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[MOD] Goner Traders - Update - 2.0/2.5 compatible

Posted: Mon, 16. Oct 06, 22:39
by Jakesnake5
For jazuras now, the Goner's have wandered about the galaxy, preaching the Good Word. Though they have acquired many converts, most ignore them as space bums.

The leader of the Goners decided that 'deaf ears will not listen', and embarked on a plan to change this situation.

From their ranks, volunteer's have stepped forward to test this plan. Though outwardly simple, it also has a purpose.

These Goners, will go forth, and trade. Though many station managers were leary about having them dock before, they now let these entrepanurs onboard. There, while waiting for their goods to be loaded or unloaded, they'd preach the Word.

They would even trade with those that they know to have been openly hostile to them. In this way, those in disfavor can earn their trust back.

This mod is distributed in Cycrow's Script Manager format as a false patch. So it won't interfere with any mods.
This mod is in 2 flavors:

1.4.03 Compatible
Goner Trader
Goner Trader w/No Civilian mod

2.0/2.5 Compatible files:
Goner Trader V2.0
Goner Trader w/No Civilian mod V2.0

Goners trading at a Player's station/complex will grant some Goner Reputation points.

Warning!: If you use a Mod that alters the Jobs.txt file, this mod will not work.

Not compatible with Xtended Mod, XTM has it's own Goner's. :D

Update: Verified the 2.0 version will work with X3 2.5. No changes in the main Jobs.txt file was made.

Posted: Mon, 16. Oct 06, 22:44
by euclid
Excellent idea - trading for praying :grin:

Cheers Euclid

Posted: Tue, 17. Oct 06, 01:17
by vampirecosmonaut
This is a cool idea for a script, but it has very limited usefulness.
You only need goner points if they hate you, otherwise they're worthless, unless someones making some goner products or ships. Hmmm.

Posted: Tue, 17. Oct 06, 02:41
by Jakesnake5
It is, though, not a script. It is a modification of one of the basic config files in the Types folder, that allows Goner's to have traders.

And some people like shooting at Goners. So why not have a reason besides 'Their Goners'? :)

Posted: Tue, 17. Oct 06, 05:27
by vampirecosmonaut
Jakesnake5 wrote:It is, though, not a script. It is a modification of one of the basic config files in the Types folder, that allows Goner's to have traders.
:lol: No need to be pedantic, I used the word "script" out of habit.
I noticed it's just a simple change to the jobs.pck. :wink:

Also, I never shoot at goners, then again, I never talk to them either.
Perhaps if I got to know them better, I'd shoot them too.

Posted: Tue, 17. Oct 06, 07:10
by R.Styles
Why you couldn't trade with the goner's anyway, is beyond me. Maybe it was something Egosoft were going to fix for the 2.0.
Well, i'll just think there's more profit to be made, with the addition of the goner's as customer's.

Posted: Tue, 17. Oct 06, 07:32
by vampirecosmonaut
I really think that the consumer base in this game should have been more focused in the first place. There's just too many ships flying around, docking and then undocking without actually participating in the economy. This small modification makes me think that there should be a full overhaul of the jobs file. We just need to find some poor sap to do it. :wink:

Posted: Tue, 17. Oct 06, 14:22
by Cycrow
you could always expand on it and start adding stations used by the goners as well. just a few basic argon factories owned by the goners

Posted: Tue, 17. Oct 06, 17:18
by TycHouse
vampirecosmonaut wrote:... Perhaps if I got to know them better, I'd shoot them too.
:lol: Brilliant :)

Posted: Wed, 18. Oct 06, 07:19
by Jakesnake5
The normal maximum number of Goner Rangers that would wander the universe is 50. With this mod, it can go upto 120.

TBH, this mod was not really tested before I posted, but having used it myself, am very happy with the behavior.

I had considered adding a 7th goods class. But seeing how the current 6 are doing, I decided it would be a bit of overkill. :)

Hopefuly, when 2.0 comes out, I'll be able to keep it compatible. Elsewise, I'll keep 2 versions.

Posted: Fri, 27. Oct 06, 01:08
by Jakesnake5
I've been looking at Xtended. I can make a compatible false patch version that will work with it, if I get enough requests.

Posted: Sat, 4. Nov 06, 21:41
by ThorOfTerra
i have some questions about the script.

How can i see that the script is active ?
Where can i trade with the goner ?

Is this only the the stations where the goner ships has docked ?


Posted: Sun, 5. Nov 06, 00:41
by Jakesnake5
This is not a script, but a Mod. It alters the Jobs.txt file (the one that all those NPCs you see are based on) to spawn up to 70 Goner trading ships.

They will use their Rangers. They will be put into the game automatically based on the same rules as all the other ships you see. You'll know its running when you see a trade ship prefixed with the race of 'Goner'.

If you have stations with certain goods (minerals and illegals are not bought or sold by them) being bought or sold, they will, if your prices are competitive, dock at your stations and do business.

This interaction will gain you some Goner rep points. The amount is usually defined by the value of the item bought/sold, and how much is transfered.

This is quite helpful (though slow) for those who have managed to unlock the Kha'ak Invader start, or any other start where they cannot buy the Jumpdrive, Transporter Device or Salvage Insurance from the Goners.

Posted: Sun, 5. Nov 06, 18:31
by ThorOfTerra
Thanks for your answers :)
When i understand it correct, then the mod (no script :roll: ) generate goner trade ships. When the price by the factorys is ok, the KI will trade with them. So i do nothing aktiv for the Goner-Trade Mod, only the price is sheep enough.

sry for my bad english, my german is better :D

Posted: Sun, 5. Nov 06, 21:42
by Jakesnake5
As with all the other NPC traders, if you set your factories selling price to -1 credit below average (for example, 15 for ecells), the NPC's will buy them from you. Setting +1 credit above average, will sometimes have them sell to you. (not quite as often as them buying from you, but it does work on occasion).

The Goner Traders work the same way, as they are driven by the same game scripts as the other NPC's

For example:
You have a Wheatfarm, selling Wheat for 31 (-1 from average), then all NPC's, including the few GT's will buy your wheat.
If you set your buying price for Ecells to 17 (+1), then sometimes a NPC will sell to you.

You can pretty much ignore the GT's, unless your on the warpath against them, and just want to shoot them for fun and games. :twisted:

But anytime a GT does buisiness with any of your factories or complexes, you earn reputation points from them. This can come in handy if you 'accidentally' blew one up. :D

In Deutsch (Mit einem Übersetzer. Traurig über die Fehler.)

Wie mit allen anderen NPC-Maklern, wenn du deinen Betriebe-Verkaufspreis konfigurierst, zu -1 Kredit unten der Durchschnitt (zum Beispiel, 15 für ecells), dann kauft der Wille des NPC sie von dir. Über dem Durchschnitt für +1 Kredit zu kaufen, wird sie das Verkaufen manchmal zu dir haben. (nicht ziemlich so oft wie das Kaufen, aber es funktioniert öfters.

Der Goner Traders Arbeit den gleichen Weg, wie sie von den gleichen Spiel Drehbuch wie dem anderen NPC's gefahren werden.

Zum Beispiel:
Du hast einen Weizenfarm und verkaufst Weizen für 31 (-1 vom Durchschnitt), dann wird alles NPC's, einschließlich der wenigen GT, deinen Weizen kaufen.
Wenn du deinen kaufenden Preis für Ecells zu 17 (+1) setztest, manchmal dann wird ein NPC zu dir verkaufen.

Du kannst der GT ignorieren, außer wenn dein auf dem Kriegspfad gegen sie, und will sie nur für Spaß und Spiele erschießen. :twisted:

Immer, wenn der GT mit einer deiner Stationen oder Komplexen handelt, erhälst du einen Rufbonus. Dies kommt handlich herein, wenn du 'unbeabsichtigt', zerstörte einen. :D