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Re: [XTM - TECH. SUPPORT] Technical support for Xtended Mod

Post by Lwerewolf » Thu, 10. Feb 22, 04:52

Disregard, it's the "famous" (I guess) target switching with camera set to f3 crash thing. In my case - happens on a fresh install, with XTM installed, on two systems (5800x/5700xt/etc & an 8770w with a 3620qm & a gtx780m in it), linux mint, windows 7 (on the 8770w), windows 10, with the steam version, with the superbox (v2.5 2007) version... Ah well.

Just tried on my surface pro 3 (i5/4gb/128gb i.e. nothing special) and... no issues whatsoever. This gave me an idea - I limited X3's FPS to 60 via rivatuner and... you can probably guess it - from my 2-3 minute long cycle through everything at lightspeed attempts, everything's working. As an added bonus, no coil whine coming from the GPU in the main menu. Might be a good idea to consolidate all this... For anybody wondering - vsync ought to have almost the same effect, with a bit of added input lag to spice things up.

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Re: [XTM - TECH. SUPPORT] Technical support for Xtended Mod

Post by unknown1 » Sun, 26. Feb 23, 20:26

Anyone know how to disable the performance improvement made by the mod ? I'm talking about the fact that the game renders bullets almost invisible to improve performance, even though modern hardware has no problem with such a game nowdays.

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