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Posted: Thu, 9. Feb 06, 03:06
by Lobai
It sounds fantastic Eclipse. I like all of the planned commands and to keep it simple like you are suggesting. My only suggestion is to use the EMP and hopefully Cycrow-installer package it for ease-of-use.

I wish I had more to input, but your ideas are terrific as they are in the OP.

Posted: Wed, 15. Feb 06, 06:00
by dakega
bump :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:

Posted: Sun, 28. Oct 07, 21:59
by Sandtrooper
Not a bad idea - utilise the Bala Gi HQ for hiring out ships (or even manufacture to order - both Ai).

As for 'buy out competition? Hmm, could reduce overall exports though (ie, Ai has less need for your wares - raw or manufactured) unless they then build elsewhere...

The one thing that's been missing from the whole X saga - 'WAR'. Sector descriptions refer to it in a historical context, but hey - as arms manufacturers and ship builders, we could make profitsssss. We could even decide which ships to make available in the 'War Catalogue'. We just need these 'tensions' (often mentioned in BBs) to BOIL OVER!

War between races would renew our 'purpose in life' - after all, one side might want to destroy the yard (your HQ) to stop its enemy receiving ships. This'd make life interesting - need for laser defences/mines etc.

To this end, minefields (or mines along a specified route) could be temporarily deactivated for a limited time to allow a customer to collect their purchase...?

Just think, the galaxy map would be ever-changing (race retaking lost sectors from their aggressor etc...

Now that really would be a case of "Recycle, the possibilities are endless..."

Posted: Mon, 29. Oct 07, 10:04
by Senator Vrax
Sandtrooper wrote: "Recycle, the possibilities are endless..."
Speaking of recycling, :P :D Where did you find this thread :?: :lol:

Some good ideas here tho. Maybe it was worth a 'bump' :arrow:

Posted: Sat, 15. Dec 07, 21:50
by lordmoore
This is EXACTLY what I've been combing the forums looking for?

Anyone know of something similar to this that works?

Posted: Sat, 15. Dec 07, 22:10
by Osiris_sam
i created a script called Defensive network systems... it is essentially the same, however its not finished. it may become unstable...


Posted: Sun, 16. Dec 07, 03:00
by Hegemonia
I was wondering if there is any way to buy "a" HQ out right.
I really do not want to do the mission that gives me the HQ.
I am having a hard time finding a link that explains how to use the HQ. I wish to know all what I am able to do with the HQ.

Posted: Sun, 16. Dec 07, 04:08
by lordmoore
Osiris_sam wrote:i created a script called Defensive network systems... it is essentially the same, however its not finished. it may become unstable...
Does your script have the same manager features listed here? I REALLY like the idea of hiring a manager for my HQ and especially like the idea of having him control all/most of my buildings (for a cost of course).

Posted: Sun, 16. Dec 07, 12:26
by Osiris_sam
check out the HQ management system (link on my signatures)