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Posted: Mon, 22. Oct 07, 04:20
by Pogi
I use this script for what it was designed to do..It was designed to be a "free trader"and it does that damn well...I never have any problems with my miners getting killed as the AI is very good in keeping them out of trouble...I have 3 different flavors of this script on my hard-drive at this time..I play the first one...

@Apricot...In my opinion a script like this should be designed to be able to be used by all..That can only be done if it is designed for vanilla..I have observed your style of play (putting 20+ stations in your HQ) using your "Mule" (which btw I downloaded and promptly deleted because I felt it was way too overblown "for my play style")..with all that said, the fact of the matter is that you play "at the extreme"...If this is what you enjoy, fantastic..but, it is not the same for everyone else.

I am all for tinkering with scripts on ones own computer to suite ones style of play...But lets never forget that ones style may not be the same or the standard for all...Vanilla is a standard in itself and should remain the base always..

I have changed my ideology as to what is standard in this game to "vanilla", simply because I have discovered (mainly from Nividiums entrance to this scene), that new scripts continue to make this game dynamic.


Posted: Wed, 6. Aug 08, 17:32
by oldmartian
is the link broken, I get a page not available error

Posted: Mon, 22. Dec 08, 09:44
by apricotslice
Are you planning to port this to TC ?

If not, can I have a go at it ?

Posted: Sat, 25. Apr 09, 01:09
by xxx73
In the Bonus Package 3.1.07 there is something called Mobile Mining / Mineral Collection Software. Is the Auto Debris Harvestor the same as the one in the bonus pack?

Posted: Sat, 25. Apr 09, 01:12
by Deleted User
No the two scripts are not the same.

Posted: Mon, 27. Apr 09, 16:24
by xxx73
At least I think they are very similar, but it seems to me that this script has some advantage over the bonus pack script. My only worry is that it not will work with XTM or the 50 other script I probably going to end up running. :)

Thankfully I don’t need to install all the scripts from the start of a game, it seem to me that most of them can be put in later in the game.


Posted: Tue, 28. Apr 09, 01:29
by apricotslice
It works fine with XTM.

Posted: Tue, 28. Apr 09, 19:00
by xxx73
Thanks apricotslice

Posted: Sat, 11. Jul 09, 13:06
by xxbluedragonxx
Hello, Does anyone have the old/original version of this script available? Please can you upload it so I can get it?

Where is the Custom commands button?

Posted: Wed, 16. Nov 11, 21:39
by microgiga
I installed X3R, then the latest patch, then the bonus package. I started a new game, "renamed" pilot to Thereshallbewings, got a little pause, then I docked at a station, saved... I quit the game, I installed the Script Manager, then installed the Auto Debris Harvester script.
I have some savegames from a previous install - those saves were made when the above script was working fine, and the Custom commands button was visible (I had to reinstall Windows since then). In those savegames, I had a Caiman Miner working as Debris Harvester. I copied those savegames to the proper folder, I can load them, but the Caiman doesn't have a Custom commands button any more, and it's not harvesting - its action is "Idle".
How do I make the Custom commands button visible (and the Miner harvest debris) again? ... nfused.gif


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Posted: Thu, 17. Nov 11, 21:33
by microgiga
Is the installation and script enabling sequence all right?

(I can see the Script editor, it's enabled. Plugin Manager says that the Auto Debris Harvester script is enabled as well. Still, no Custom commands button - only Navigation, Combat, Trade, Special and General)


Re: [SCRIPT] Auto Debris Harvestor v2.01 by Nividium 10/20/2007 UPDATED

Posted: Sun, 8. Dec 19, 00:39
by X3Gamer
I have X3 Reunion v2.5 on Steam. I've installed this mod via the Plugin Manager, but I do not see a category of commands called "Custom" in the ship command menu. My TS does have the jump drive and transporter installed.

Any ideas?


I searched for the script files and noticed that they'd been automagically moved to a subdirectory called 'disabled'. I moved the associated files of this mod back to the actual locations to which they should be installed to and suddenly, there is a 'custom' category available from the ship command menu, under which is the debris harvestor command. It appears to be working correctly now.

Re: [SCRIPT] Auto Debris Harvestor v2.01 by Nividium 10/20/2007 UPDATED

Posted: Sun, 8. Dec 19, 10:34
by X2-Illuminatus
For future reference, after installing scripts with Plugin Manager you need to enable modified mode before they become available in the game: