X3: Reunion blurry text and jerky mouse steering

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X3: Reunion blurry text and jerky mouse steering

Post by dirtcheap74 » Sat, 11. Dec 21, 21:50

Hi I have played X3:TC and wanted to try X3:R. I have two issues.

1. All the text in-game is small, gray, fuzzyish no matter the resolution. I can read it but its not fun, especially in all the small menus at top of screen and sector maps.
a. steam install fresh
b. X3:tc and X3:ap are fine
c . ati radeon setting all turned off and set to default in graphics program - have no effect
d. Tried different resolutions in game and changing my windows 10 desktop res. no effect
e. all windows 10 desktop settings default.
Out of ideas to try.

2. When I use mouse steering (which I like better than joystick) it is not smooth at all and acts like I am pressing the keyboard arrow keys really fast. Does not matter the mouse dpi settings and it sucks to play. Imagine trying to turn to the right by rapidly ( am mean very fast) tapping the right arrow key on your keyboard and that is what my mouse steering is like. I plug in a joystick and its smooth. If I use the keyboard arrow keys its smooth (when pressed down). X3: TC and AP are smooth when using mouse steering.

Is there a setting I am missing in the controls to correct this?

Can I load the Reunion plot missions into TC and just play them there? i have searched for mods on this but can find nothing. The UI in Reunion is pretty clunky but willing to give it a go if I can figures these two things out.


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