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[Mod] HUD - with missile stat info!

Posted: Sat, 26. Jan 08, 05:44
by Gazz
Das entsprechende deutsche topic ist hier.

New HUD with... new features. =)
I maintained the general look because it's well... functional.
Just slightly resized and rearranged buttons where needed.

Compatible with X3 v2.5 and XTM 0.71b (and most likely with later versions)
  • removed some completely useless lines from the HUD and Autopilot display
  • Info about missile stats is given right on the HUD.
    Info is represented as 3 "power" bars below the missile picture.
    1. Speed
    2. Damage
    3. Blast radius
    Displays for damage and blast radius are not linear. This is not possible when one missile does 200 and another 1250000 damage...
  • Laser "pictures" that *I* can memorize. Those gun icons look all alike to me.
  • Ship class symbols all cleaned up for crisper display. There was a lot of "grit" in those which made them look somewhat blurred.
  • Laser Energy / Ammo bar easier to see now and displacement fixed. It used to be only part of the length of a laser button.
    While not a major issue it was... misaligned. Can't have that.
  • increased visibility for the missile warning. (I hardly ever noticed it before =)
  • Bigger, more intuitive icons / buttons for which turret you are in.
  • new radar. Well, sorta new. It's a true classic that I just had to have back. =)
  • In XTM not all missiles will show stats. Those are the one's you can't buy anyway. They only show generic pictures for what type of missile they are. (Technical issue - sorry =)

Symbols for missile attributes: Image

>>>>> Download Basic Mod<<<<<

>>>>> Download XTM Patch<<<<< (For XTM you need both)

File is a zipped fake patch file # 12. (+ #13 with XTM)

Usually you copy it into the X3 main folder and that's all.
If that would overwrite some file there - rename it so it does not.
If you need the XTM patch, make sure that it's a higher CAT number than the base patch.

Note that I had to mod TMissiles.txt to get this to work.
I used a Vanilla 2.5 (XTM 0.71b) file as a base.

However, I could not fully resist to change stats. The dumbfire missiles are still not very easy to use but they are at least situational now and better than 100 % worthless.
(Increased damage, blast radius, speed (little) of the Firefly, Dragonfly, Aurora)

Real dumbfire rockets or iron bombs are often stronger than their intelligent and guided brothers simply because they are not burdened with any complicated guidance and flight control systems.
They just blow up but they are experts at that job.

Posted: Sat, 26. Jan 08, 06:19
by s9ilent
Hmm the old grid radar :)
I don't like how the x3 can't use the grid (as nothings on the plane, and its not really that visible off the plane)

But wait, you can tell which turret your in from the HUD? I thought it only had an arrow?

Posted: Sun, 27. Jan 08, 18:04
by Gazz
s9ilent wrote:Hmm the old grid radar
Looks may be a matter of taste but this ancient display is actually more useful than the "gravidar".
There are lines for the 2 main axis and I carefully adjusted the display so that if a target is directly on the line it's exactly to your left, front, or whatever.

The green view markers are not fully accurate but I could not bring myself to change the look of the original. =)
But wait, you can tell which turret your in from the HUD? I thought it only had an arrow?
Yes, it's only an arrow but the original was tiny and quite ambiguous.
I put in bigger and distinct icons.

Also got done adding info about the selected missile to the HUD.
That kind of info is sorely missing in the game.
Actually, I can't remember any other place where I could get a missile description. Not in stations, not in the cargo bay or freight transfer screens.
Well, if you set the board computer to longblathermode you do get descriptions of X2 missiles (and ships). That's certainly useful... for historians.

And finally added a unique icon for the "unknown object". It's silly that this particular missile would use the same icon as the Mosquito.
There are certain differences. =P

Posted: Sun, 27. Jan 08, 19:21
by Leke
Wow! This is the most usefull HUD mod that i have seen. :thumb_up:

Too bad it isnt compatible with XTM. :shock:

Could you make it compatible with XTM?

Posted: Sun, 27. Jan 08, 21:10
by Gazz
Thanks for the flowers!
I absolutely concede that there are prettier HUDs but with some here (and for other games) the graphics artists run amok with glow, halos and awesome paintings - while I just want clear and unique symbols with good contrast.

XTM uses more different missiles than vanilla or at least has more entries in TMissiles.txt.
I don't know how many of these are actively used in their mod.
For instance, if Rapier and Windstalker are unused (besides the novelty value of 10 missiles in the whole game) those icon IDs could be assigned to "real" missiles that can actually be produced in a factory and play a role in the game.

To show the missile info each missile must have a distinct icon and I have not been able to figure out how to add new ones. (without breaking other stuff)

I tried adding entries to IconData.txt (adjusting the entry count alright) but X3 would never load the new icons correctly.
This might be one of the (&@%^)@(& hardcoded issues and I gave up after tinkering with those few lines for a full afternoon.

If someone knows the answer to "how to add more icons" it would be about 15 min to mix up an XTM version.

Either that or cut more corners. Same icon for Mosquito/Rapier, Firestorm/Hammerhead, Silkworm/Cyclone.
It's not pretty but those missiles are pretty equal - and most ships can't use both types.

Posted: Tue, 29. Jan 08, 02:03
by AtomicDryad
Hmmm, by what you've been saying, 'incompatible with xtm' means:
'Won't break the game, but XTM missiles won't display properly' ?
Or is it -really- incompatible...aka don't even try it...

Posted: Tue, 29. Jan 08, 13:39
by Gazz
XTM modifies practically all missiles (making them faster) and adds 3 new ones that only exist as broken residue in the vanilla game.

In it's current form my mod may not fly at all with XTM and at the very least will display random and wrong stats.

I've been trying for a while to get some info about which missiles are actually used in XTM and by who/how but it's hard to get a straight answer from any of the creators.

Since I can not supply a unique picture for every XTM missile (I think) I need to know which play an active role in their game.
So... which can be mass produced or are available in useful quantities from other sources.

If there's just 10 missiles floating around somewhere like in the vanilla game, I could ignore those. =)

But if anyone could fill me in: here's a list to check off...



Rem. Guided


Posted: Tue, 29. Jan 08, 16:22
by AtomicDryad
There is a big stats spreadsheet at ... . It shows, for each missile:

Code: Select all

Missile	Average Price	Cargo		Range	Speed	Accel	Damage Shield	Damage Hull	Blastradius	Firerate	Lifetime	Guidance
	Credits	Vol.	Type	km	m/s	m/ss	kJ	kJ	m	rpm	sec.	
  Mosquito	168	1	S	18.75	753.00	120.00	200	1	0.00	240	24.90	Image Recognition
If you need more info than this...point me to where to look (and perhaps how), and I'll compile the data for you. I just exported TMissiles.pck to a text file, it seems to have icon info too:

Code: Select all

// Created with X3 Editor 0.0.14

Posted: Tue, 29. Jan 08, 18:32
by Gazz
Thank you but that's not what I was looking for. The actual stats are not the issue but rather how XTM uses each missile. If they can be mass-produced or only occasionally found as loot - their relevance to the game.

Someone else answered my question already.
I'll have to make a few small adjustments to the system but it should be possible to do an XTM version of this.

Posted: Tue, 29. Jan 08, 23:01
by Gazz
XTM patch now available.

This will make the mod compatible to XTM.
You need to download both files even if you had downloaded the mod before.
(Some internal settings changed to accommodate XTM.)

Posted: Wed, 30. Jan 08, 11:13
by AtomicDryad
Works great so far!

Posted: Thu, 6. Mar 08, 05:49
by angrysquirrel
Excellent mod except for one major problem. When I use the mod I lose the blue missle trail for my missles. I then have problems seeing how many missles I've launched at a Kha'ak destroyer. I also can't tell if the missle hit the target. If you can figure out how to get the blue trail back, I'm back with this mod. Very useful otherwise!

Posted: Thu, 6. Mar 08, 13:36
by Gazz
I have no idea how that could possibly happen.
I used the XTM files as a base so all special modding should be in there. I didn't invent the missile trails so I wouldn't even know where to look.

Posted: Fri, 7. Mar 08, 05:01
by angrysquirrel
Did you test this mod with xtm? If you did and you didn't lose the blue missle trail, maybe it is something with my installation? I had to renumber the two files you had to 13 and 14 (from 12 and 13 orginally). I tried switching the load order but it is still the same issue. The missles launch but the trails are black instead of blue.

Also wanted to say that I liked your complex cleaner. Only problem I saw was that when I relocated my hub to a different position the connection pipes didn't follow the hub in space. However, on the sector map you can see the connecting pipes. Strange. But still, the complex appears to be connected because it still is churning out resources at the hub. Really nice job on that!

I've yet to try out your "ring of fire" script but it's loaded on my plugin manager. Also like your title "ring of fire." Reminds me of the song by Johnny Cash by the same name. (I fell into a ring of fire....and it burns, burns, burns..... :) )

Posted: Sat, 8. Mar 08, 15:30
by Gazz
angrysquirrel wrote:Did you test this mod with xtm?
No. I took the TMissiles.txt from the current XTM installation and edited it. Since I did not touch anything related to graphics I don't understand where your problem is from.

Also wanted to say that I liked your complex cleaner. Only problem I saw was that when I relocated my hub to a different position the connection pipes didn't follow the hub in space.
That's the way they work. All tubes are updated everytime you connect a new factory...
I've yet to try out your "ring of fire" script but it's loaded on my plugin manager. Also like your title "ring of fire." Reminds me of the song by Johnny Cash by the same name. (I fell into a ring of fire....and it burns, burns, burns..... :) )
Well, that's where the name is from. When I had taken the bug zapper screenshot that was the first thing that came to mind. =)