[MOD] X-Tra Ship/Station Pack - [V1.94 Available 3/9/2011]

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[MOD] X-Tra Ship/Station Pack - [V1.94 Available 3/9/2011]

Post by Cadius » Sun, 24. Jan 10, 17:46

[I closed this thread due to excessive spam. Cadius re-opened it here - Gazz]

This mod attempts to add new ships and stations for all the races without making any major gameplay or balance changes to the vanilla X3TC experience.


USC M1+ - Saitama Heavy Carrier

USC M2+ - Nagoya Heavy Battleship

USC M7 - Sendai Variant A Escort Cruiser

USC M7M - Sendai Variant B Missile Cruiser

USC M7 - Hakata Escort Carrier

USC M7 - Hiroshima Attack Frigate

USC M7 - Aomori Patrol Frigate

USC M7 - Longsword Mk2 SpecOps Frigate

USC M7 - Morioka Drone Carrier

USC M6 - Longsword SpecOps Corvette

USC M6 - Naginata Escort Corvette

USC M3B - Falchion Strike Bomber

USC M3 - Excalibur

USC M4+ - Kopesh

USC M5 - Advanced Rapier

USC TL - Tepukei Support Frigate

USC TL - Mobile Mining Base Ship (Model replacement)

USC TM - Macana

USC TS - Baldric Super Freighter

USC TP - Gauntlet

ATF M0 - Valhalla (Model Replacement)

ATF M7 - Kvasir

ATF M7 - Snotra Patrol Frigate

ATF M3 - Verdandi Heavy Fighter

ATF M4 - Hel Advanced Interceptor

ATF M5 - Mani Heavy Recon/Light Interceptor

ATF TM - Lofn

Split M1+ - Anaconda Assault Carrier

Split M2+ - Taipan Heavy Battleship

Split M7 - Adder Battlecruiser

Split M7 - Ocelot Assault Frigate

Split M7M - Cobra (Model Replacement)

Split M6 - Drake

Split M6 - Dragon Sentinel

Split M3 - Cougar Vanguard/Raider

Paranid M7 - Proteus Attack Cruiser

Paranid M6 - Nemesis Sentinel

Paranid M3 - Patroclus

Boron M2+ - Megalodon

Argon M7 - Cyclops Attack Cruiser

Argon M6 - Centaur Sentinel

OTAS TS - Mistral Freighter/Super Freighter (Model replacement)

Teladi M1+ - Cormorant Heavy Carrier

Teladi M2+ - Pteranodon Heavy Battleship

Teladi M7 - Raven Blockade Cruiser

Teladi M7 - Tern Light Carrier

Teladi M7 - Talon Siege Frigate

Teladi M7 - Heron Patrol Frigate

Teladi M6 - Osprey Sentinel

Teladi M3 - Emeus

Xenon M7M - G Missile Frigate

Xenon M7+ - C Strike Cruiser

Xenon M2+ - Z Fleet Control Vessel

Khaak M1 - Tiamat (Replaces the Khaak M1 Carrier)

Khaak M2 - Asura (Replaces the Khaak M2 Destroyer)

Khaak M7 - Rakshasa

Khaak M6 - Tannin (Replaces the Khaak M6 Corvette)

Khaak TM - Incubus

Khaak M3 - Ahriman

Khaak M4 - Ifrit

Khaak M5 - Lilith

Keris Combat Drone

Fighter Drone

Fighter Drone MkII

Repair Drone

Turrets - New turret models are also mounted on vanilla ships.


Repeater-Dual Repeater-Kinetic Cannon-Railgun


Stations - available for purchase from the factions big shipyards

USC - Headquarters

USC - Military Base (Model Replacement)

USC - Orbital Patrol Base (Model Replacement)

USC - Orbital Defence Station (Model Replacement)

USC - Orbital Freight Dock (Buyable)

USC - Orbital Shipyard (Buyable)

USC - Solar Power Plant (Model Replacement)

USC - Asteroid Base (Buyable/Model Replacement)

Teladi - Space Equipment Dock (Model Replacement)

Teladi - Asteroid Base (Buyable/Model Replacement)

Teladi - Orbital Shipyard (Buyable/Model Replacement)


Download Links:
X-Tra Ship/Station Pack v1.94

Addons <-Install instructions inside
X-Tra Trails Pack by Killerog <-Still early beta, we would really appreciate bug reports.


T File: 9951-L044, 9951-L048, 9951-L049
Text Range Used: 90000 - 91000


My thanks to Mark A Condren for all his work on the scripts used in this mod
to Lc4Hunter and Requiemfang for some base meshes used to make these ships
to Yacek, CNSIndependence, Ryukazuha, Starbuck1978 and Ilricca for their work in translating this mod
to Tenk for the Normandy SR-1 model
to killerog for the MD base script
to Aragon Speed for the Safe Undocking script
to Sorenson for his scripts I based mine on
to CCP Games and Mithis Entertainment for some of the base meshes and designs used in to make the ships in this mod
to the modding community that has contributed much ideas to further improve this mod

Recommended Scripts

These are some optional scripts I highly recommend you get

X-Tra Jobs by vkerinav <-- This will allow NPC patrols and trade ship use the Xtra models as well.

New Terran Starts by Igor.tverd <-- New game starts designed to work with the new ships. Also features new start plots.

Logain Industries Production Modules by Logain Abler <-- This should help you manage large scale production, put those player-owned shipyards to better use and allow your M0's to produce ships.

Light Support Drone Carrier by Logain Abler <-- This will allow you to use the Drone Carriers as... Drone Carriers!

Salvage Commands & NPCs by ThisisHarsh <-- Makes salvage operations far easier

Marine Repairs by Tatakau <-- This will allow the Hakata to actually conduct repairs to docked ships

Advanced Weapons Research Mod (AWRM) <-- Adds new Commonwealth and Terran weapons and improves supply issues with some Vanilla equipment

AWRM/Xtra Ship Starts <-- New Game Starts meant to work with X-Tra and AWRM

Known issues and solutions
Unfortunately this mod isn't without issues, here are some known issue you might encounter and solutions them. Please note that these issues will is likely to occur when you play the mod with a vanilla savegame.

1] Some ships appear to have unusable IREs in their turrets
- You need to use Cycrow's Cheat Script and clone the ship

2] Capital ships have trouble docking at the new shipyards and stations
- Please use MarCon Cheat Clone Station and clone that station

Making it compatible with XSP ships
This ship pack is not entirely compatible with XSP ships since XSP will always overwrite mods but can be made so with a little effort.

1] Uninstall all of your xsp ships using the Cycrow's Plugin Manager

2] Go into "/your X3TC directory/types" and remove the TShip file

3] Install Xtra Shippack as a fake patch

4] Open the Plugin Manager again and reinstall your xsp ships.[/url]

Version History
- Updated USC M1 Saitama model
- Updated USC M7 Sendai A/B models
- Updated Khaak M2 Asura model
- Added USC Repair TL Tepukei
- Added Boron M2 Megalodon
- Added Khaak M6 Tannin (replaces the Khaak Corvette)
- Added Khaak M1 Tiamat (replaces the Khaak Carrier)
- Added Repair Drone
- Added new model for Fighter Drone
- Added new model for Fighter Drone MkII
- Added new model for Keris
- Added Repair Drone Script by Mark A Condren
- Safety Nets removed for many USC ships
- Fixed Khaak M2 Asura turret issue
- Added new model for Split M7M Cobra
- Updated TFactoriesWreck and TDocksWreck so that proper wrecks appear for the new stations
- Added Polish language translation by Yacek
- Added German language translation by CNSIndependence
- Added Paranid M6 Nemesis Sentinel
- Added Teladi M6 Osprey Sentinel
- Added Khaak M2 Asura
- Added Xenon Shipyard Model (model by Lc4Hunter)
- Fixed M7 Sendai A trails (X-Tra Trails)
- All Argon and ATF models tweaked (they no longer need safety nets)
- All USC Station models tweaked (they no longer need safety nets)
- Fixed undocking issue with the USC Asteroid Base
- Fixed invisible Hyperion model in X-Tra Trails Pack
- Fixed missing Argon Eclipse model
- Boron Angel given cargo life support
- Khaak Rakshasa cargo bay increased to min 3000 max 4500
- Fixed Terran Military Outpost/Orbital Patrol base safety net showing up
- Fixed Boron Hydra Sentinel weapons loadouts
- Rearranged Split turret loadouts
- Increased Split Taipan dock space to 10
- Drones tweaked for compatibility with MARS goblin feature
- Fixed Taipan external dock, it can now dock two TS/M6 externally
- Split M6 Drake and M6 Dragon can now dock 1 fighter (Ship may require clonning)
- Cockpit scenes reverted to vanilla ones, this fixes issues on several ships with screwed up cockpits
- The following are fixes to X-Tra trails
- Fixed Barracuda Sentinel missing model
- Fixed Atmo Lifter misplaced flares
- Fixed Viper model issue
- Tweaked Teladi Asteroid Base Model (it's much smaller now)
- The following models have been tweaked and optimized
- Terran HQ
- Terran Military Outpost
- USC M4 Kopesh
- USC M6 Katana <- Shrunk down by 20% to avoid undocking issues
- ATF M6 Vali <- Edited to avoid undocking issues
- Split M1 Raptor
- Split M2 Python
- Split M2 Taipan
- Split M6 Drake
- Split M6 Dragon
- Split M7 Ocelot
- Split M7 Panther
- Split M7 Tiger
- Added Terran Shield Fabs
- Added Terran Asteroid Base
- Added Terran Communications Facility (Trading Station type for those using Trickmov's STO script)
- Added Solar Power Plant XXL for all races
- Added ATF M7 Snotra
- Added USC M3 Excalibur
- Added USC M5 Advanced Rapier
- Added USC M6 Naginata
- Added Argon M6 Centaur Sentinel
- Added Boron M6 Hydra Sentinel
- Added Split M1 Anaconda
- Added Split M6 Dragon Sentinel
- Added Split M7 Acinonyx
- Added Split M7 Adder
- Added Khaak M3 Ahriman
- Added Khaak M4 Ifrit
- Added Khaak M5 Lilith
- Added Khaak M7 Rakshasa
- Added Khaak TM Incubus
- Added Teladi M3 Emeus
- Added Paranid M3 Patroclus
- Translation to Italian Language (Thanks to Ilricca)
- Fixed issue with Valhalla M6/M8 docks
- Fixed Readtext errors on German version (Thanks to Alex Corvis)
- Fixed scene file error with MMBS
- Added Xenon M2+ Z
- Added Xenon M7 C
- Added Xenon M7M G
- Improved Compatibility with PSCO1's Cockpit Mod
- Fix turret issues with Mobile Mining Base Ship
- New and much improved safety net (Thanks to Trixx and Urbanfreak for their Alpha Blend technique)
- Updated USC Orbital Patrol Base model (uses the new Terran Outpost model)
- Added buyable Military Outpost
- Fixed bump-maps on Longsword/Mk2
- USC Orbital Patrol Base now use the new Military Outpost model
- Description changed for some ships
- Text file rearranged for better organization. (makes it easier for me to spellcheck etc..)
- Minor stat tweaks across all X-Tra ships
- Rearranged Terran Shipyard products
- USC Ships sold in Mars Shipyard
- ATF Ships sold in Moon Shipyard
- Starlight Aerospace ships sold in Saturn Shipyards
- New models for
- USC M7 Hiroshima
- USC M7 Sendai A/B
- Added ATF M0 Valhalla (Model Replacement)
- Added Argon M7 Cyclops Escort Cruiser
- Added Teladi M7 Talon Attack Frigate
- Added Teladi M7 Tern Light Carrier
- Added Repair Drones (Place holders for Mark, ignore these for now)
- Compatibility with LI_MOD7 restored
- X-Tra is now again compatible with Logain Industries v7 scripts. However, it is no longer compatible with savegames from
previous version of X-Tra.

- Script tweaks
- Adding new stations to shipyards no longer uses a script but instead uses an MD script
- Added compatibility for CMOD4
- Added Teladi turrets
- Fixed collision issue with USC TL MMBS
- Fixed Split turret model issues
- Updated USC/ATF turrets (Revelation/Absolution) with new look
- Cleaned up various USC/ATF ship models (mainly those from older releases)
- USC M7 Aomori and Morioka models underwent some redesign
- Teladi TL Albatross given 6 TS/TP dock, docking slots increased to 10
- ATF M7 Kvasir Top/Bottom lasers decreased to 4
- ATF M1 Odin Front turret switched to Revelation (loses PSP)
- ATF M1 Woden Front turret switched to Revelation (loses PSP)
- USC M2 Osaka Top/Bottom lasers decreased to 4
- USC M7 Sendai B Bottom lasers decreased to 2, added top turret with 2 lasers
- Fixed a faulty script issue
- German text updated by Starbuck1978
- Fixed undocking issue with the Mistral and Mistral SF (their size have been reduced by 30%)
- Fix collision safety net for the M2 Taipan
- Fix missing loadout issue with Teladi M7 Heron
- Added Split turrets (Predator/Talon/Venom)
- Added Split M6 Drake
- Teladi M2 Phoenix given 2 fighter docks, 2 TS/TP dock
- Updated M1 Raptor model
- Fixed texture error, added bits to allow mounting of new turrets, fixed smoothing groups
- Right/Left/Rear lasers increased to 6, Top/Bottom increased to 4
- Added 2 TS/TP external docks
- Updated M2 Python model
- Fixed texture error, added bits to allow mounting of new turrets, fixed smoothing groups
- Right/Left lasers increased to 9, Rear/Top increased to 6, Bottom increased to 4
- Added 2 Fighter external docks
- Updated M7 Tiger model
- Changed main hull texture
- Right/Left/Rear lasers increased to 3
- Added 2 Fighter external docks
- Updated M7 Panther model
- Fixed texture error, added bits to allow mounting of new turrets,
- Right/Left lasers increased to 3, Top/Bottom increased to 4, Rear decreased to 3
- Added 2 TS/TP external docks
- Updated TL Elephant model
- Fixed texture error, added bits to allow mounting of new turrets, fixed smoothing groups
- Front/Right/Left/Rear lasers increased to 3
- Added 2 TS/TP external docks
- Updated M7 Ocelot
- Front lasers increased to 9, Right/Left increased to 6, Top decreased to 4, Rear decreased to 3
- Updated M2 Taipan
- Front lasers increased to 12, Right/Left increased to 12, Top increased to 8, Bottom/Rear increased to 6
- Added deployable Orbital Weapons Platform
- Newly optimized scripts
- General stat tweaks to all Xtra ships, you should see a steep price increase to all Terran capital ship
- Argon OWP's made available at all Argon shipyards
- New model replacement for the OTAS Mistral Freighter
- New model replacement for the Terran Solar Power Plants M/L/XL
- Updated Terran Orbital Shipyard model, USC shipyards also use this model now
- Added USC OWP Phalanx
- Added USC OWP Longinus (Placeholder)
- Added USC OWP Gungnir
- Added USC TP Gauntlet Military Transport
- Added USC M2 Nagoya Heavy Battleship
- Added Split M3 Cougar Vanguard
- Added Split M3 Cougar Raider
- Added Split M2 Taipan Heavy Battleship
- Added Teladi M7 Heron Patrol Frigate
- Added Teladi M7 Raven Blockade Cruiser
- Added Teladi M2 Pteranodon Heavy Battleship
- Added Teladi M1 Cormorant Heavy Carrier
- Fixed turret miscount with Odin and Woden, <- I accidentally doubled their top/bottom turrets
- Fixed issue with custom turret draw distance
- Fixed issue with fighters undocking from TS dock point
- Fixed issue with docking and undocking capital ships from the Hakata
- Rebalanced the Saitama weapons and stats
- General stat tweaks to all Xtra ships and ATF capital ships
- Gave the Hiroshima new turrets
- New model replacement for the OTAS Mistral Super Freighter
- Fixed PHQ and TPHQ cargo bay <-- was at 500,000, supposed to be 40,000,000
- Fixed USC M3B Falchion missing model
- Fixed pathfinding issue with fighters launching from carrier
- Fixed pathfinding issue around custom stations
- Added pathfinding safety net to
- ATF M1 Odin
- ATF M2 Tyr
- ATF M7 Aegir
- ATF M7 Kvasir
- ATF M5 Mani
- ATF M4 Hel
- ATF M3 Verdandi
- ATF TM Lofn
- USC M1 Saitama
- USC M7 Sendai A/B
- USC M7 Hiroshima
- USC M7 Hakata
- USC M7 Aomori
- USC M7 Morioka
- USC M7 Longsword Mk2
- USC M4 Kopesh
- USC TL Mobile Mining Base Ship
- USC TM Macana
- Split M7 Ocelot
- Paranid M7 Proteus
- USC M7 Hakata's frontal turret moved to the front of the ship, TS/TP docks moved
- USC M7 Hakata's front/side/bottom lasers reduced to 4, but it can now mount proper M7 weapons
- USC M1 Saitama stats tweaked
- USC M1 Saitama's top/bottom cockpit adjusted
- Fixed compatibility issue with patch 2.7
- Fixed issue with bumpmap not appearing
- Fixed several issues with LI stations compatibility
- Fixed issue docking issue with the USC TS Baldric Super Freighter
- Added German Language support <- courtesy of CNSindependence
- Added Polish Language support <- courtesy of Yacek
- Added buyable Terran Headquarters
- Added PHQ to OTAS shipyard in Legend's Home
- Added ATF M7 Kvasir Battlecruiser
- Added modified ATF M7 Aegir Heavy Frigate
- Added modified ATF M2 Tyr Advanced Battleship
- Added modified USC TS Baldric Miner
- Added new turrets for USC and ATF capital ships
- Added external dock for vanilla USC and ATF ships
- ATF M1 Odin can dock 2 TS/TP/M6/M8
- ATF M1 Woden can dock 2 TS/TP/M6/M8
- ATF M2 Tyr can dock 4 fighters and 1 TS/TP/M6/M8
- ATF M7 Aegir can dock 2 fighters
- ATF M7 Skirnir can dock 2 fighters
- ATF M6 Vidar can dock 1 fighter
- ATF M6 Vali can dock 1 fighter
- USC M1 Tokyo can dock 2 TS/TP/M6/M8
- USC M2 Osaka can dock 2 fighters and 1 TS/TP
- USC M7 Yokohama can dock 2 fighters
- USC M6 Katana can dock 1 fighter
- Added external docks for the Sendai variants
- USC M1 Saitama - left/right side lasers increased to 8, top lasers increased to 10, bottom lasers increased to 6, steep price increased, hull strength decreased
- USC M7 Hakata - left/right side lasers reduced from 6 to 4
- USC M7 Sendai B - Added more side and bottom turrets, price increased slightly
- ATF M3 Verdandi variation changed to Verdandi "Sentinel" <- this is so that NPC patrols spawn them as well
- Several ships had their variation changed so that NPC will use them too <- I can't remember which
- USC Shipyards reverted back to vanilla models, Player owned Orbital Shipyards remain the same

**Modders be warned, several ship models have had their names changed for better organization and record keeping. Do be careful**

- Fixed external docks on all capital ships
- Fixed USC M6 Longsword missile payload
- Optimized all ATF models
- Optimized Split M7 Ocelot model
- Optimized USC Saitama, Baldric Super Freighter and Kopesh models
- Moved docking and launch bays on the USC Saitama, launch bays increased to 20
- Turret/Cockpit scene index changed for USC Saitama, USC Hakata and ATF Lofn <-- !!Very important for those of you merging mods!!
- Added Safe Undocking script
- PHQ storage space increased to 40,000,000
- Orbital Shipyard storage space increased to 500,000
- Orbital Freight Dock storage space increased to 100,000
- Asteroid Base storage space increased to 150,000
- Added docking information to ship descriptions
- All ATF ships made buyable from Terran Shipyards
- All Terran stations made buyable from Terran Shipyards
- Added ATF M3 - Verdandi
- Added ATF M4 - Hel
- Added ATF M5 - Mani
- Added USC M4 - Kopesh
- Added USC M7 - Morioka
- Added Paranid M7 - Proteus
- Added USC Orbital Shipyard (Model replacement)
- Added USC Orbital Freight Dock
- Added USC Orbital Defence Station (Model replacement)
- Added USC Orbital Patrol Base (Model replacement)
- Added USC Military Base (Model replacement)
- Added Teladi Small Shipyard (Model replacement)
- Added Teladi Space Equipment Dock (Model replacement)
- Added Teladi Asteroid Base
- Changed USC Food Supply Factory
- Changed USC Food Preparation Facility
- Changed USC Water Purification Plant
- Changed USC EMPC Forge
- Changed USC M/AM Launcher Forge
- Changed USC Starburst Shockwave Cannon Forge
- Changed USC Point Singularity Projector Forge
- Changed USC Spectre Missile Forge
- Changed USC Phantom Missile Forge
- Changed USC Wraith Missile Forge
- Changed USC Shadow Missile Forge
- Changed USC Hull Plating Factory
- Changed USC EMP Rifle Assembly Forge
- Changed USC Keris Drone Factory
- Changed Text IDs to 90000 - 91000
- Tweaks to Ocelot model
- Added a new USC TL Mobile Mining Base Ship model
- Fixed issues with Falchion's guns
- Added USC M6 - Longsword
- Ships added to proper shipyards
- Fixed issues with Hiroshima's main guns
- Added Split M7 - Ocelot
- Added USC TS - Baldric Super Freighter
- Added USC M7 - Longsword Mk2
- Added USC M7 - Aomori
- Added USC M7+ - Sendai Variant A
- Added USC M7M - Sendai Variant B
- Added USC M1 - Saitama
- Models directory and name changed for better organization
- Converted all models to .bob file for much improved performance
- Fixed issues with text not appearing
- Morrigu name changed to Macana
- Added USC M3B - Falchion
- Added USC M7S - Hakata
- Added USC M7 - Hiroshima
- Initial release
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Post by mark_a_condren » Sun, 24. Jan 10, 17:58


Looks good so far.

I like the fact that you didn't just use a Magnetar center section, this gives it a uniqueness, well done.


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Post by willypokorny » Sun, 24. Jan 10, 18:28

looks realy good

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Post by Observe » Sun, 24. Jan 10, 18:42

Good job Cadius. Image

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Post by Idea » Sun, 24. Jan 10, 19:55

I don't think that your ship is a work of amature.This http://img710.imageshack.us/img710/4395/pumaz.jpg was a work of amature(which one I am not in liberty to say :wink: ).

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Post by GaianKnight » Mon, 25. Jan 10, 00:14

No such thing as an amateur when trying to do modding and scripting. And this new Terran TM looks amazing already. Makes ya wonder if the Terrans are really all that advanced when they didn't have their own true troop transport yet.

When this is all done and proper, it should be part of the Superbox and/or Apricot Merge Mod. This is really looking something already. :D

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Post by Retiredman » Mon, 25. Jan 10, 00:46

ATF is going to be jelous.. so your going to need a ATF version. :roll: :D

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Post by repatomonor » Mon, 25. Jan 10, 02:02


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Post by Killjaeden » Mon, 25. Jan 10, 02:12

good :)
Kitbashing is an 'easy' way to start and can produce good results.
Good for learning too ;)
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Post by Cadius » Mon, 25. Jan 10, 07:27

thanks for the reply guys, i fixed the turret issues and spruce up the model abit more.
http://img710.imageshack.us/img710/1840 ... n00007.png
http://img686.imageshack.us/img686/5317 ... n00006.png
http://img686.imageshack.us/img686/8749 ... n00005.png

ATF TM coming up next

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Post by Catra » Mon, 25. Jan 10, 07:52

imma name mine,

"skeletor" 8)

nice model work you done there, cant wait for the ATF version :D *only question being, are you gonna keep the tradition of having to hijack the ATF one? or are we gonna see some sortof ATF black market? 8) *

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Post by aquemnun » Mon, 25. Jan 10, 11:18



thats a great kitbash, uberkudos to you if this is your one of your first models. You're gonna go far lol.

Only one suggestion I would make, if you rip the terran M6 (katana I think) and take the little side wings (well theyre not really wings but they stick out at the sides somewhat) and put them at the front so they cover up that black section on the sides of the body at the front. Then you could also give it front guns there like the M6 (except obviously not as powerful, crusader carrier anyone?).

As said before, great work man, I look forward to seeing your ATF version.
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Post by reiks » Mon, 25. Jan 10, 12:12

Bonus Pack Material nuffsaid :D

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Post by lionheart_001 » Mon, 25. Jan 10, 15:45

That thing looks AWESOME!

Well done man!

I love the verticle racks for the fighters. In a major naval battle, bringing in two of these with fighters would be safer then risking bringing in a Tokyo carrier.

8 Ships, lol.. Nice...!

I love the nose of the Baldric class ships. Very clean looking. Very futuristic.

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Post by GT182 » Mon, 25. Jan 10, 17:01

Oh man that''s beautifuf Cadus.

A couple of question if you don't mind..

1. Can you use a combination differnet fighters if you wish?

2. How much cargo space? As in resupply for your fighters?

You guys amaze me on your knowlege and ability to do all this work. My thanks to you all, no matter what you do for X3. :thumb_up: You've created an X3 Addict.


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