Newly visited sector has game-breaking lag

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Newly visited sector has game-breaking lag

Post by Vheissu » Mon, 3. May 21, 12:31

Issue: entering the sector Pyramid Income, there is a noticeable drop in fps. There's a Teladi battlegroup to the East in a skirmish with some khah. if I approach them, fps plunges down to single digits and the game becomes unresponsive. Jumping to another sector does not fix the issue. FPS is noticeably worse than before, regardless of where I am (almost empty sector, core sector, not a big difference).

Fixes attempted:
Flying to a relatively empty sector and leaving the game running for a while, no improvement
Force deleting the ships in the laggy area (They had a flight time of 100+ hours, I was thinking maybe they had a bunch of OOS combat scripts queued or something). Didn't help, the area where the ships were still creates crippling lag.

I'm on patch 3.4 of Terran Conflict.
This save is modded:
OOS combat balance v1
NPC bailout
Salvage Claim Suite

System is an i5 10300h, RTX 2060 and 16gb ram. Have had a bit of slowdown in large scale combat (there's only so much a single core can do haha) but otherwise no issues until this happened.

Edit: dxdiag here

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Re: Newly visited sector has game-breaking lag

Post by Alan Phipps » Mon, 3. May 21, 18:26

Since that sector does not even exist in a vanilla game, you will have to take this up in the S&M forum thread for the mod that created the sector and then hope that it is not a mod interaction issue.

Good luck anyway.
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