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Posted: Thu, 14. Dec 06, 00:25
by Jakesnake5
2.10 update.

Added a library to undock ships before stations are destroyed (should work) during updates.

Updated scripts to use new library.

Added Hurricane and Disruptor missiles to EQ Docks ware list.

Added Yaki TL (Mobile Pirate Station) and Pirate Ship (TS) to ShipYard.

Have fun :)

Posted: Fri, 5. Jan 07, 18:52
by DeadZone
For some reason this is spawning multiple SY & EQ's

Ive now got 10 of each
Ive currently just disabled the script

Posted: Fri, 5. Jan 07, 19:08
by Jakesnake5
Thats, odd. I don't have any trouble here. Course, being the developer means I do some things that SHOULD make something like that show up.

Are you using the latest version? Did you alter the scripts at all?

Posted: Fri, 5. Jan 07, 19:13
by DeadZone
Latest version, altered nothing

Posted: Fri, 5. Jan 07, 20:26
by gaiamark
I have five or ten of each (EQ dock and shipyard) as well. It's not a problem - just strange :]

I also have a ton of scripts running, and I'm at work, so I can't post the list. I don't consider it a big deal though.

Fantastic script. By the way, has anyone else used the Mobile Pirate Base thingamajig as a replacement for a carrier? It's cheap and decently shielded, despite the fact that it doesn't mount weapons or dock anywhere (or is that another bug in my game?)

Posted: Fri, 5. Jan 07, 23:11
by Jakesnake5
Ok, I don't know what precisely is going on, but it sounds strange.

What I can do, is give a small fix for the current weirdness.

Download and copy this, put it in the scripts folder and load the game save. It SHOULD kill all SY and EQ's in SB. Save game, then get the newest verion of the script. This should recreate the stations. If it doesn't, I'm going to have issues.

I don't know why ya'll are having problems, but something came to mind.

Look in the scripts folder for the following file names:


If any of those have 2 files, one with .xml and one with .pck, delete the .xml. It doesn't belong there. (Though, it shouldn't be causing any problems).

Readme File

Posted: Sun, 7. Jan 07, 13:36
by Kilrathi Avenger

If possible could you include a readme in the SPK file for the next update, as I am having to keep the web page stored on my computer :( . Cheers :D

Posted: Sun, 7. Jan 07, 16:08
by Jakesnake5
Read me of what, the OP?

Posted: Thu, 11. Jan 07, 12:10
by Jakesnake5
Finally found the bug with the creation of multiple stations. This update will not only fix it, it will clear out the excess.

Added several stations of 'questionable' repute to the ShipYard. :D

Posted: Thu, 11. Jan 07, 18:41
by Jakesnake5
And another minor update.

Posted: Thu, 11. Jan 07, 22:12
by DeadZone
Fantastic, glad to see it was a bug and not something to do with me :lol:

KUTGW :thumb_up:

Posted: Thu, 11. Jan 07, 23:32
by Jakesnake5
Hey, anytime you have a prorblem with a script, its the script writers fault, not yours. :D

I added Bliss Place, Dream farms, Space fuel and Squash mine stations.

On top of that, I parked (after adjusting the resource handler scripts) a SpaceFly Farm and a Pleasure Complex. First, of course makes SpaceFlies, the second Slaves.

Posted: Sat, 13. Jan 07, 17:14
by Kilrathi Avenger
Read me of what, the OP?

I mean't something along the line of the first post with version update information.

Posted: Sat, 13. Jan 07, 18:00
by Jakesnake5
Kilrathi Avenger wrote:I mean't something along the line of the first post with version update information.
First post, with version data. I think I can manage that...

There, and done.

BTW: Cycrows Script installer has the ability to check for script updates.

Click on the 'Update' menu item at the top, and select 'Package'. This will bring up a list of scripts you have installed that support the update feature. Select the checkboxes of the ones you want to get informatin on, and click the button in the lower left 'Check Now!'.

Once the check is done, any script with an update will still have its checkbox marked. Click the button which has changed to 'Download Now'.

If the download was able to acquire any updated scripts, the button changes to 'Install Now'. This will install the new versions. Once done, click the 'Close' button, and your good to go.

Posted: Thu, 8. Mar 07, 00:58
by Brodie
Hey bud, let me firstly say, brilliant script, truly inspired!!

Although sadly i have two problems, doesnt seem to be anyone else affected by it, or if they are they havent mentioned anything.

1. Whenever I connect one of these stations (ive tried the Space Fly Farm and the Pleasure Complex) to a complex hub the game crashes to desktop the second the construction cutscene is finished.

2. The 2 stations ive tried (Space Fly Farm and the Pleasure Complex) both dont actually produce anything, i loaded them both with energy cells, but I noticed in the Product field it was blank!

I have several (loads) scripts running:

Anarkis Carrier Commands
Assassins Guild
Asteroid Creator
Auto Upgrade
Automated Defence System
BBS Extras
Khaak Capture Plugin
Move to Coordinates
Nividium Mines
Overtune BBS
Ring of Fire
Scrap Ship at HQ
Station / Complex Seller
System Override Software MK2
Xenon Shipyard
and finally....
Yaki and Missiles

Do you think it maybe clashing with one of these scripts or have others encountered this problem?

Thanks again for a fantastic script, i cant wait to have my space fuel, space weed, space fly and pleasure complex all linked up into one super pirate station