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A simple question !!! [Best cheap HOTAS for XR gaming?]

Posted: Fri, 9. Mar 18, 23:53
by starken
Hi guys,
i'm new to the X world and i'me very happy to join ;)

I've buy the X rebirth with all DLC.

Which are the cheapest hotas that are easy compatible with X rebirth?
Or is better to buy a medium hotas like x52?


Posted: Sat, 10. Mar 18, 00:26
by Alan Phipps
Welcome. I'm moving this to the Off Topic forum (from XR Tech Sp) as system hardware and device recommendations, comparisons, sources and prices are usually discussed there. I have also added useful subject matter information to the thread title.

I'm sure the usual denizens there will be helpful and gentle with you (they can sometimes tend to overreact to mentions of X gaming there). :D

Posted: Sat, 10. Mar 18, 16:01
by Ezarkal


All jokes aside, I'll let other players answer you.
I'm personally using a very simple logitech 3D pro joystick and it's enough for me. But the subject of hotas has been discussed more than a few times in the not so distant past and I'm pretty sure you'll get some good advices.

Welcome to the forums!

Posted: Sat, 10. Mar 18, 21:33
by starken
:D :D :D :lol:

Thanks, but i think that if you stay better with a logitech pro 3d is good for me too.

But, i think that you have need of keyboard too. Or you use only the joystick?

Thanks for share your experience

Posted: Sun, 11. Mar 18, 20:59
by mrbadger
The X series isn't the sort of game that needs a special keyboard, but if you want a special one, any gaming one will do. I've just used whichever one I've had. Just use whatever one you have, so long as it has reasonable key response times. These days even cheap keyboards do. The only difference if in how long they last.

For Joysticks I've found that one with a distinct throttle is nicest. Not one of those ones with just a slider bar. Just don't buy a really cheap one or you'll waste what little money you have.

Thrustmaster invented the HOTAS joystick system for home gaming, so I've always gone with them or Logitech.
My current setup is a Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Joystick for X games and Elite, and a Thrustmaster Warthog for Flight sims.

At £300-350 ish that's likely beyond your budget range, and It's certainly way over the top for X games, so I don't use it with them.

Mouse are important too, you need an ok one. But not so important you need a gaming mouse for an X game. Until recently I used the Microsoft Intellimouse. I only upgraded because I wanted to go for a mouse with multiple keys on it for RPGs.

Posted: Mon, 12. Mar 18, 22:02
by Ezarkal
starken wrote::D :D :D :lol:

Thanks, but i think that if you stay better with a logitech pro 3d is good for me too.

But, i think that you have need of keyboard too. Or you use only the joystick?

Thanks for share your experience
I guess it all depends on how you want to play. I still make a heavy use of the mouse and keyboard for all that concern asset management and menu browsing. I was playing with a gamepad before and found it's easier to switch to M&K from a simple joystick than from a controller, so it suits me just fine.

One of the biggest drawback of this joystick as far as flight controls are concerned is the absence of straffing axis. In the end, I converted 4 of the 6 buttons on the base of my joystick into straffing key. I use the two other as boosting control and missile firing key. I have full weapon control at the top of the joystick, as well as a "flight assist on/off" toggle, and I keep the thumb joystick for useful shortcuts (like radar toggle).

I never saw much use for HOTAS system, but one of my main concern was desk space. It's much easier to make room for a single joystick than for a full hotas. But once again, that's my personal preference.

Posted: Tue, 13. Mar 18, 21:16
by starken
Thanks to all guys for this very useful reply!
I will try to use a xbox controller so to test the gameplay with 2 "little joystick" in the controller.

For now i've choose to use a key+mice setup seeing also the big menu list.

Thanks for all guys, good X !!!!