[ALP] Jumpgate Construction Technology 1.4 TC/AP 17/7/12

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Post by TTD » Sun, 3. Feb 13, 11:46

Been a while since I used it.

If there are already accelerator gates there, remove them before putting inthese new gates.

In order to get the materials you have to be within 6 units of distance to the station that supplies them.
When there,if your ship is angled right,then it should receive the required goods ,delivered by freight drones.
There is a menu that lets you see how much you need and how much you have.
You do have to use a specific type of ship to do this.

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Post by Lord Kellmar » Fri, 5. Apr 13, 16:33

Just a little bump on the road...

I've installed this script along with the random sector gerenator (RSM) to tweak and correct the sector connections... And I too have the problem of the indestructible "[race] Environment Technician" (for me they are terrans in demeters getting attacked in Paranid sectors) that are clogging the military.

I have (fake patches, TC) :
14 : Tubeless complexes
15 : No Civ + Reunion style ship naming
16 : Immersives env. (+loadscreens)
17 : 500kms comm range
18 : Main Menu Scene
19 : Better blending and visual range for Imm. Env.
20 : Hubble images Backgrounds
21 : Bounce
22 : Complex Cleaner

Along within the plug-in manager :
Cheat Package
Imperials Librarys
JSON Parser Lib.
Jumpgate Construct. Tech (ofc)
LazyCorp Claim Unknown sector
Memia Autoscan sector

And finally copied manually in the scripts folders :
Marking unknwon sector

I managed to "remove" the ships by changing their ownership or warping them to another places (acquire them then "forget" them in Unfocused sectors should be fun too)
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Post by Mannschaft » Sun, 8. Sep 13, 19:20

This isn't working. I get close to the station, start the transfer and wait. I can see the little fellas moving to my ship. Then it says funds transfered, jumpdrive components transfered etc. But there is nothing in my cargo and the menu still says I have 0 of every resource. So either it is not giving me the resources at all or it is and it's just not showing up on the menu.

*edit* I cheated and gave myself the wares I needed so at least I got to build one. One other thing I see wrong with this mod is holy cow I've seen no less than 20 sectors warn me about radioactive waste dumping in the last half hour. How do I safely remove this mod from my game without breaking my save? It is ruining everything :(

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Post by Midnightknight » Wed, 11. Dec 13, 03:00

Well, i have put this mod on and build one jump gate, a only one to link the sector earned in 3.0 to the old sector i was using with my HQ (lazy to change verything i built so far, so building a gate was nice) and i haven't removed the mod after, what i should have done.

I've been playing the plots a bit and wasn't monitoring what is happening in my well defended sectors (both PHQ en Xenon Hub) anyway when a ship is attacked you have an alert.

But this mod just seem to have ruined my whole game. I had a few hasardous alert in xenon sectors and one in "unknown sector" i was busy i didn't check and anyway that tell you ships will be dammaged, so i guess you would be warned when on go through. But no.

At some point i had a Cag that send me a message saying "I have no wares to trade, list is empty" so i checked what was wrond and it take some time to figure it hasn't any base anymore cause his base was gone. No alert, nothing. I checked a little more in the log and saw "Your Thresher has been destroyed" "Your Megalodon has been destroyed" and a few other ships who were actually parked in my Xenon Hub, un a equipment dock and waiting to be stuffed.
The i saw that the building allowing to align gate was gone too.

I reloaded a quite old save to see what happened and when i go in the xenon hub there is absolutly nothing but my stations loose life continuously. I tryed putting a few repair ships on it but it loose 1% every 2 seconds so nothing you can do to prevent it from blowing up. I tryed cheat but that don't work either, you have to stay around and constantly reload hull again and agian.

I know it looks fun, putting wastes like this but it was a terrible bad idea. I mean, we are in space, there are no chance at all something like this could happen. Think 3 secondes. Every ship in AP spam nuclear missiles in every sectors and you don't take damages simply flying where on blew up a few seconds ago. No oxygen in space, nuclear weapons can't just do this :/

Now i have actually 3 days of game ruined and i can't do anything against that, no way to prevent it or remove it, i disabled all mods and my stations keep diying and that even more ridiculous cause i have lots of MK3 and cargo going around and not a single took the wastes and took care of them, so basically this mod will simply nuke all sectors one after the other removing all what's inside and make an empty wolrd.

I don't think that's what people want donwloading a construction jumpgate mod :/
Anyway hope someone have a fix or something and i really wish this kind of "surprise" could be warned at least in the log when it happen. Cause it's REALLY easy to miss a message and getting all your game screwed cause of an event far more important and dangerous than the whole terran war (Yeah even with 2 vallahlas in a sector theyr don't blew up stations like this) and it's almost like it's of no interest for the whole universe. I had expected at least a real warning and a way to counter that, not simply learn "Hey guy now your screwed, reload", well at least it would be an alert to not continue and override saves.

Edit: After spending quite a long time repairing again and again the stations, the loose of life finally stop. But still i think it's way to powerfull, it shouldn't blow stations in one row like this, i can't imagine what happened in xenon sectors cause of this, maybe they are fully empty. And it's a pain cause if ships respawn it's not the case for the reste and in Tc i ended screwed cause factory was missing to the game and you can't find a weapon anywhere, this kind of things can happen even more with this.

But after this i find that all paranids where hostiles to me and my fleet leader a hardly boarded I has been destroyed by terran evironnement technician. OMG what's all this?

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Post by LV » Wed, 11. Dec 13, 22:28

it's been a while but there may be a simply solution

find the script plugin.lv.build.gate.cloud.xml and go right to the bottom where it says return null , press c to copy, go back to top of script and press v to paste that as the first line

the moment the script is called it then terminates again

also do the same with plugin.lv.build.gate.drain and you short no longer have this issue (hopefully) although running ones may have to complete before it's fully purged

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How to build a gate with Jumpgate Construction Technology 1.4 TC / AP?

Post by zzone007 » Fri, 28. Mar 14, 00:01

If I use Jumpgate Construction Technology 1.4 TC is possible to build more than 4 gates, on the southwest, southeast, northwest or northeast example?

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Fri, 28. Mar 14, 18:43

Please always ask questions about a script in its specific thread.


I don't know what limits the script has, but the game supports up to 6 functional jump gates (or Transorbital accelerators) per sector.
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Post by lone_warrior » Fri, 21. Nov 14, 17:16

Doesn't work for me,

I have all the required materials and credits, but it says I don't have the required materials, I have literally thousands of each type of material and still doesn't work

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Post by LV » Fri, 21. Nov 14, 19:22

your lucky i popped in today

I was playing around last week and can;t remember if it with this script that didn;t work on a fresh start for me or another (i fixed whichever it was anyhow)

open plugin.lv.build.gate in the AP scripts folder via your browser and tell me if this is the same as yours, your looking for a command that gets amount or checks if a ware is installed so if you see any missing text after the check there is something different in your base coded warelist

also keep your eye open for "Jumpgate Construction Technology" as a ware (hopefully you have a way of adding any ware or knowing how to bring up the warelist to check)

if you do come across something let me know and i'll gie you the fix

I can't upload my current version as it's heavily set in cheat mode debugging

Code: Select all

276   $aremove = $jumps * 1
277   $enough. = $ship -> get amount of ware Construction Equipment in cargo bay
278   skip if $enough. >= $aremove
279   |goto label fail
280   $aremove = $jumps * 2
281   $enough. = $ship -> get amount of ware Container in cargo bay
282   skip if $enough. >= $aremove
283   |goto label fail
284   $aremove = $jumps * 10
285   $enough. = $ship -> get amount of ware Deuterium in cargo bay
286   skip if $enough. >= $aremove
287   |goto label fail
288   $aremove = $jumps * 5
289   $enough. = $ship -> get amount of ware Jumpdrive Components in cargo bay
290   skip if $enough. >= $aremove
291   |goto label fail
292   $aremove = $jumps * 20
293   $enough. = $ship -> get amount of ware Labour Kits in cargo bay
294   skip if $enough. >= $aremove
295   |goto label fail
296   $aremove = $jumps * 25
297   $enough. = $ship -> get amount of ware Plutonium in cargo bay
298   skip if $enough. >= $aremove
299   |goto label fail

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Post by Welingen » Mon, 24. Nov 14, 13:12


Where is the 1.4 version, this the 1.2 on your download page ?


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Post by LV » Thu, 27. Nov 14, 20:23


tr4awl your way down it's its there, get the most recent lib scripts as well

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Post by Welingen » Mon, 8. Dec 14, 08:49

Thanx for link,

Bug report :

Trying 1.4 ( 1.2 in game ), but not working in tcap + xrm + loco

Same as Midnightknight ;

5 Gate Construction Centres are created, 2 argon 1 pirate 1 split 1 terran, trying many time starting alp and never had 5 differente race. Each time i have 2 same race, split or argon.

4 station for material and 1 for drome transport and more than 200 Environment Technician ship.

Playing some hours, stations never manufactured product.

Station have basic ware ( photopil etc.. ) but nothing happen , no manufactured product.


Not compatible with XRM.

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Post by Welingen » Tue, 30. Dec 14, 00:32

someone tried to modify the script for XRM?

Working good for TC and AP but in XRM Gate/waste station don't do anything, juste making massive TS instead manufactured ware.

happy new year

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Post by SgtMaster » Sat, 21. Mar 15, 12:04

Does not seem compatible with XRM, / x3ap 3.0

wares do not get collected when near the gate factory.
So i used cycrows cheat to add wares.

I linked CEO doubt to earth, gate construction begins
i see the X gate, testing failed...

But when the constructions is complete, the gate vanishes, replaces by invisible jump beacon.

My ships on auto pilot cannot enter the gate, they just turn in circles around it.

Again, i use cycrows cheat to warp to earth,
all i see is Goner Ranger coming out of the gate/ jump beacon.
Yet my ship will not and cannot use the gate/ jump beacon...

and yes, the hazardous script wreck havoc also...

Was hoping to make earth an important hub in the Xuniverse, :cry:

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Re: [ALP] Jumpgate Construction Technology 1.4 TC/AP 17/7/12

Post by scav_n_ger » Thu, 27. Aug 15, 20:51

LV wrote: Final Addition

I added some waste wares to the gate fabs which are produced during trade or production, you are advised to use the Radioactive Waste and Hazardous Waste to fill the Waste Facility that is created with the Gate Factories as they will make needed Trading Drones. It is also much safer than the fabs disposing of the waste themselves ;)

Once a fab is full of either waste it will stop producing until the waste is traded.

Short review for version 1.4
First of all, I thank you very much for all the work you have put into shining-up the game and creating a lot of wonderful scriptworks.

I am running XRM so it might be a compatibility issue. Maybe it works well and i just have a bad environment for the Plugin due to all the mods i lost track of. I got the Imperial Lib of course.
So please understand that i am trying to just mildly complain in the most polite way.

However, i feel like i need to comment on this plugin in order to warn players.

So.. Warning!
The Waste that got into space ruined my universe.
The final addition of waste is a feature i can not recommend.

About 4/5 stations get changed into production facility for the resources.
Each of this Stations produce toxic materials which are transported to a Sector that contains the only toxic materials recycling facility of the universe. Maybe i did something wrong.

I had about 80 Demeter Environmental Technician something Freighters per Facility/Race. Terran, Split, Argon, Paranid..
All of them heading for the one recycling facility that was located in Blue Arrow.
Once accidents have occured, i dont know if it is an area or the whole sector, nearby ships get a serious damage over time.

So all in all,
- The menu feels unrefined but works. (menu sometimes close after click so thanks also for the hotkey)
- The construction works.
- The "Final Addition" feels like alpha stage

I really do not want to seem unthankful and i know this stuff was produced a good while ago, but i would recommend to enhance the description in the first post by someone editing it eventually.

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