beat the game with this mod ; but I'll release it anyway, because after the same number of days in several test games, my empire is in better shape than in LU's vanilla. Making war everywhere gives a lot of opportunities.

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Post by Shomey » Tue, 4. Aug 15, 18:14

What I mean. Since only the Teladi + one other empire will like you from the start there are less sectors to trade in.

In my 'vanilla' LU I had 7-8 mining fleet but it din`t seem to do much. Maybe my setup is bad. Maybe guns and missiles instead of full mining drills.

I`m trying your mod anyway. Maybe the full combat start will be fun from the start.

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Post by Joubarbe » Tue, 4. Aug 15, 18:20

Well, I have more fun in Mayhem than in Vanilla, so I think it's good and that some people can also have some fun :)

But I'm playing with the unreleased 1.00RC, that I'm going to release before the week-end. A lot of things have changed.

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Post by Shomey » Tue, 4. Aug 15, 18:53

I better wait then.

I really like LU for the new mechanics and tools it gives. But the OCV seem so weak. They expand to slow to make me scared. I never got far in midgame/lategame because of that. I dont really feel the urge.

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Post by Joubarbe » Wed, 5. Aug 15, 18:46

1.00RC released !




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