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[Cheat] Global Thermonuclear War

Posted: Sun, 11. Feb 07, 18:49
by Gazz
Okay, it's not THAT global but it's a catchy line. =)

Would you like to play a game?


Just the right thing to completely remove a complex, an enemy fleet or anything else that is... big.

No fancy buttons so a.Cheat.Global.TN.War needs to be executed manually.

Someone asked for a way to remove a huge complex so I thought... why not nuke the site from orbit? It's the only way to be sure!

Posted: Sun, 11. Feb 07, 22:13
by russbo
sounds like fun. got any screenshots of this thing in action?

Posted: Sun, 11. Feb 07, 23:44
by Gazz
I suppose I could.
This is... or was... one of my complexes.


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Posted: Mon, 12. Feb 07, 00:17
by russbo
So you're just using the stock explosions? wonder if someone can add more explosion stuff to this thing.

Posted: Mon, 12. Feb 07, 01:59
by Gazz
That can't be done without a mod and that's not happening for a mere fun script like that. =P

Posted: Mon, 12. Feb 07, 07:35
by platinawolf
Sooo cute :P Think I'm gonna use this to clear up a few sectors so I can take em over :P My Hyperion isnt quite cut out to destroy stations :P Need more mass drivers first :P Problem with the ship is that it flies at around 1000 :P Oh well,,, I guess I can get a argon titan or something :P

Posted: Fri, 16. Feb 07, 07:07
by defiant1 thats why that was labled "WARNING do not push"...well looks like ill just move in to the reciently opened realistate...(very prime local since a trade route runs through...hehe)

Posted: Fri, 16. Feb 07, 16:45
by Gazz
Ah, I suppose you found out that it is not wise to be in the general vicinity of your target.
I somehow happened to forget that part in the manual...

Posted: Fri, 16. Feb 07, 19:15
by defiant1
nah...i was in safe location...just accdently hit wrong button and wiped out some unlucky stations...and now im kinda moveing in and clamming my new home...hehehehehe...almost like presidents end in a way...