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Posted: Fri, 11. May 07, 23:05
by SymTec ltd.

This site says it is under construction. Since Ben didn't show up since April, it does not look like a short-time problem.

Thing with scripts is that third-party-distibution - if not stated otherwise by author - may be connected with (and prohibited by) legal issues. So, let's just hope for Ben to show up and make a statement about these scripts.

Posted: Sun, 13. May 07, 00:13
by Nightmariner
SymTec and All,

A couple of folk were gracious enough to e-mail me a copy of the scipt. It is, indeed, lots of fun. If requesters of this script would llike to PM me with your e-mail addresses I can send it to you. I have converted it to .spk format.

Hopefully no mad, spam-like e-mail rushes though. :P

good to keep track of....

Posted: Sun, 13. May 07, 19:21
by KRM398
I never did much with larger ships..too slow to turn, etc. but had to give the benco software a try..after loosing a vette 3 times and rethinking the aproach, I own a Pirate M1...actually the one that patrols in Farnums Legend. It is a lot bigger than I'm used to and no..I learned that it wouldnt take out a pirate corvette patrol with 6 novas.hehe, but the software does work well, its not free ships, but with practise it does wanders. PS, I'm not sure thats an M1...but to me it looks big

Posted: Sun, 13. May 07, 19:54
by Dark-Venom
is it possible for someone who has all his scripts or some of them to re-upload them else where?

would really like to try out some of them :(

Posted: Sat, 16. Jun 07, 02:21
by Christie
Noooo i can't download ur amazing script. When i click on ur link it says webpage not found :evil: help me coz i really want this piece of snazzy equipment. :(

Posted: Mon, 9. Jul 07, 12:52
by xierxior
can someone rehost the files since it looks like ben is missing in action?

Posted: Mon, 9. Jul 07, 14:37
by KRM398
OK, guys, Nightmariner (up a few messages) said he'd send anyone who wanted a copy of them, go get his PM and ask. As far as the software, here is a testamonial from a merc friend. (Shady character walks over and sets down at your table in the TS without asking)... "I hear you want info about Benco Capture Software..I personally have had.....some sucess with it, and was asked to advise you further. Dont take my word for it though, in Brennans Triumph, there is an organization who shuns publicity, but who...when properly aproached ,will admit the quality of the Benco product. In Danas Chance, there is another station who sells weapons and ships, they also dont say much aloud, but will gladly acknowledge the greatness of Benco software. Likewise, the very largest Pirate stations in the Universe will fire on you without thinking, but if your faction is suficient, will glading help you find copies of the Benco software." He looks as a policeman enters at the far end.."I hope this is helpful in your quest for info.." He gets up and disappears into the groud. After a second you gotta have that software...I know where theres this pirate Reaver on patrol...... :twisted:

need script] benco system override

Posted: Tue, 24. Jul 07, 00:54
by defiant1
I want to get this script again, i checked the topic for it but both the links are deadder then a dead dog on a hot sunday and im not sure where else to get it from...if anyone has it could they let me know...


Posted: Tue, 24. Jul 07, 10:28
by Ikaruga
I still have it

Download it here ... _v1.01.rar

*merged* - STL :)

help please

Posted: Mon, 22. Mar 10, 22:06
by Ɯbersoldier
i accidently activated to scripts in X3, one is called hack.initand the other is something with sudoku/hack whatever

now i cant end them and a message from it is permanently rising on my display, i need help to end them, they appear in the list of avtive scripts but i dont know how to make them shut up


Benco system override software

Posted: Fri, 30. Oct 15, 04:22
by truckie024
Does anyone know where to get the Benco system override software? I have been searching and places either don't download it anymore or are frozen, I have lost all these mods as my main pc was stolen and trying to replace them all, wantjng to capture t2 destroyer, j,k again to reverse engineer, or pm me if can send me a copy.

Posted: Fri, 30. Oct 15, 20:20
by X2-Illuminatus
**merged with script topic**

Ikaruga's link a few posts above works fine for me.

Posted: Fri, 30. Oct 15, 22:52
by truckie024
thanks, that has helped, able to download it now

Re: [SCRIPT] BenCo System Override Software

Posted: Sun, 21. Mar 21, 09:06
by truckie024
Found a lost hard drive that had the script on it so is now installed