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Posted: Fri, 24. Nov 17, 14:19
by Triaxx2
Which is why I usually only read authors who've finished things. Scion is an exception.

Posted: Fri, 24. Nov 17, 22:07
by Scion Drakhar
Sorry guys. Apologies for the cliffhanger. Believe it or not I hadn't planned it that way. Old dog = old tricks, I suppose.
Nathancros wrote:Love the dog, you managed to get how raising a dog can be, down perfectly
Yeah. I imagine it's hard to tell in my writing but I shall admit my secret: I am a dog person. Love the wiggle-butts.

Posted: Sat, 25. Nov 17, 03:10
by Triaxx2
Of course, I only have the tall ones, where you keep the table clean or have to chase the dog off of it every so often. :P

Posted: Sat, 25. Nov 17, 11:24
by Sirrobert
God damn, this is going to take forever to read :o

After reading that:

Yea I'm inclined to agree with Drake here. Even if Mary Anne is right and Gill still loves and takes secret care of Drake, that doesn't just excuse the fact that he abandoned a little kid in what is possibly the most hostile environment in the universe for that kid.

You can't expect that kid to ever forgive that.

Posted: Wed, 29. Nov 17, 19:58
by BlackArchon
I like that his chapter is a more quiet one. Things have settled down a bit, which is good. After such a action-loaded chapter before, we have now time to breathe more steadily. And with "we" I mean our story characters as well as myself. :)

I appreciate your skill of creating images in my head. This is what good story writing is for me: That a story manages to stimulate my imagination, to create pictures of the people and scenery in my mind.

Thank you! :)

Posted: Wed, 29. Nov 17, 20:07
by Triaxx2
That's my thinking Sirrobert, for Gil, redemption absolutely equals death. Never mind all the other stuff he's done, his last scene definitely deserves to be getting gutted with Drake's Totally-not-a-lightsaber-please-dont-sue.

Posted: Fri, 12. Jan 18, 02:54
by jericho89
Lightning flashes through the open door as a Stranger comes in from the cold. Heads turn and conversation ceases, everyone briefly evaluating the shadowed figure. Soon the moment passes as everyone returns to their own business, the Stranger searching the crowd for the one he came to find.

His attention focuses on one corner of the room and soon he is crossing the floor with a determined stride. The stranger stands outside the impromptu structure and coughs loudly, making his presence known.

A figure comes out of the dark, a question forming on their face. Without saying a word, the stranger reaches behind his back and hands the figure a very particular object. He looks the figure in the eye and says
“You know what to do.” The stranger nods once, turns away, and heads off into the night once more.

The figure stands in front of their blanket fort and inspects the object they were handed. It’s a pool noodle of the highest quality. Beginning at the base and spiraling to the other end is inscribed a single notion, a concept, not even a word, but a sound:


Posted: Sat, 13. Jan 18, 23:55
by Scion Drakhar
LOL! jericho89, well done.

Posted: Sun, 14. Jan 18, 03:32
by Triaxx2
Someone's been playing Dwarf Fortress perhaps?

Posted: Sun, 14. Jan 18, 09:09
by jericho89
No, but I have been playing the slightly more archaic Icewind Dale lately, oddly enough. Gets the same sort of creative juices flowing I'm sure.

Posted: Mon, 15. Jan 18, 15:14
by Triaxx2
I always preferred IWD2 to the first one, but that's because I played so much BG2 with it's better engine. I really need to get my hands on the Enhanced Edition of IWD1.

Posted: Mon, 12. Feb 18, 17:08
by Olterin
... It's quiet in here. Too quiet. I dread the coming storm...

Posted: Thu, 22. Feb 18, 00:36
by Scion Drakhar
Apologies for the quiet. I have been in the process of creating a web site that will eventually host all of my writing and videos... and I'm struggling with the learning curve.

For those of you who are interested in currently looks like this:

PLEASE be gentle with your assessments. It is faaaar from ready.



Posted: Thu, 22. Feb 18, 04:15
by Triaxx2
Pretty nice. I've seen much worse.

Posted: Thu, 22. Feb 18, 15:22
by Sirrobert
I've seen late 90s websites. So this is pretty good.
Also by modern standards pretty good.