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Price modding question

Posted: Wed, 2. Jul 08, 02:03
by whittxd
Can I get some advice on price modding? I see that you can change an items price in the text files you extract.

How does this balance?

For example if I change the dragonfly missile price by 1/2. Does the engine automatically rebalance the total factory amount made with a set number of primary resources?

For example if it takes 1 ore + 1 warhead to make 1 dragonfly, then the engine would need to make 2 dragonflies if I reduced the price by 1/2, to balance the potential profit against the cost of the raw materials.

I know it's more complex than this, but I was curious how price changes affect the relationship of raw goods to finished products

Posted: Wed, 2. Jul 08, 08:00
by jlehtone
Price is bound to RelValue. RelValue is the thing you do modify. Essentially, RelValue is time in seconds it takes to create/consume one unit.

A Factory has a cycle time. It is automatically calculated. It must be a multiple of each RelValue. So yes, if you cannot reduce the "resources per cycle", then "products per cycle" increases to compensate the decrease of RelValue of the product.

Btw, there are two RelValues, one for NPC stations and one for player factories.

Posted: Wed, 2. Jul 08, 09:13
by Lancefighter
as a follow up question, even though i did not post the OP, will changing the relvalue effect every station in the game that makes/uses that ware, immediately? or do you need to remove/recreate all the stations?

Posted: Wed, 2. Jul 08, 14:36
by whittxd
It's a good question. The other values I've changed in the Tmissiles, Tships, Tbullets, and Tlaser files have applied immediately, and the AL has compensated. I increased max hull and then all the ships went to the shipyard for repairs. I would guess that the factory would start producing at the new rate as determined by the relative value immediately, but I don't know.

Posted: Wed, 2. Jul 08, 15:19
by Cycrow
you shouldn't need to recreate the stations.

however, you might have to wait until they finish thier production cycle before it changes

Posted: Wed, 2. Jul 08, 15:28
by s9ilent
Changing the price modifies the T-files, meaning you shouldn't really modify these half way through a game. I would assume that if you did, they would update the production cycle at the begging of the next cycle, but prices would change immediately. (Although I'm not even sure if you can run a mid-game modified ware file)

It affects everything everywhere. One thing to note however, is that changing the relvalues, should not in any way affect proffitability (unless your changing the NPC/Player rel vale ratio, ie if you increase both by the same factor, the net change in profit should be 0, excluding rounding errors).

So to make the engine just make 2 dragon flies for the same resource input (1o+1w = 2d) , just half its relvalue of the missile (player relvalue i.e).
But this will make the revenue from player made missiles twice as high as before. So to keep the proffit/hour at the same level, half the NPC rel value as well (This will make the sell price half as much as before)

Posted: Fri, 4. Jul 08, 02:53
by whittxd
dropping the relative firefly, dragonfly values by half both player and npc made an immediate 1/2 price drop at the dumbfire factory. I don't know if the production cycle continues as it for primary resources, or if it changes when the next cycle starts.