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[Mod] Noselessness + M6 Mod

Posted: Wed, 8. Feb 06, 20:53
by Gazz
Nova raider before:
[ external image ] after: [ external image ]

I like to see where I'm flying...

Noselessness Mod:
Not all ships got the treatment - only the ones I was flying or felt like changing. I think I got all M6, too.
I honestly don't remember all the ships I changed the cockpit camera for. Take a look at the post date. =)
I just updated the file with my current version so it's compatible with vanilla 2.5.

M6 Mod:
Vanilla M6 are terrible. Yes, players with ze skeelz can use them but AI pilots can't. The ships are just too bad.

I modified all M6, changing the lasers per turret and sometimes adding an extra turret.
Total firepower was not increased by much because I did not want to radically change OOS performance.
They got more but smaller lasers so they would have a change against fighters.

M6 now have 4-6 shields because for their maneuverability and target profile their shields were woefully weak.

Argon and split M6 can turn some of their turrets far enough to fire at the ship's cockpit target.

This is an old school mod so no fancy single ship installation. =)
Select is as "the" mod or make it a false patch. Either works.
[ external image ] (ZIP)

Posted: Wed, 8. Feb 06, 22:18
by Galaxy613
You do know that people will now cry out for a cockpit version of this? Feel free to combine my Cockpit Callback mod with this. :)

Posted: Wed, 8. Feb 06, 23:30
by Gazz
Those who want a clear view like above can not want to fill their screen with static bitmaps.

That would be illogical, Captain!


Posted: Wed, 8. Feb 06, 23:44
by Galaxy613
You must be joking when you call X3/X2 cockpits static bitmaps.

Posted: Thu, 9. Feb 06, 00:22
by Gazz
Galaxy613 wrote:You must be joking when you call X3/X2 cockpits static bitmaps.
No, I have never seen them. What information do they display that the no cockpit version does not?

If they have something like a WORKING artificial horizon I would be all over using them and just try my best to remove all struts and bars and other useless crap from them. Have you hugged your alpha channel today?

Edit: Come to think of it, that would have been the PERFECT solution for the nose problem, too! If every texture in the game was invisible there would never have been a problem with the ship's nose blocking my view!

Edit: Maybe there should then be wireframes so we can see the ships.

Edit: I'll stop drinking for today.


Posted: Thu, 9. Feb 06, 05:24
by qtv
I wrote this a few days ago - when i first installed the cockpit - u really should try it for half an hour and switch ships to see the different pits and what it feels like, how much it adds to the game........definately not a static bitmap - its a 3d pit - it moves, it shows light along each of the multiple surfaces as you face a light source, it shakes.....

"Cockpits are fantastic - I finally feel as if I am flying in a ship in space!

The biggest sense of this is when you change from a fighter to a freighter like a actually notice a differnce, the lethargic controls that you feel through the joystick make sense and actually feel in place.

After half an hour play - I could never go back to the hud only view.

I've never played an X game so I look at the cockpits from a new view - they are definately functional, the way the light plays over them is great when you turn towards or away froma light source or fire your weapons, after a while you notice the guages etc in the cockpit aren't just pretty - they actually tel you your throttle, shield strength, enrgy level, missiles left etc, they change a little to simulate head movement and thrust and that adds so much "connection" with the view on screen.

All this blew me away - I thought it would just be a simple overlay - how wrong I was.

They are perfectly functional, look fantastic and add so much to immersion.

After holding off for a while thinking they were "only" a mod - i installed them and .... wow!!!!! Its a new game

= )"

Posted: Thu, 9. Feb 06, 17:18
by DJ | Wolf
X3's cockpits are X2's cockpits basically, so you can see what they look like by doing a few google searches for screens. ... -25-79.jpg ... ace_04.jpg

Just as an idea.

Posted: Thu, 9. Feb 06, 18:51
by Gazz
Thanks but the one thing I'm curious about is WHAT the extra thing they are doing is. Galaxy613 insists that they are not just static bitmaps that take up useful screen space but hasn't yet replied with what the extra benefit is. Are there instruments that are missing from the HUD version?


Posted: Thu, 9. Feb 06, 18:57
by nuclear_eclipse
In actuality, the X2 cockpits perform not much else besides random light blinking and providing an environment-reactive 3D wrapper around the pilot. In X2, they were useful because they did offer SETA status, missile alerts, and weapon loadout. I'm not sure if they do the same in X3, but either way, everything offered by the X2 cockpits is already taken care of by the X3 HUD. Cockpits simply serve to give you the feeling that you're really inside a 3D ship, instead of taking a nap on the top of the cockpit canopy.

However, I personally prefer the noses of the ships where they were, and to be without the cockpits. I would think that in 400 years, we'd have decide it was better to not have a cockpit, since it simply limits our field of vision anyways, while seeing the nose of the craft simply helps with determing where your ship is.

Posted: Thu, 9. Feb 06, 19:14
by DJ | Wolf
So you're thinking all the information is fed to the pilot's eye or helmet/visor mounted HUD then?

Gazz: Pretty much echoing the above, the X2 versions did offer weapon readouts and seta information, but they were really only an immersion/cool thing.

Posted: Thu, 9. Feb 06, 19:34
by Galaxy613
And yes the X2 cockpit's completely work in X3. 'Cept theres only two slots in the weapon display so even if you have 8 guns it'll only show you have two.

Posted: Thu, 9. Feb 06, 19:42
by Gazz
Yah, that's what I want. A virtualgizmohelmetthingycamera (I may have to add more buzzwords and trademark the term) that only shows you the things worth seeing but filtering all possible obstructions.

Apache pilots have something quite similiar. The FLIR is tied to the pilot helmet's orientation so if you look to the left, so does the camera (and the chain gun but I digress). Actually it's not a FLIR that way because it doesn't look strictly forward.

Actually, if I was that ambitious I would try to have cockpit gfx enabled when your hull integity falls below 40 % . Then the advanced system would probably fail and you are left looking out of the more or less practical glass windows - and at your real instruments vs the simulated ones in your helmet display.
Chances of that are low, tho. Eventually I may want to PLAY the game instead of making it more complicated. =)

Posted: Thu, 9. Feb 06, 19:54
by DJ | Wolf
It is a dangerous circle ;) you'll end up with more time tweaking/modding than playing...heh...but that's cool :)

Posted: Thu, 9. Feb 06, 20:00
by nuclear_eclipse
DJ | Wolf wrote:It is a dangerous circle ;) you'll end up with more time tweaking/modding than playing...heh...but that's cool :)
Welcome to my life of X3. The last time I actually 'played' the game was atleast a month ago... Most of my time ingame right now is spent testing models, scripting, or balance tweaking.

Posted: Thu, 9. Feb 06, 20:03
by Cycrow
i've only actaully properly played the game for 1 one day, the day it was released
since then i've just been scripting and testing

Posted: Thu, 9. Feb 06, 21:23
by Mad Hatter
I would use this if it included the cockpit mod.

Why would you want to lose the cockpits and the front of the ship?

You might as well fly a camera drone.

Posted: Fri, 10. Feb 06, 00:01
by Gazz
I think you could call this a demo.

It includes all Nova and Discoverer variants and the Elephant.

Elephant has nice fine tuning with a better driver's seat and I was able to pick up a cargo pod on the first attempt. For a ship with the dimensions of a small town that's nice. =)

Positioning takes a lot of time since even though I use the mesh to get a starting position, that isn't as accurate as I'd like. For the Elephant there was a bright texture spot disturbing my gravidar. Not acceptable.
Mad Hatter wrote:Why would you want to lose the cockpits and the front of the ship?
Because reducing the nose and filling the recovered screen real estate with bitmaps defeats the purpose of a clear view.
If you change that to include cockpits (if a change is even necessary) then that doesn't bother me at all. =)


Posted: Fri, 10. Feb 06, 01:45
by DJ | Wolf
nuclear_eclipse wrote:Welcome to my life of X3. The last time I actually 'played' the game was atleast a month ago... Most of my time ingame right now is spent testing models, scripting, or balance tweaking.
I played it at first for review and my heart sank, then I gave it a good blast when the patches came out, each one seemed to bring it up a little more. In the end I could hold off no longer and had to play it like mad (1.31 patch) -- thanks to the scripters and modders however the potential of the game is pretty unlimited, like X2.

But since I reviewed it, I haven't gone back to the story -- I have played around with various scripts, like the Fighter Base Commander addon to Myros' Terracorp Pilots and of course I have been grinning at Deadly and Red Spot's mod -- not to mention other scripts and mods from yourself and Cycrow.

So I really think in this respect Egosoft's community has taken this game and made it something much better.

So thanks to you all.

Posted: Thu, 12. Jun 08, 21:18
by Lancefighter
*poke* gazz, I dont suppose you could possibly add a list of what files are needed for the m6 part? I personally like to see the ship nose, it gives me a sense of orientation, without which I would be lost.

I can remove the files not needed myself if i knew what I was doing, but I dont know what I would need to do :s

You seem to have changed just about every ship in the game >.<
Looking at your tcockpits and a stock tcockpits from in winmerge, at least half of it is highlighted...