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X5 Rise of the factory ships

Posted: Sat, 17. Oct 20, 08:49
by Travbm
Okay so you have made a fortune in trade but do you build factories or do you buy a factory ship. Captain you can buy a factory ship that makes energy cells, sends out mining drones for silicon, grows wheat, cattle, makes cahoona steaks and crystals for half the price of a factory. It is mobile and you can produce energy cells for the lowest price and sell them for the highest price, to supply crystals to laser factories, ships can trade and dock. The mother ship is the largest of all factory ships and must have a jump drive to get around. Making everything in the game you can research blue prints, new weapons and build ships have everything and uses mobile mining carriers to gather ore, silicon and crystal and mines gas. This large mother ship does it all and makes all ship classes. Buying one though cost nearly a billion credits.

In the ascension of the split war breaks out. But power shifts to the Kingdom of boron as they develop factory ships. Then the Terrans invade wiping out many systems. Argon sues for peace. Earth goes silent. Then a single Captain comes in with a mother ship. Changing the balance of power. Resources new systems new jump points to be discovered. The Xenon are a long distant memory. The **** fall due to this new technology. The Argon and Terran Alliance prevails. A new erra of trade and prosperity begins. Teladi build factory ships to exploit space mining. Growing rich from trade of ores, and resources that can only be mined. Spit still make money selling weapons and ships. Paranid begin specializing in computers and computer components. Each race runs factory ships for power cells. As most places need energy cells. Each race works to maintain a wharf to research new technologies and ships. But a sector with a mother ship is not going to be taken. Being the Titans of space and commerce. Each mother ship represents the pinnacle of technology,

But a new race begins now. A race to discover new worlds and to send a Mother ship to colonize new worlds. Will the balance of power shift again and if so who will win? Maybe you will play a role in deciding the fate of the galaxy. Maybe the pirates will profit more from this race due to increased raids. And the who knows what will be discovered.

Starting a new game in the solar system a lone pilot flies around Mars. A strange wreck up ahead. While exploring it you discover a long lost ship long broken and abandoned. But the thing is massive and huge larger than some moons. Reporting this to Earth fleet you head back out. An expedition of scientist, engineers and xeno archeologist try to unlock the mysteries of this lost alien technology. Pilot we have discovered black boxes that contain technical data on the alien ship. Your mission is to find any black box that can lead to the construction of a mother ship.

Re: X5 Rise of the factory ships

Posted: Sat, 17. Oct 20, 20:21
by Travbm
Okay dock at the research station and drop off the black boxes. Transferring cargo. The Mother Ship had detailed plans for remote mining operations. Carrier ships, drones and factories and research for new weapons, fighters and freighters and larger battle ships and a so on. It only needed to mine external resources. But the aliens that crewed it long since died off due to some disaster. This is a mystery. It seems they failed to mine some sort of gas needed to maintain the reactor power. The massive power required to run the engines used a lot of fuel. There must be a way to get around this. Mobile support ships that make energy cells would be a solution. Pilot try out a new energy cell factory ship and see what you can do with it and gain income from it.

Mission: Earth 1.000,000 credits making energy cells in a system with more than one sun to speed up energy cell production.

S[it raiders swarming around. Deploy ten laser towers.

Laser towers deployed. Split raiders moving off. Well done pilot.

Found system Nova Sands of Light with 4 stars. Jumping to location.

Deploy ten mining drones to harvest resources.

Mining drones deployed. Silicon slowly is loaded into factory ship. Crystals, and energy cells are generated at four times speed. Once the hold is full go to pluto to sell energy cells at 20 credits each. 100,0000 energy cells sold.