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[SCRIPT] Passenger Slaves V1.00 : Update 08/03/2006

Posted: Wed, 8. Mar 06, 17:30
by Cycrow
A simple command to turn passengers from your cargo hold into slaves.

Whenever you have passengers in your cargo hold the command in the piracy menu will appear which will turn all the passengers to slaves

Download Here
Mirror Here
Mirror Here

* Requires Script Manager to install

Posted: Thu, 9. Mar 06, 02:19
by al_main
Good stuff i'm gonna swap from TS to TP next time I load....

Posted: Thu, 9. Mar 06, 03:53
by Uyresoul
Since I can not try this yet, I was wondering if effects reputation?. I mean, since this is a form of piracy, I believe this should have a slight chance of lowering your reputation. Remeber the BBS that describes an event of a transport carrying slaves was thwarted by one of the slaves befriending one of the slave traders? Is this even possible to do?

Posted: Thu, 9. Mar 06, 04:28
by fud
It most definitely affects rank. As noted in the other thread, I lost 20% rank.

Tho, doing it again, it doesn't seem to matter how many passengers it is. Seems to be a straight 2000 point hit on your rank (based on Queen's Knight and losing 20%).

Posted: Thu, 9. Mar 06, 04:49
by McPhearsom
Arrgh! the perfect add-on for any aspiring pirate :twisted:

Posted: Thu, 9. Mar 06, 15:17
by 999-JAY-999
Just when you think everything possible has been covered, out pops a useful little number like this.....

Makes the Evil Pirate in all of us jump with joy doesnt it.

Posted: Thu, 9. Mar 06, 15:32
by fud
heh. I used it twice last night. Pulled in about 900k. The really bad part is, I went back to the Boron trading dock I took them from (after selling the first group), and bought a police license. Then I took another group 198 to another pirate base....

Corruption is a wonderful thing.

Posted: Thu, 9. Mar 06, 15:41
by Uzi77

Do you have to be on a custom or non-plot game for any script to work?

Posted: Thu, 9. Mar 06, 16:03
by fud
Nope. I'm currently in the plot game. A script should work in either.

Posted: Thu, 9. Mar 06, 16:04
by Uzi77
Well, thats a relief... ok, so how long does it take for a script to be intergrated into the game....?

Posted: Thu, 9. Mar 06, 16:58
by Stevio
»» if you mean how do you use it then you need the Xscript installer.

»» but if you mean script signing:

egosoft will not start script signing until the game is in a good state

• and only the ones put forward will get considered
• and only a few will be signed
:edit: for moggy2 :P -> Depending on how many egosoft like :wink:



Posted: Thu, 9. Mar 06, 17:00
by moggy2
stevio wrote: • and only a few will be signed (and i mean few, as in less than 10)
says who?

Posted: Thu, 9. Mar 06, 17:15
by Stevio
said i :lol:

well not many got signed for X² :roll:

so i guessed that not alot will get signed this time round.

egosoft game designers are very picky :wink:

Posted: Thu, 9. Mar 06, 20:08
by moggy2

Posted: Thu, 9. Mar 06, 20:29
by Stevio
:? No i didn't, thanks Moggy :wink: