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Post by redagent » Fri, 20. Feb 15, 19:18

My Feedback about BUGs and Issues in currently availible download of ADS-v2.65.1_real_wings_v1.14.

In few words - The idea of ADS-RWE is great - it is a logical evolution of the original ADS, improving the managment, providing more effective usability with so needed hotkeys and easy to setup; BUT developing of this idea is unfinished in the most important places of the carrier-fleet part.

Thus the Dock/HQ-based-fleet part is definetly good! and if you going to use this script only with ADS-Sector-Defence commands with station-based fleets with minimal investmens of your time - it is the best chois.


1. Hotkey "defend carrier" from the file anarkis.acc.hotkey.cmd.defend.xml still linked to the test.test.1 script. And tapping the key returns the window with "1: Raid TS 2:Patrol 3:Weaken 4:Invade 5:Kill Station" menu option.
As mentioned here ... 40#4398940
I have replaced code with this one: ... 78#4398978
Just copy paste code with xml editor (I know it could be wrong method). It seems like a code from previous ver. of RWE - some values are different.
After that editing the Hotkey "ADS: Defend Carrier" began to work and does the same thing like a command "Carrier defend mode" - just without question about the quantity of the wings to send. multitapping also works properly - sends 3 wings when tripple tapped. Along with that fix the game began to catch lock ups (freezes) - from time to time - only IS when using ADS_RWE fighters in battle IS. And doing everything else for hours is stable. Suppose I need xml file(s) appropriate to the current RWE version. But there is only one instance of ADS-RWE download.

2. Some of the damaged fighters SLOWLY trying to retreat in the neighbor sector. (Why not to the healing mama?).
For example - when I was fighting In Sector Xenon 472, my damaged fighters flew to the BHS and stayed there with "none" commands.

3. ADS-RWE-managed wings do not receive reinforcements, until they return to base and reform in a new wing. While the ANCC wings are trully get continious reinforcements when scrambling in the same situation.

4. Wings that were sent by the "carrier-defend-mode" order (or by the fixed hotkey) to defend my own carrier behave like vanilla ordered to follow me.
- when reaching a critical distance (set response range in carrier setup menu), the threat will be IGNORED by the wing, until the enemy (xenon) shot somebody. When enemy have HIT the carrier, then all defenders will attempt to kill ONLY this one. And when enemy firing in one of the defenders - only this defender and his wingmate react. And when one of the defenders being killed (accidently) by the IBL-PPC barrage from Xenon-Q triyng to hit my carrier, then all defenders IGNORE this Xenon-Q until it will hit its current target. During that test at the moment I caught myself praying it was my well defended carrier, cause then all my defenders will wipe out this bad guy and I will survive for further tests w/o reloading.

It is funny to observe one Xenon-L pathfinding through the cloud of 40 M3:Venti formed in to 8 mama-defend-wings. This Xenon-L was trying to hit my carrier surrounded by the swarm of M3:obstacles, unless it could not because of the permament "avoiding collisions" action caused by his unbending intent not to do a scratch on the bodies of my furious trustworhty Guardians! And this was never happend while the carrier was moving on the maximum speed. (5min in SETA) Only after a complete stop of my carrier and waiting patiently for the end of that Labirinth-quest...
Actually in that way defend wings are really protect the carrier but in their own specific-greenpeace-pacifist style. Cause you know - the xenons are like animals - they do not realise what they do from humanistic point of view....

5. MAybe not a bug - ECS can not find and register ADS-RWE, but able to do it with Current ADS 2.65.1 version.
By the way the ECS libraries included in ADS.2.65 archive are not exactly the same to the standalone version presented on X3:downloads, which i installing with ADS-RWE. Few files are different by size and time.
Anyway ADS-RWE starts and all commands works, exept "defend carrier", but I am not shure about the correct behaviour of the script.

I use X3:AP 3.1 with the following modes/scrips for more than a 80 ingame days! (few years in RL):

Cicrow Plugin manager Advanced V1.47
(incl. Cicrow Hotkey manager, ware manager, community plugin configuration)
+bonuspack version 5.1.00
+Advanced Patrol-V1.1.2-1.9.2012
+ImprovedBoarding-V1.23.04c (Bullwinkle_Hack)-2013-06-23

3 variants of installation were tested: ADS.2.65.1 and ADS-RWE-1.14, both with ANCC; and once ADS-RWE without ANCC. All was installed above my all other scripts in the different copies of "Script" and "T" folders. And every time I got the same resuls.

NO FILE REWRITES were found directly copying into game folder ADS/ADS-RWE/ANCC scripts (without using PM).
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Post by Teladidrone » Sat, 21. Feb 15, 14:11

redagent wrote: Maybe CODEA is a dissision for me - as it is looks like from descriptions. But damn pilot headhunting issue... Tell me please who tested it and know it is.
CODEA is THE solution to operate a carrier and worked flawlessly in all my earlier plays (vanilla & XRM). No question about it. Nothing comes even close.
Once you get used to the somewhat complicated systems it's a really smooth sailing trip... (and yeah, pilot hunting, lol. Pro-tip: you dont need to. Dock the carrier at a military outpost and you can mass-recruit rookie pilots for your fighters, then let the carrier camp a gate with high pirate frequency, activate the CODEA "train pilots in combat" option and your pilots level fast and nicely).
I spent a lot of time for the testing fleet managment variants at this moment.
I hear you.
I started to play a little X again (this time LCU mod - awesome!) and I am desperately looking for a working carrier script set because unfortunately CODEA is incompatible here.
Real shame, all the other options I tried (pretty much the same ones you mentioned) either dont work correctly, or dont do everything I want or are just not compatible (enough) with LCU.
I so miss my CODEA... :cry:
I'm at a point now to give up on carriers in LCU for the time being.

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Post by Nicoman35 » Mon, 23. Feb 15, 00:59

Hi people.
Redagent, thanks for your detailed info and feedback you gave. I am aware of the issues you described. I never finished this script (as most of the works here).
Therefore, there are issues. Especially because I only have TC, and I think some problems remain when switching to AP.
LU changes so many things, that there WILL be even more issues. I never played LU yet, but doesnt it have an integrated carrier management?

For the time being, I will not modify ADS-RWE any further, mainly due to lack of time.
I used to do coding stuff at work, and then test it home.
My work situation changed in a way, that I do no longer have access to any PC where I could code something at work. So, I basicly quit coding.
There may be a probability that some day I'll be in a mood again, but I do not think it is very likely.
I do have a v1.15 in state of development on my HD, but if I recall right, there is only very little difference to v1.14.
If anyone is interrested, I could share.

I don't mind if anyone would like to change things or debug ADS-RWE....
If any help is needed in understanding the script structure or how things are ment to work, I'll help where I can.


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Post by redagent » Mon, 23. Feb 15, 14:40

Nicoman35 wrote: I do have a v1.15 in state of development on my HD, but if I recall right, there is only very little difference to v1.14.
If anyone is interrested, I could share.
Yes offcourse! Please share this! So I suppose the hotkey bug is fixed there and maybe it could be useful somehow. Anyway - I will try this.

And thanks a lot for a promt reply, Nicoman35!
Sad but true - game is old, times changes and more important - you don't have to do anything about this script.
Anyway, I respect people who care about the fate of their children :)

Well, if you accidently will get the mood, I have an idea, how not to lose your efforts with a minimum time investment.
Remember I am not a programmer at all...well then:

What if you just delete from your script the things that unfinished and glitchy,
and save everything else?
How I see it after all the tests made - let it be your
- Setup and hangar managment menus
- Repair section (marines instead of mechanics!)
- Resupply Management
- Auto upgrade dockable ships automatically
- command 'defend carrier' with important defend-hotkey
- tactical settings for the commands 'defend carrier' and 'clear sector'

And let it be original ADS IS-battle behaviour of the fleet. Also there is ANNC script wich really provides adequate beahaviour, but does not have enough hotkeys and not improving anythig else. there is a good key for priority target, but no key to defend.

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Post by GDI-BOSS » Tue, 21. Nov 17, 00:56

Hi guys,when i install ADS,ADS-rwe and anarkys libraries,cant activate in menu of pirate guild ADS system to defend their bases.

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