[AL PLUGIN] Pirate Guild 3: Dynamic AI and Guild System - v1.59 - [2010-07-22]

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Post by shinyclef » Sun, 7. Jun 09, 10:12

I'd really like to use this script. I really like your scrips (and am eagerly awaiting your yaki script!), but for some reason I can't access your site? Is it down? If it's not down, is there any chance you can this and also anarkis defense script on a file sharing site? I'm in Japan, so maybe there is a problem with the connection to your site from here?

Or, can anyone download them for me and email them to me?

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Serial Kicked
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Post by Serial Kicked » Wed, 10. Jun 09, 21:11

New Release !

I was in a bad mood last time I posted (lost most of my work due to a HD crash including Yaki Armada and Factions:AI) and I judged the npc bailing addon quite badly with no reason. As a matter of fact it's quite well written apart from a couple of minor bugs (bailing drones and probably wrong signal prio) and a setup file that should be rewritten to prevent the enforcing of secondary signals each time a savegame is loaded, allowing other plugins like mine to locally disable it on a given ship. Anyway, here's the good news : PG 1.35 is now compatible with this script and it got rid of both the crash and the reward bugs.

Thanks a lot to Craterface for spotting the issue :)

For scriptwise people, NPC bailing addon is indirectly triggering a SIGNAL_CAPTURED when a ship bails. Usually it only happens when the player cause the ship to bail, so my own signal 'captured' was assuming that the player was doing the job (like the default one do) and a reward message was sent. It's now fixed. The system crash was caused because the bailing ship changes its ownership to 'neutral' and because my attack script wasn't checking for a change of ownership. So my ships beeing unable to stop (as the target still exists) and unable to run the !fight.attack.object (as it stops immediatly on neutral things), it triggered an infinite loop, crashing the game.

Another good news related to this script is that i will probably use it as an addon (if detected, like ADS) to allow the Guild to salvage nearby abandonned ships and capture astronauts that will be converted as slaves. I'm currently on my way to finish this, but i thought that you'd like to get the fixed version as soon as possible, so here it is!

I also corrected the last few remaining bugs, mostly things that you won't notice, apart from a spawning issue related to the Pirate Guild Brigantine (that appears after a long while when the guild has enough money to afford it). I also altered the way this ship is handled, it now works exactly like the PG frigates (m7) and can use a jump-beacon to appear directly next to the attacked pirate base, so beware if you still think you can destroy those big Pirate Guild Strongholds while the M2 is slowly moving across the sector.


Downloading note : If you have issues downloading the plugin try again later, the server isn't really fast and is sometimes overcrowded so please be patient.
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bug ?

Post by Spectral » Mon, 15. Jun 09, 10:41

Trying latest version v1.35.
After "give money to guild" save impossible (game freezing) or crash after 20-30 min of gameplay without saving.
Config: X3TC1.01 + patch 2.1 + script v1.35

ps sorry for my weak english

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Post by aerick911 » Mon, 15. Jun 09, 18:08

Download link seems to be down?

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Post by shinyclef » Tue, 16. Jun 09, 06:30

I've been trying to get your scripts for ages. I've tried accessing your site on at least 10 different days. The site has always been inaccessible. :(

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Post by Predator02 » Fri, 19. Jun 09, 08:57

Vers 2.1 STEAM, current version of guild mod

Freezes up when saving after a donation to a guild station.


Code: Select all

 (16:51:42) (Ghinn's Escape) PG Outpost - ships: 0 - money: 44 - order: 6
(16:51:42) WPirate Guild OutpostX(Ghinn's Escape) makes money : 1038
(16:52:13) (Atreus' Clouds) PG Outpost - ships: 4 - money: 1672 - order: 8
(16:52:13) WPirate Guild OutpostX(Atreus' Clouds) bougth Pirate Guild Skate at Royal Boron Shipyard(Kingdom End)
(16:52:24) (Veil of Delusion) PG Outpost - ships: 11 - money: 161 - order: 6
(16:52:24) WPirate Guild OutpostX(Veil of Delusion) makes money : 1047
(16:52:26) - Target Killed : Argon Bio Transporter   (by Pirate Guild Nova Raider from WPirate Guild OutpostX(Hero's Memorial))
(16:53:10) - Target Captured : OTAS Bio Transporter  by Pirate Guild Buster Vanguard (Pirates)
(16:53:47) (ADS) WPirate Guild OutpostX(Ghinn's Escape) - Deployed Wings (threat: 35)
(16:54:34) (Nathan's Voyage) PG Base - ships: 17 - money: 2522 - order: 5
(16:54:49) (Gaian Star) PG Outpost - ships: 10 - money: 227 - order: 8
(16:55:04) WPirate Guild BaseX(Nathan's Voyage) invades Omicron Lyrae
(16:59:00) Pirate Guild Mobile HQ rearms at WPirate Guild OutpostX(Acquisition Repository)
(17:00:26) * PG AL Loop - 18 PB ingame - money: 5751 - target: Argon
(17:00:58) (Actaeon's Elysium) PG Outpost - ships: 3 - money: 191 - order: 3
(17:00:58) WPirate Guild OutpostX(Actaeon's Elysium) has launched patrol ships
(17:04:11) (Priest's Pity) PG Stronghold - ships: 24 - money: 501 - order: 5
(17:04:16) (Acquisition Repository) PG Outpost - ships: 14 - money: 36 - order: 3
(17:04:16) WPirate Guild OutpostX(Acquisition Repository) has launched patrol ships
(17:04:40) WPirate Guild StrongholdX(Priest's Pity) invades Ore Belt
(17:04:50) (Mines Of Fortune) PG Fortress - ships: 30 - money: 4419 - order: 2
(17:04:50) WPirate Guild FortressX(Mines Of Fortune) is training its ships
(17:05:42) (Company Pride) PG Outpost - ships: 9 - money: 319 - order: 6
(17:05:42) WPirate Guild OutpostX(Company Pride) makes money : 675 
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Post by Roady1976 » Tue, 23. Jun 09, 14:32

I have tried using PG and ADS alongside RRF

But i am finding that when i run at SETA 1000x the game is very choppy. I disabled ADS and RRF and it is still choppy, so i am guessing the PG is working alot behind the scenes?

Is anyone able to confirm?

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Post by xiriod » Tue, 23. Jun 09, 14:35

Roady1976 wrote:I have tried using PG and ADS alongside RRF

But i am finding that when i run at SETA 1000x the game is very choppy. I disabled ADS and RRF and it is still choppy, so i am guessing the PG is working alot behind the scenes?

Is anyone able to confirm?

I have this just by running Vanilla though, but at 1000x a bit choppyness is expected.

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Post by Anarchy123 » Tue, 23. Jun 09, 20:43

Yeah, I can confirm this, while running Pirate Guild and on SETA (6x), often everything on the sector map would stop moving and then suddenly jump, factory production bars would do the same. Also, my autopilot and ai ships often suddenly stopped to 0 m/s and hang there until i turned off SETA, then after a few secs they would start moving again.

I even had a game freeze when a huge pirate fleet invaded Argon Prime.

I uninstalled it and the problem seems to be gone. I don't know if this is actually a code problem (maybe some wait commands missing?) or simply just a performance thing (though my PC is pretty good).

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Post by joelR » Wed, 24. Jun 09, 00:09


This is normal and not related to scripts directly. Lets not let this become misinformation.


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Post by thunderai » Wed, 24. Jun 09, 00:27

Why is it not compatable with the NPC Bailout script?

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Post by aka1nas » Wed, 24. Jun 09, 04:56

thunderai wrote:Why is it not compatable with the NPC Bailout script?
Read Serial's last post a bit higher, v1.35 is compatible now. Sounds like the scripts were fighting over a SIGNAL event.

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Post by LordArconius » Thu, 25. Jun 09, 01:44

Hello all

I have a question. I am friends with the PG and the pirates but some pirates are still red. Is this a bug? Normal? If I get my rep up will all pirates turn blue to me?

Thx all

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Post by CraterFace » Fri, 26. Jun 09, 12:46

@Serial Kicked: Happy to help :)

@LordArconius: Normal behaviour, if you mean the 3 ship patrol that sometimes leave a station try scanning them all and they usually turn blue. Even with max rep there is the occasional red pirate group flying around.

(if you get what seems to be the group leader on first try they all turn blue)

Edit: I can't find it at the moment but there is a thread about making a script forcing all pirates/xenon ship to turn blue and stay that way you could use if you find it annoying. I don't play X3TC for the moment but I attached the script I used for it (made from the instructions here at the forum) but it will also turn all pirate stations blue...if I remember correctly...adn I'm not sure if it actually works on those small patrols that you probably mean. :)

http://www.mediafire.com/file/mqhgnzocy ... .start.xml
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Post by LordArconius » Sat, 27. Jun 09, 02:21

Try friendly pirates it works well. Its no where as good as this one.

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