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The Tale of Ea't s'Quid, a Truly Savage Split.

Posted: Fri, 28. Oct 11, 04:24
by Triaxx2
Chapter 1: The beginning.

“Go. Away.” Ea't flung an empty bottle of Spacefuel against the wall, and winced as it shattered. The auto-vac activated, a door in the wall sliding open and revealing three small robots. One wheeled out and gathered the shards of the bottle up, then pushed it into the second, which was a dustpan and then they slid quietly back into the wall. The third was a little larger and a little more noisy, but it slowly worked over the area and then disappeared back into the wall. Ea't hated those. They made it so hard to properly cultivate the image of a complete and utter slob.

“I'm not going away. If I have to break open the door, I will.” Ea't was entirely certain that he hated the robots less than he did the angry Argon woman standing outside the door. He wished he'd never picked her up in the bar. Sometimes anyway. He'd never met a better engineer and that was saying something.

“Have hangover. Come back later.” he yelled, and winced at the sound of his own voice. It was only a partial lie. He did have a headache, but he seriously wished she would not come back.

“Not until I get answers.” she replied. Ea't s'Quid, a Commodore of the Phantoms Pirate Fleet, Captain of the Split Tiger Osan'Gar, Commander of the Split Heavy Dragons Leviathan and Cottonmouth, decided that she really was not going to go away. He would never admit this, even though he was certain his brother knew it, he was a little afraid of her. He'd seen security footage of her fighting saboteurs on the Leviathan. She'd killed one with the sort of brutal efficiency one might expect of a true Split Warrior. The other two had been rescued from her by two of the Leviathan's crew, both massive Split who had admitted to him in private that they'd had difficulties holding onto her.

“Fine. Enter. Quietly.” he pressed the release for the door. The woman that walked in was short. 4' 11” tall and with a wrench not significantly shorter than she was. She sat in the only chair in the room. Ea't was on the bed, lying on his back. “What answers?”

“How did you end up here?” she asked, quietly.

“Walked.” he answered. She glared at him. “Be more spec...Spef... exact.”

“You're a commander of three capital ships.” he snorted. “Okay, one capital ship and two big ones, okay?” he gave a thumbs up. Nodding hurt too much. “And Drake found you drinking at a bar.”

“Wrong. Drake find FIGHT. Ea't join fight. Drake offer job for saving ass.”

“Not how I heard it.”

“Heard wrong.”

“Fine, if you want to say so. How did you end up in the bar? And if you say walk, I'm going to make a lot of noise.”

“Stumble.” she glared. “Was already drunk when arrive. Stumble proper word.”

“Great. Why were you drunk?”

“Because was Drinking. You not good this game.”

“What game?”

“Twenty Questions.”

“Ha-ha. Why were you drinking to start with?”

“Many reasons. But here main ones.”

s'Quid, as you might have guessed, is not my real family name. Neither is c'Pu, just for your information. My family name is... unpronounceable in Argon Common. Goto is the closest translation.

Family Goto is OLD. In fact, it dates all the way back to the founding of the Split Patriarchy. Our founder, was actually a member of Rhonkar. He broke away from the rest of the Family. And formed Goto. For many centuries we supported Rhonkar with all our power. In reward, a small moon was given to us. Then we built a shipyard. Small, but mighty, and producing many fighters and corvette's.

Then the Boron decided to hurt Rhonkar. But they could not attack them directly. Instead, they went after the supporting families. Donsho and Vulten fell easily, having no shipyards of their own. But Goto gave them a fight like they had not seen before. Gloriously we battled for ten years before they finally over came us by crashing transports full of SQUASH mines into the shipyard. Our moon fell and we were no more. Rhonkar offered to find us another moon, but the leaders felt it would do no good, that the Boron would simply continue to attack us. Instead, a vote was called, and unanimously, we voted to be absorbed into Rhonkar.

It was a painful choice for many, and a few could not bear it. They took Jaguars and attacked Boron ships, falling quickly, with honor.

Others could not bring themselves to do so. I was too young to be given the chance to choose. But when I came of Age, I set out with a Jaguar, and a mere fourteen hundred credits to my name. To make a new name for myself.

I sought vengeance on the Boron who destroyed my family. Who ground them into the dust of the stars and the ages. H'nt took another path, finding solace in his machines and working for the betterment of the Split race as a whole. My sister decided to join the military and rose to command a Tiger. I turned away from her, mostly because she's scary. VERY scary.

How did I end up in the bar? This is how.

The story of Ea't s'Quid. A Dead is Dead, dealing with the rise and fall of Ea't s'Quid and the revenge he still seeks on the Boron.

1) I may buy Split ships, but all other race ships must be bailed or boarded.
2) I do have mods installed, they are

Lucike's Script Collection
Advanced Hyperdrive
Bailing Add-On
Bonus Pack in it's entirety
Salvage Claim Software

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by Scion Drakhar

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by meremale
loved it

next chapter please

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by Coupaholic
...oh dear.

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by Olterin
One note: a DID is probably not the proper format here, seeing how Ea't is alive and kicking in a story playing out after this one. Just thought I'd mention the obvious. Other than that, I look forward to reading about his exploits :D

Posted: Fri, 28. Oct 11, 18:10
by Nathancros
ahaha i think that when he 'died' he'd bail and get captured or escape out of the sector or watever when it happens, im sure triaxx can think something up :P

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by Triaxx2
Yeah, I decided not to run it that way. For one, the last DiD I did took an awful lot of work for each play because I was being very careful to minimize the chance of dying. I did reload some, though almost entirely that was from crashes. Mainly while moving asteroids in the Unknown West of 534. That was a bloody nuisance.

Fortunately, Ea't is not a builder type. Oh, he'll build some stations, but no massive complexes. At best a loop. But he's not really a patient sort.

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by Triaxx2
Chapter 2: Send off

H'nt threw me a party, the night before I left the shipyard. Thus I blame him for all events following from that point. H'nt throws parties which you cannot possibly believe until you wake up the next morning wondering what has happened to your pants and why you are in the bed of someone you have never met before And wondering how the three of you ended up there to begin with. H'nt's parties are the best.

Thus I was hung over when I launched. H'nt cannot be entirely blamed for war with the Boron however. I was already angry at them. Thus my computer was set to show them as enemy. To say that I was unwelcome in the Boron sectors, was a touch of an understatement. Indeed, I was kill on sight. I felt this was only fair, since I felt the same way about them. Of course, I'm not sure either they or I were prepared for what happened.

First thing I did was shut up annoying computer voice. Hangover not fun with noise. Checking cargo hold, find Needle missile. H'nt is good brother. Stomping on throttle, I shoot forward, barely missing Flight School Scorpion. Docking at Equipment Dock, I sell off missile. Where brother find, I not know, but am glad for it. Buying Duplex Scanner make feel better. Now can see enemies from longer away.

Sliding through south gate into Rhonkar's Clouds, I drift around, not entirely sure what looking for. No jobs on offer. West through to Rhonkar's Fire, and still no jobs. Scans show some chance for trade. Go south, finding Solar Power Plant. Energy is expensive, but I still make profit.

22 credits. Fagh, no way make living, name. Head north, through Rhonkar's Fire, across Family Zein. Here in Whi, this good hunting ground. Many Boron traders go from West to East. I pick one attack. Trader drop Fighter Drone MkII. Annoying. But slow. Out run drone. Ship bails, destroy drone. While fighting, pirates engage border defense, some missiles left, but too big for cargo hold, and Dolphin SF slow piece of debris. Pick up, from many missiles, one Hurricane. Disappointing.

Two bailed local defense fighters. Mamba Vanguard, Scorpion. Pick up both. Consider both. No shield either, but perhaps no need. First sell Dolphin SF Family Pride Shipyard, then switch to Scorpion. Why not the Mamba? Speed. The Extra speed of the Scorpion will keep me safer than the Mamba will without shields. Not that I'm stupid enough to fly Scorpion without shields, but since I don't have anything but two 1MJ's speed is important.

So while they made their way to the local equipment dock, I made my self busy ensuring that the Dolphin arrived at the Family Pride shipyard. Of course, that wasn't quite as easy as it sounds. I remember that it was running oh.. 28m/s. When you're escorting it in a ship capable of 496m/s, it's not exactly exciting. And among all the things I had on the ship, none of them were books.

On the other hand, fighting enemies is much more interesting and before I had to stop because of... engaging far too many fighter drones, I manage to triple my haul, with two more Dolphin SF's. Sending them to follow the first, I shepherd them through three systems. An abortive attack on first a Goner Ranger, who knew that the Split even cared about Goners, and on a Boron freighter leave me stuck in space welding closed holes in my ship. I decide to lay up against an asteroid while the freighters run to the shipyard. Eventually we reach the Family Pride shipyard, and I sell all three, netting me nearly a million credits.

I decide to switch to the Mamba Vanguard after a careful examination of the merits of each ship. Which is to say, that not only does Vanguard have more speed, by 2m/s but also hauls L cargo and has more cargo space and superior weapons generators. In short, is better than Scorpion in every way.

Hanging around in space, repairing the Mamba, I question the wisdom of the designers. Is purple really a proper color for a mighty warship?

Would like Chimera, but at moment, is out of price range. For the moment though, I concentrate on improving my Split Reputation to purchase 25MJ shields. Failed attempt to punch through shields of Boron Weapons Trader TM once more leaves me in space banging dents out of the ship. Phased Repeater Guns hurt. A lot.

I'm two ranks away. I attempt to ship some Rastar Oil to improve my rank, but my failure to upgrade my cargo hold leaves me unable to carry enough to make a difference. Instead I pick up a mission to retrieve a Mako in Company Pride. The Mamba is fast enough to get there with nearly a full hour left on the clock and the Mako makes it back in good order, and with ten minutes left. I dock at the local Teladi Equipment Dock, and purchase some necessary upgrades. Two 5MJ shields replace my 1MJ's, and I also acquire a freight scanner, so as to avoid such embarrassing events as facing a dozen fighter drones, as well as two dozen Mosquito missiles for defense after upgrading cargo bay to maximum capacity. Also acquired are Fight Mk1, Mk2 and Trading System Extension. Plus a Navigation Mk1. Now is time to find ship with Jumpdrive. Must have equipment for any pirate not wishing to be fashionably dead.

For now though, must take care when engaging targets. Fighting ships armed with PBG's bad for health. Of course, Mamba Vanguard is agile enough stay out of front of enemy, if can get in behind enemy. Mantra: Speed is life.

Docking at Teladi Trading Station, I buy a Security License and become legal. For now, this day has been busy and I pay through the nose for a bed for the night. Come morning, more or less I begin hunting for a jump drive.

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by Triaxx2
Chapter 3: Jumping Boron for Jumpdrives

Heading back through Thuruk's Beard, I stop at the Equipment Dock and pick up a pair of HEPT to expand my ability to do considerable damage to enemy targets, and then head north to pick on Boron traffic.

The first thing I do when I reach Family Rhonkar is engage a Boron freight transporter. It's an Eclipse packing a 25MJ shield. This sounds like suicide with only 10MJ shields, but I have a severe advantage. I'm a hell of a pilot and it's only got 25MJ of shields. This turns out to be a great idea, because it bails with 37% of the hull left. This is both good and bad. Good in that I have another ship. It's a good ship, not as fast, but has a nice amount of hull, and mounts similar weapons, including Ion Disruptors, which will be useful

Returning to Rhonkar's Fire, I stop at the Local Trading Station, looking to pick up a Police License it's not to be though, since I require a higher rank. Fine, looking through the Barter options, I pick up some Massom Powder. The only station around that requires it is a Drone Factory in Family Pride. Doing so I find it's not worth my time to drop them yet, so I look around for a mission. A ship retrieval in Family Rhonkar catches my attention, and I run down to snatch up the Paranid Pegasus they want back.

On the way back, I catch sight of a Terracorp High Tech trader. A quick scan reveals that it's got seven more in it's hold, and I decide it's worth the chance of ticking off the local customs. A quick blast across the length of the TP, and com and I'm three 25MJ shields richer, and 40MJ better defended. Good thing too, since the TP decides to press the issue and attacks me in return. I find a rock to hide behind, he bangs into the rock and then manages to blast through it with PRG's. Twice more does this happen. I become, angered.

So I strip him down to 1% hull, apologize to the police, and roll on through the gate south. Nothing there, I flip around and drop back north. There I'm greeted by an OTAS Food Transporter. In one of those delightfully ugly, yet utterly spacious OTAS Mistral Superfreighters. It's thoroughly under shielded, and lightly armed. I can't resist. Guess I've always been meant to be a pirate. Unfortunately, it chooses to go down in flames rather than bailing. This does seriously annoy the local Raptor, but I apologize and they decide to let it go. Piracy is fun.

Since preponderance of ships in these sectors are Argon, I head north again for Family Whi area, to hunt more Boron. Passing through the North Gate, I find a Python dropping in over my head as I'm leaving. Thuruk's Beard is an uneventful passage, and then I'm into the depressing and dingy dangerous Family Zein. Zein has always been a little weird, and this sector fits them. Myself I don't really like it. You can't see anything, and it's full of little rocks. Even the two capitals, a Raptor and Python, which hang around don't seem too pleased to be here. Of course the grey hulls blend into the dark and dingy background here so they're hard to see. Then I'm into the Family Whi Hunting ground. Whi got a good deal when Rhonkar gave them this sector. Easy to see, room to maneuver, lots of traffic between two Teladi sectors. Everyone comes through Whi eventually. As I arrive, I get the message, that my Eclipse has reached the Military Outpost, and I order it to purchase the 8 flail missiles, only for Betty to whine that it can't use them. Split say: Stupid Computer Shut UP!

First target is OTAS Bio Transporter, again, a Mistral Super Freighter. Bails with 67% hull. Second target Boron Energy Trader. This turns out bad idea. I did not, on the scanner, see a Boron Military patrol. Taking refuge in super structure of equipment dock does not work too well. Plasma Burst Generator does not respect walls. Naughty-naughty. Punching throttle, I make for East gate, and slide into Shareholder's fortune. First ship on radar, Argon Express. Cranky Express. It empties hold of many Fighter Drones. Whistle innocent and head north, fastest path away from express. Run straight into Argon Freight Transporter, flying Falcon Vanguard. Nice ship. Slow, but nice. 200MJ shield. Bails with 1 HEPT remaining. We head for Sun Oil Refinery.

I dock first, decide check out bar while waiting. Long time waiting for Falcon. Get bored, Falcon not coming fast enough. Enter space, order eject HEPT, Video Enhance goggles. Pick up both, head back for Whi. Boron Hydra is gone, but some traders here. No joy, fishing shows no promise.

Head south. Rumor is Haktikvah's is also good hunting ground. Too many useless energy traders hanging around, clogging space. Quick drop off of Nostrop at Family Rhonkar Trading station along way, is good profits. 146 credits per unit good price.

Continuing south, I head for Haktikvah's. There's not much of note, and without any Borons worth capturing, I head through the south gate again, into Clarities. In Paranid Territory, Boron are technically off the menu, but a wise Split is willing to accept whatever enemy should come his way. In this case, it's open season on Argon. The first couple go down with ships, dying warriors deaths.

The third bails, and I eject to repair it. In time to get basted by a passing Eclipse with PBG's...

Oh gods, what a horrible dream. It's still vivid in my mind. I had not discovered the miracles of cleansing with spacefuel, so I can't forget it now. It's... ugly. I mean, it's like I lived it. Instead, I woke up, docked at one of the Silicon Mines in Family Rhonkar. I don't recall docking there, but I must have at some point. After all, I was there? Who knows what happened. I know I figured a dream like that should be heeded as a foreboding. I ejected from a nice safe docking port, and headed north. I knew Rhonkar was connected to sectors west, and though there were Boron between me and there, that just meant more hunting. Heading north, I made a play to bail an Argon Military Transporter, who had Advanced Sats. He proved resilient for an Argon.

“Hey!” Morgan objected.

“No offense intended. But few live up to warrior spirit. That one particularly brave.”



Heading through into Rhonkar's Clouds, I slip past a Terracorp Mineral Transporter, heading back west. Of course following East bound traffic is the only way to find the east gate. I guess someone finds it funny not to include charts on fighter craft. Even as I run, I've decided that while I enjoy dog fighting, I do not want to try and break stations with it. I'll need some capitals. You might have guessed, but I am not a contractor.

“I gathered.” Morgan snorted.

I know, some Split enjoy construction, if only for more destruction, but Ea't s'Quid breaks things. Lots of things. Like faces. So only one Missile Frigate. One for capturing.

Argon Minotaur. Perfect. Cobra good too, but Minotaur cheap... More or less.

First gotta get Transport. Then marines. Bloody marines. Never sane, never QUIET. Party all night...

Did then anyway. Possibly because of lack of discipline, lot of booze. Drake marines quite. Probably scared of Drake. Anyway, find target, steal. Not hard job. Right?

Ha ha.

I made a play for a Boron Personnel Transporter, masquerading as a food transporter, but the Squid wouldn't let go, so I blew it. Arriving in Cho's Defeat, I stopped at the local Equipment Dock. They actually had Thunderbolt's for sale, which is a welcome change from the usual situation of everything being sold out. Bloody Teladi.

What? You ask what mean? Easy, Teladi buy all wares sold, load on ship, and destroy. Keeps prices high, keep them in business. Cheating bastards. With nicely expensive ships.

A defend station mission nets me a Buzzard, Wildfire missile and best of all, a Triplex Scanner. Good Fight. South into Patriarch's Keep, and a Yaki Raijin goes down. Nice ship, sells well.

“Fine pirate you were. When does it get interesting?”

“Have patience crazy woman. Fight start soon. I think.”


“Long time, much booze since then.”



I've decided to make this a Dead is Drunk. How does that work? When I die, and I'm now up to THREE, I start from my last auto-save, and go from there.

The Bloody OTAS Zephyrus is dangerously ugly. That is all.

Posted: Wed, 9. Nov 11, 13:25
by Triaxx2
Chapter 4: Teladi Trials and errors

Two Grand Huge sector. By this point, I was looking for one thing and one thing only, a Personnel Transport. And I was ready to annoy the Teladi, which means I was desperate to get my hands on one. Unfortunately, Teladi prefer to ship in TS's looking for huge profits, rather than fast ones. So I found myself sitting in Two Grand, waiting for something to show up. A Teladi archaeologist turns up in an Express. As I said, I was a little desperate. Paid off though. Turns out I can't distinguish ships beyond friend/foe. But Toucan still useful ship. Not FAST ship, but still useful. Next stop, Cho's Defeat.

Escort BORING. I skip this part.



While returning to Cho's Defeat, I begin to plan action of war. Plenty of time. Being outrun by Goner. I intend to head to Haktikvah's Faith, and look for an Argon Minotaur. I figure that 10 properly motivated Split Warriors can take a ship with such nice wide corridors.

What proper motivation for Split Warrior? Once TP has launched warriors, it will leave. Options A) Capture ship. B) Die. Split very motivated. Any who survive, bail, lose booze for two months. Split WILL take ship.

Glad to return to friendly space. While waiting for M7M in Haktikvah's, I shall engage targets of opportunity, such as Boron Weapons Dealers, Boron Weapons Transporters, Boron Military Supply Transporters, and anything else Boron. What after? Besides lunch, also want Ion Disruptors. Legendary Mak G'vyr show true path to success. Sadly, not enough Nuclear Warheads to live up to Legendary Steve. Yet...

Anyway, after quick stop at local Trading Station rejoin escort of Toucan.

“I thought you said you were going to skip this?”

“This good part.”


Notice minor problem. Argon Food Transporter following Toucan, not firing, but too close for Split comfort. But fire on target annoy Family. What do?

Roid Pinball.

How work? Wait for target get close to roid, then swoop in close ahead, auto-pilot jink away, smash into asteroid. Fun game. Takes lots practice though. Crash. Bang. Boom. No more transport.

Once the TP is on it's approach to the Shipyard, I turn and burn west again, heading for Family Whi. I still haven't got a jump drive, and with both the Argon and Boron being less than pleased with my existence, I decide to forget about buying. Goner don't like me either, but it doesn't matter, since the temple they've erected is off in the midst of Argon space.

“I thought you were heading east to the other Split sectors?”

“Look at map. Down through Two Grand bad place to go for crossing. Many, many Argon Sectors in way. Plus is main Xenon corridor. Stupid plan.”

“Okay, okay...”

Anyway,. Plan has two facets for sitting in Family Whi. Facet 1) look for Jumpdrive. Facet 2) raise cash for Marines. On way to Whi, meet delusional Split, want to offer ship cheap for a mere 3.5 million credits. Space insanity obvious. Head north into Family Zein. Few Split like Zein sector, much darkness, hard see.

A mission to deliver a Boron TS works out great as I've just bailed a weapons Dealer, and it's a Dolphin. Sometimes X2 sagt Bussi auf Bauch mistress like Ea't. 400,000 credits and change is okay for Ea't.

“That makes one person.”

“If you want to hear the rest of the story, stop interupting.”

“Yeah, yeah, get on with it.”


Arriving back in hunting ground, first target of interest is Boron Angel. Escorted by Boron Hydra. I'd prefer not to tangle with the Hydra, and I haven't got the weapons to kill it. Angel gets a pass. Tucking up to the Asteroid near the west gate, watching for incoming Boron Traffic. Sadly, as I arrive, a massive pirate group, containing four Nova's, two Elites, and a Protolk Vka arrives.

“What, in the name of Rhonkar is a Protolk Vka?”

“Split for 'Kitchen Sink'.”

“Ha. Ha.”

Pirates pass by, ignoring me, attacking freight traffic, and I head east to greet incoming Atreus Freight transporter, after shooting at Boron Food Transporter in TP, and failing. Atreus holds nothing of interest, but Weapons Dealer holds PAC's and PRG's. I get one PAC and one PRG, and a lot of angry drones. Fortunately, they are all MKII drones, so I run for the nearby EQD. EQD is a good place to hide. Cargo containers on end are able to shield from many weapons, in particular, PAC's. Drones go splat.

Leaving station, a Boron Agricultural Trader, does not go so well, but in return, two Pirate Nova Raiders bail. Then, most glorious of all, Terracorp Mercury Superfreighter bails, gives up Gauss Cannon Ammunition, Warheads, and other useful goodies. Sadly, no Transporter Device, or Jumpdrive, which would be worth weight in Gauss Cannon Ammo. I had a few people wonder why I was preying on pirates. The reasoning was two fold. For one, pirates gossip worse than drunken women.


Second reason, when friendly with pirates, you cannot avoid fame. And I wanted to avoid fame. One reason is lack of enemies. When you are simply a face in the crowd of foes, it's harder for them to engage you in battle. They don't know who you are, or where to strike.

True, it was a risky move preying on an Argon ship in Split space, because we are at least peace time allies. But it was a gamble that paid off. And reports were coming in from the Toucan I 'acquired' that it was almost to Rhonkar's Fire, and the Military Outpost. Which meant it was time to move on to Haktikvah's Faith.

The first order of business, rather than an M7M, is in fact a TM. Why? Because I had to get the bailed ships, currently stuck at the Equipment Dock in Family Whi, out of there. Bails do no good sitting where they can't be sold. By preference, I wanted an OTAS Zephyrus. Or a Yaki Chokaro. But I didn't expect to see the latter outside their home systems, so a Zephyrus it had to be. But first, I had to shepherd my new cap to the safety of the EQD.

With that done, I stupidly, attack another Terracorp ship. This one bails, but nothing survives. Pity. In what was almost certainly a fit of alcohol induced Bravado, I engaged in a truly Split feat. I destroyed, using nothing but the weapons on my ship, a Boron Hydra. Granted, it had only 425MJ of shields, and I completely drained the batteries, but once I got into it's blind spot, not precisely an easy task because this particular Hydra was well piloted, there was nothing it could do. The Angel it was escorting turned back to assist, but by the time it arrived, I'd all but dealt with the Hydra. It tried to take me out, but despite it's maneuverability, superior to the Hydra, but still inferior to mine, it simply couldn't take me out. Sadly, the fish in charge refused to give up. Oh well, other days, other ships. A pair of Boron Freight Transporters came next, both flying Barracuda's. One went down with his ship, though he left me some computer components. The other bailed, but took his PBG's with him. What he left me though, was worth both of them. A Transporter Device.

“Wait, just a second.” Morgan interrupted.


“Why is a Transporter Device so valuable?”

“Who sell Transporter Devices? Who sell Jump Drives?”

“Argon sell both, and Boron sell Jump drives... Oh.”


So with Transporter Device aboard, south I go. Selection of Marines at Rhonkar's Fire, not so good. Best of Best, pretty bad. Train all to at least one star Mechanical, those with two star get Hacking. One hacker go back for more training. Marines expensive. Family Zein contains two Pythons. One belonging military base Rhonkar's Fire, other local Zein Python. Also contains Elephant. Turns out to be Arena. If Best of Best were not worst ever, might consider. For now, south I go. A bomber sounds like a good idea, but turns out to be a bad one. Apparently Split Vipers are not free for the taking. Oops.

Marines Train quick, and are rapidly gaining ability. Almost all now at least one star of not sucking. A funny Split wants to pay me to patrol Family Rhonkar for Split. Him Stupid. Obviously not look out window, see how bloody massive sector is. Idiot.

A Boron Freight Transporter bails, another Barracuda, and no goodies this time. So I head south again. To the south, another Split Arena. I always wonder about that. Did Rhonkar think that Gaming Compact with those nutty Terrans was a good idea? Seriously? Down into Thuruk's Beard, passing a Teladi Military Condor on it's way north. Teladi are serious about military, this Condor guarded by 30 ships, plus Heavy Osprey. South through Thuruk's Beard, and then on south into Haktikvah's.

An OTAS Trader proves lethal, catching me between it's hull and nacelle and grinding me into space dust.


I made certain not to drink at that particular bar again. It was not a pleasant dream. Although I did manage to take the Hydra out, and smash the Barracuda. No Transporter Device though. Heading south through Family Zein, I die plowing through an asteroid.


Okay, so that bar isn't any better. So, it seems that the third time is indeed the charm. Turns out two shots of Thunderbolt does quite a number on the shields of a Hydra. It didn't shoot either one down either. Interesting. Again, no joy on the Angel. Meh. It's ugly anyway.

Heading south though, I get a Boron in a Caiman, and then one in a Mercury. Down in Rhonkar? A Dolphin. This one falls foul of Terracorp Weapons Dealer. Vengeance I will have.

So what if it was stolen? Not point.

Docking at a local Ore Mine, I get a message about my Marines. So far they are one- star in most things. Now to find a target, while they train up to two stars. Despite the prophetic dream, Zephyrus still prime target. Magnetar second choice. I was even willing to take a Boron Pleco, though it was down on the list below just about anything else.

That said, if an M6 I liked showed up, I'd have grabbed that instead.

Posted: Tue, 15. Nov 11, 03:51
by Triaxx2
Chapter 5: Haktikvah's Disasters

Indeed, I would gladly have taken an M6, but what I needed was a TM. So that's what I set out to find. Heading south, I ran into a Condor, seemingly the same from my dream. I thought it an omen. So I took care heading through the south gate.

Fortunately, nothing than a few freight transporters were waiting for me. I was right, it was an omen. I was having the same dream, but this time it ended with a missile. Betty's voice haunted me to wakefulness.


This time, I don't give the Weapons Dealer a chance to launch, and simply destroy him. He leaves me with a single Tempest Missile. How nice.

More pirates at the south gate. Idiots fell foul of the Teladi Gannet heading north. There's a Boron weapons dealer down in Haktikvah's Faith, but it has ISL, so I'm not about to sacrifice my Marines to no gain. Sadly, the Nova Escorting a Jonferco Weapons Dealer gets off an Aurora shot before I can kill it.


So yeah, I'm not really enthused about this plan, but I don't have a better option. So instead, I decide to head north a bit, and help out with some annoyed pirates. A trio of Elites doesn't really stand much chance against me, not considering a top speed of 138.

Sadly, I only get the chance to show one that, as they run foul of the combined might of a group of Terracorp and Jonferco Escorts. Someone foolishly decides to launch something heavy in the midst of the fracas. Not the brightest bulbs.





“How in hell did you survive that?”

“Not really survive. More have fever dreams brought on by consumption of copious amounts of finest distilled Whiskey.”

“So... you were totally hopped up on Fuel?”


“Explains the bad piloting.”



This time north, deal with pirates, then south. Past Evil Condor of Evilness, and on into Thuruk's Beard. Weapon's Dealer leaves Tornado, Tempest missiles. Good haul.

Seventh time is the charm, because this is when the Zephyrus I want finally bails. It's a bit of a wait while the Toucan makes it's way down with 5 marines. Technically there were 6 that I'd hired, but the last was an idiot appearently, and was taking forever in classes.

Mo t'Nnk. Figures. Absolute genius with a gun, complete moron with a pencil.

Good thing I guess, because it was a nasty boarding. 5 went aboard, but only 3 survived to take the ship. But take it they did. Gu t'Ztk gets promoted to squad leader. Tasked with collecting all bits of dead squad members, for proper Split funeral ceremony.

“Which is?”

“Bodies burned, all at funeral drink ceremonial glass of wine containing pinch of ashes of fallen comrade.”


“Great honor. Spirit of mighty warriors live on in drinkers. All Split aspire to die in battle and gain such great honor.”

“Even you?”

“Ea't prefer immortality of being alive forever. But if I go, I intend to go in such a way that my funeral is that kind.”

“Good for you.”

Right, anyway, the hardest part of getting the ship wasn't actually getting the ship. No, it was in fact getting away with the ship. For one thing, it had a top speed of 44m/s. Second, it had no shields, and so I ran away under the 50mj taken from my Mamba Vanguard. I also took it's weapons, and borrowed the various softwares, and equipments from the Mamba. That got me functional. Then I took off for the nearest safe haven. In this case, the Medium Weapons Complex alpha in Thuruk's Beard.

Once I was welcomed on board, I finally took a deep breath. Safe...

Posted: Wed, 16. Nov 11, 16:11
by Nathancros
hey mate, soz i havent replied for ages, loving the new story :), ive been popping in atleast once a day. keep it up mate, loving this Dead is Drunk style, Definitly a Triaxx idea ;), only you could think of something like this :p

Posted: Wed, 16. Nov 11, 19:14
by Triaxx2
Thank you. It's a lot harder to write Ea't than I anticipated. Between dying a lot, and Ea't being very hard to write period, I've been kind of slow. I know where this story is going though.

Marine boarding by the way, is HARD. Nuklear Slug made it look easy.

Posted: Thu, 17. Nov 11, 05:45
by Nathancros
Triaxx2 wrote:Thank you. It's a lot harder to write Ea't than I anticipated. Between dying a lot, and Ea't being very hard to write period, I've been kind of slow. I know where this story is going though.

Marine boarding by the way, is HARD. Nuklear Slug made it look easy.
ive never managed a successful boarding.. ever..

Posted: Thu, 17. Nov 11, 15:58
by Triaxx2
Yeah, it's actually harder the way I'm doing it now, because I don't have an M7M. Mostly it's a matter of getting the marines up to at least 3 stars, then putting them on the hull.

And learning to control the shielding. I'd say go find a Hydra to practice on. It's a huge target, so it's not hard to hit and then practice staying underneath it.

If you're hunting corvettes, my preferred tactic is to get in close either with another corvette, or an M3, and use that to control the shields, while the M7M sits a long way off. It's definitely not impossible.