[SCR] MARS Fire Control (v3.05 - 06.10.09)

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Post by xxx73 » Mon, 13. Jan 14, 09:18

I did some testing and the "missile defense" part of this script dont seem to work at all.

I destroyed both the shield and hull and blow up a M2 Titan with Thunderbolt missiles. In both Defense and Offense MARS did not try to shoot down a single missile. The thunderbolts do 75k dmg and I did some tweaking to reduce the threshold for when the script should prioritize missiles. The only fire was from missiles, no other fire was present.

I know the missile defense part of this script is a little strange, but should it not be any reaction when no other fire is present?

(I dont think there should be any conflicts or anything else that should cause problems, just testing things together with XTM, LV's cheat script, Race response fleet and and a few others.)

Btw this script work great when I tested it x0ne Turret Control System (TCS) . So i wonder if I should choose MARS or xOne, both seem good except the missile defense part with MARS. Any thoughts?

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Post by dcarver » Wed, 26. Mar 14, 23:06

Pesanur wrote:
Gazz wrote:MARS works with multiple targets (and is unique in that regard) so when the projected chance to hit is far better on target B, it stops punching holes into space trying to hit target A.
So no, it does not increase accuracy.
It increases inflicted damage and reduces damage taken (from fighters and missiles).
But this is a problem, in some combats MARS stopped firing to a 4 Km and closing K that is firing againt my Python to start tracking fighters. :(

I posted about this years ago. I'm surprised more people haven't seen it. I It repro's fairly easy when entering a enemy sector with multiple large ships close to the gate. Perhaps it's hitting the No more need to fire more, or the capture ship routines (doubtful but thats what it looks like). I don't read scripts so it's a guess. It can be annoying. I found it strange that even forcing MARS to fire on the ship didn't help, perhaps a distance issue as it happens when very close up like you said, not sure.... just saying I've seen this too.

Glad to see this form and mod still active :) The is what Rebirth drones should have been!

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Post by Eidolan » Thu, 12. Mar 15, 05:24

Can some one tell me how to STOP goblins from launching? They keep suicide rushing enemy capital ships dozens of KM away that I am avoiding and have no plans to fight and are not even looking at my little M6

I want to just manually lunch them to get cargo, run down M5s that run away the second I target them, and to repair my ship. But I lose tons of drones due to them running off thinking they are saving me from that Xenon M2 50 KM away that's fighting the sector military.

Also is there a way to manually order goblins to repair a ship, they seem to pop out of NPC ships on their own to repair but I can't seem to get mine to do so reliably, sometimes they do sometimes they don't.

And yes I have turned off the goblin lunch option inside the MARS config menu but it only stops lunches for a little while before it gives them clearance again.

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