Required information from EVERYONE requesting Technical Support

Ask here if you experience technical problems with X³: Terran Conflict or X³: Albion Prelude.

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Required information from EVERYONE requesting Technical Support

Post by CBJ » Thu, 11. Sep 08, 12:45

Post subject: Required actions by EVERYONE requesting Technical Support

Please also note that there are advisory threads dealing with common issues attached as Sticky threads at the top of this forum and there are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) dealing with common system-, game- or Steam-related issues on our website Home, Support, FAQs pages under the relevant games' Technical Support headings.

It is useful if you include the game and brief description of the issue in your thread title (e.g. ‘Steam X3TC CTDs on Load Screen’). When your issue is resolved a Moderator may edit the thread title to reflect this and to refer to the solution.

When making any kind of Technical Support request, whether relating to an error message, possible bug, performance problem or other issue, the following information is required and should be included in your very first post in the thread:

- Source, game, version and language (e.g. Steam X3AP 2.5.2 English or DVD Gold Edition X3TC 3.2b English, etc).
- Whether or not your game is modified using any third party scripts or mods.
- Where appropriate, type of game played (game start, custom game etc.)
- Exact nature of the problem, where and when it occurs and what you were doing at the time.
- Any possibly relevant changes you have made to your game, system, or software before the issue occurred.
- Where appropriate, additional symptoms, error messages (see these FAQs) and even links to screenshots.
- Your system specifications in the form of a DxDiag report (see this FAQ for details how).

Failure to provide all this information will make it pretty much impossible for people to help you and may mean that it takes longer for your problem to be identified and hopefully solved. So please don't waste your own time and everyone else's by just posting something like ‘My game freezes. Help!!!’.

Please also take the time to check and see if your precise problem has already been reported, and if so then use the existing thread if it was first posted less than 3 months and no more than one game update ago. Note that similar symptoms do not necessarily have the same or even similar causes, so if in any doubt you are encouraged to start a new thread where you can always give links to other possibly-related threads for further reference.

Note: If you are running any third party scripts or mods then you will almost certainly be asked to reproduce the problem in an unmodified game before full support can be provided. Support for third party scripts and mods must be provided by the authors of the content, and any requests for such support should be posted in the appropriate thread in the Scripts and Modding forum. If in any doubt, such as over the official Bonus Pack scripts, you may initially post in Technical Support and a Moderator will advise further and/or possibly move the thread as appropriate.

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