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Posted: Sat, 29. Sep 07, 17:56
by xyzzy
Killa17 wrote:Could someone that has the .spk be generous enough to provide a link, as both OP links are dead?
Killa17, I can't find a working link anywhere now, but if you PM me an email addr maybe I could shoot you a copy that way. It might take me a day or two to get to it.

It will be sad if the script is no longer developed: it's a great script and with a few tweaks could be even greater.

Older version

Posted: Thu, 18. Oct 07, 02:54
by Sesk
I have version 1.2 if anyone wants it:

Download here

Posted: Fri, 19. Oct 07, 15:00
by Doombell
Here's the 1.4 version. Tell me if you want me to use another host.

RSWE v1.4

*Hopes this works*

Posted: Sun, 9. Dec 07, 07:07
by JFJohnny5
Hmmm... Neither link working. Anyone have 1.4 hosted anywhere?

Posted: Sun, 16. Dec 07, 07:48
by Guardian004
Could someone host this script for me. I want it! It's COOL :twisted:

host please?

Posted: Mon, 17. Dec 07, 03:29
by Guardian004
Can anyone host this please????

sorry for double posten

Posted: Mon, 17. Dec 07, 07:29
by UniTrader
when you need it for the colored ship names i have an other solution for you ;) (it is not ready yet but i am aiming to finish it this week on Tuesday...) but i can give no guarantee it will be finised then..

there is a little difference to this Script: mine is primary for single ship renaming (but you can rename single ships faster with this ;)), this here is primary for mass renaming if i read the first post correctly..

PS and i have found out how to make a text / ship name black ;)

Posted: Tue, 18. Dec 07, 00:45
by Guardian004
YA, that would be pretty sweet. It would be so much better to have colored names. A lot more organized, and looks awesome.

make sure to make a thread about it :D

Posted: Wed, 16. Jan 08, 08:27
by Sasratiz
If someone who has the file can please PM me, I'll gladly host the file if you can email it to me. I'll be happy to send my email address through PM. Many thanks in advance!

Posted: Thu, 21. Feb 08, 22:29
by bigdan6248
I would definitely appreciate it if someone would do that. Being new to the game, I've found that naming CAgs with the GMS makes them always want to go into attack mode...

... :sceptic:

Posted: Sun, 24. Feb 08, 01:29
by Kobax
Someone please rehost this script.

Posted: Sun, 24. Feb 08, 02:33
by Under God
I really want this too

Posted: Mon, 3. Mar 08, 21:08
by xlilcasper
If anyone has this file and can send it too me I can host a mirror for it.

Posted: Mon, 7. Apr 08, 19:20
by Gazz
I didn't have the original, either, but I uploaded my version to my script page. (bottom of the page)

Notable changes are that I added a launcher and default option script and bypassed all argument input that way.
The original links should still be in the setup if anyone wants to restore them.
I found it much easier to edit those naming options in my "options" script because I could copy and paste that way. But each to their own and this way requires some very basic scripting skeelz.

Anyway, changes and expansions I added over time:

* For formations the Leader is easy to spot and is given the lowest ID number so it's displayed at the top.

* Job and XP levels of ST/UT/LT (Local trader script, take a look!) are displayed.

* Ships with Fleet Support Software are easy to spot.
These TS are the ones to run errands for me. Factory freighters have no use for FSS...

* Spacefly Collector declares this one of your personal ships.
It's always displayed at the top of the list and without any ID numbers.
This is for el presidente grande. The big cheese. Not some number in a list...

* Super long ship types are acronymed like...
Discoverer DR
Nova PNR
(Pirate nova raider)

Well, that's all I can remember. Hehe.

Edit: (Ok, I just added this one :)
* For factories and complex hubs it displays the total size in Factory units.
(L=5 and the likes)

* added loop to remove duplicate "grey" tags from the end of the string.
If you add those to make sure the following text isn't painted they can easily build up.

PS: Everything I added is an option and adheres to the original conventions of the script.

Posted: Sat, 17. May 08, 23:06
by borgrel
Super sweet script

Thanx Gazz, ur a life saver

*KR xxx *KW :)