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[Scr/Exe] Text To Speech

Posted: Fri, 4. Jul 08, 15:49
by Gazz
This script/exe uses the Microsoft speech API to let X3 scripts speak.

Supposedly the MS Speech SDK comes preinstalled on WinXP but if it's not there you can download it here:
MS Speech SDK 5.1 (68 MB)

To install:
Dump contents of ZIP into the X3 main folder.

To use:
Run X3-TTS.exe, ideally before starting X3.

You should now get a spoken welcome message after loading X3.

If your script wants something spoken, pass the string to

Image (ZIP)

Posted: Fri, 4. Jul 08, 17:12
by Tenlar Scarflame
oooh... this could be quite fun in the future. :D

Posted: Fri, 4. Jul 08, 18:06
by ezra-r

Posted: Thu, 8. Nov 12, 04:05
by cba999
euh , can you make a youtube video of how you do it , becose script and plugin in x3 , hmmmm thats new for me

Posted: Thu, 8. Nov 12, 15:20
by X2-Illuminatus
This script is mostly something for scripters, who want to add spoken texts to their scripts. If you don't have any experience in scripting this script won't be of any big use for you.

In any way, the basic way of using it would be:

After the script is installed, activate and open the Script Editor. When you're in the Script Editor click on <New script> and give your script a name. (The list of scripts is sorted alphabetically. So for example, a script name starting with "a" will help you finding your script at the top of the list.) Afterwards in the Code window of the script editor, select a line and press 'Enter' to bring up the list of possible commands. Under General Commands -> Script Calls select the command "@ <RetVar/IF/START> = <Refobj> -> call script <Script Name>: <Parameter>".
It should ask you to select a script from the list of available scripts. Select the script "". Now the script line should be displayed with three open input fields. By selecting the input fields (either with the mouse or by navigating with the arrow keys to them and pressing Enter) you get a list of possible input values. In the first input fields enter / select the Start parameter. The second wants to know an object to run the script on: select [THIS]. The third one is the actual text to speak. Over <string> you can enter a text string here or over <variable> a variable that contains a text string.

The line in your Code window should now look like the following:

Code: Select all

START [THIS] -> call script '' :  Text to speak='Text'
Now press 'Esc' to close the script window and confirm the message asking you, if you want to save your script. Afterwards, in the list of scripts mark your script and press "R" and two times Enter. Then your text should be spoken.