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Posted: Sat, 10. Dec 11, 13:56
by Nathancros
Triaxx2 wrote:Actually, it had just come in through the west gate, and the bombers were on the far side. I popped up through the south gate, and suddenly I get a missile warning. Next instant, the Cerberus is going up in an explosion. It was pretty funny.

sounds like something that would happen to you. or youwould do :P

Posted: Sat, 10. Dec 11, 15:49
by Triaxx2
Yeah, truth is almost always stranger than fiction. Even when it's fictional fiction.

Posted: Sat, 10. Dec 11, 19:12
by Nathancros
Triaxx2 wrote:Yeah, truth is almost always stranger than fiction. Even when it's fictional fiction.
and is even moer stranger in a triaxx fictional fiction! :D

Posted: Sun, 11. Dec 11, 19:16
by Triaxx2
Not counting all the stuff I might not mention because it's TOO strange. Or happened during one of those drunken deaths...


Chapter 10: Bird watching.

I've considered the Phoenix. It's a beautifully ugly destroyer. It's lines are almost Split and if it doesn't have the clean sword shape of the Python, or the dagger-esque shape of the Tiger, it's still a sight to behold bearing down on you.

How do I know that? Well, it starts with a mission to snap up a Pegasus Vanguard in Thuruk's Beard and return it to it's owner, from a station in Company Pride. The return goes without any trouble, and after a quick delivery of Nostrop to the local Pirate Base, I get a hot tip for a potential job. Some one in Ceo's Sprite, just a short distance north, is offering a huge reward for someone to find his ship. I've heard that jobs like this often lead to capital ships, usually the kind that don't get returned, because they're far more valuable as salvage than the price offered to return them.

It seems this person, is offering several million credits for the return of his ship. More than the sale value. Depending on the ship, I might well decide that it's not worth it, but the rep and money would be very handy to have.

This is a decision I will come to regret. I don't know it at the time, but I will. First things first, apparently I have to head to the Teladi Trading Station in Ceo's Sprite. That's fine because I've got two Demeter’s that are headed there for scrapping anyway. The heavy guns of the Phoenix are the second thing I see, following the ass end of the local Supply Albatross, sitting above the gate as I enter. The Phoenix seems to be on a slow patrol of the system, and is backed by a Shrike and several Peregrines.

Comming the station, it seems that the Split in question, a, and these are the words of the Mediator in charge of the station 'despicable, miserable, stinking pirate', is not there. In fact they aren't entirely sure where he's at. However another Teladi is offering a pittance for the return of a Discoverer Vanguard in Company Pride. With 3 hours, a TM, and a Jumpdrive, it's the easiest thing I'll do all day.

By the time I'm back, so is he. And yes, the Mediator was correct. He's a despicable, miserable, stinking pirate. He's also a fantastic fighter pilot, and has a sense of humor unmatched in the annals of comedy of any race I've yet encountered. No one else I've met or heard of has been that unfunny. For example: 'What one thing Teladi fear most?'

'Paying Debt.'

See? Not funny at all. Even worse? Mission is not to retrieve capital ship. No, mission to retrieve beaten up old Argon Buster. From impound in local Teladi Shrike.

At cost of 100,000 credits, I obtained permission to retrieve the ship. Correction, a Buster Raider. Still, it lacks guns, shields, and tunings of any kind. Making matters worse by far, I find out that he doesn't have the promised money. He was hoping I would free the ship, and then be captured and shot.

He is not in fact counting on the 4 Paranid marines, who climb aboard Fangs and dock at the station, in order to have a chat with him. While they do that, I sidle on over to the Military Outpost, and have a look at what's for sale. It turns out that there's a few things, and they include boarding pods and Energy Bolt Chainguns. Sadly, after the cost of freeing the beaten up and useless Buster Raider from impound, I haven't the cash to do more than buy a single boarding pod. The marines return with fangs, and my new fighter pilot. Whether he likes it or not. So G'tt S'hht becomes part of the crew.

So I'm stuck now with a mad fighter pilot who scares my Marines, and one who is not only a miserable, despicable pirate (After the fighter ride, the Paranid scrubbed him down, so he's no longer dirty. Threat of dismemberment included, should he forget to wash up.) but is as I suggested, an absolute genius in the cockpit. Unfortunately for him, while I do happen to have some shields, I do not have any guns for him. In a display of uncommon courtesy, and perhaps a desire not to have to do all the work, Wingnut offers his 3 IRE's for use by my new pilot, in exchange for my spare HEPT. It's not a high end armament, but beggars can't be choosers, particularly not on the pointy end of a phase pistol. Spending a little time in Rhonkar's Fire turns out to be an oddity. There's a hell of a lot of capital firepower here, including a Raptor, Python, and FOUR Tigers. Plus a Dragon, Heavy Dragon, and a dozen bombers. Plus all the escorting fighters.

And some source of astronauts from bailed ships, but no bailed ships. And it doesn't seem to be related to the military, but it's all Split Pilots, heading for the Military Outpost. Truly odd. I jump to the north gate of Family Rhonkar, in the hopes that an answer is there. Perhaps a large fight broke out, and the survivors are headed north to make a report?

No. In fact, it only deepens the mystery, and I have no idea what's going on.

So what's this about a Phoenix then you're asking? Well, as it turns out, the Phoenix was not merely patrolling Ceo's, it was in fact heading from there to Grand Exchange, as evidenced by it's path southwards through Thuruk's Beard. How do I know? Because arriving at the south gate, I have just enough time to roll up and out of the path as the Phoenix bears down on the gate and buckles through just as I clear the super structure. All because I wanted to get a spare jump drive for the Ares. Why? Because I got a report from the Toucan that the last of my marines was now at 2-stars Mechanical, and we're ready for another go at boarding.

So in short order I'm ready to put my ten highly trained marines to the test. (Okay, so they're ten well trained in opening hulls, but otherwise tactless and hyper aggressive, with little hacking skills to speak of. So what?) Jumping south to Pontifex Seclusion, I bring my ship about and link up with the Toucan.

Back up north I put my hands on an Iguana, but it's in bad shape, and it's also way up there, and I'm way down here. I might need it in the future, but for now it's chilling at the Trading Port in Rhonkar's Fire. So anyway, my Toucan and I are away. After a quick stop to successfully bail a Boron Angel. True, it's only got 3% hull, but that's not the important part. It's well armed, well shielded, and fast. Plus it carries XL cargo. It's a fantastic prize, and possibly the only useful thing Borons have ever constructed. On that curiously high note, I jump south, for a second try at the Ares.

Posted: Sun, 11. Dec 11, 22:01
by Nathancros
Wingnuts log:

Red death boring. been done b4. stupid propaganda... BEWARE THE RED MENACE!!! Red menace being blood splattered split!!!!!

Green death is all the rage now!!
give IRE's to Shot in gut,
Get Shiny old plasma death guns, DEATH GUNS!!!!

why do i call him shot in gut?. cause as he came in with his... escort.. i shot him in the gut for laughs..*Roars laughter*
With a stunner of course Oh so STUNNING!!!

*triaxx i hope u dont mind this little post of mine :P i wanted to try and get into wingnuts mind.. i regretted it instantly.. :P its like staring into a mirror :P
i can delete it if you dont want/like it :D ahaha

Posted: Mon, 12. Dec 11, 00:06
by Olterin
Ow, getting shot with a stunner... Wingnut is going to regret that later, I feel... :twisted:

Posted: Mon, 12. Dec 11, 02:59
by Triaxx2
I don't mind at all. Though I appear to have hired Liberty Prime.

Olterin: Yes, I suspect he will. Particularly considering that S'hht is going to soon be packing MD's.

Posted: Mon, 12. Dec 11, 16:23
by Nathancros
Triaxx2 wrote:I don't mind at all. Though I appear to have hired Liberty Prime.

wait what???

Olterin: to fight a crazy man... you must use MD's!!!! alas that is if u can hit the crazy man with them ;) he's got double ur range :P

Posted: Mon, 12. Dec 11, 19:36
by Kirlack
Triaxx2 wrote:I don't mind at all. Though I appear to have hired Liberty Prime.

Posted: Mon, 12. Dec 11, 20:21
by Triaxx2
@Nathancros: Obviously you never played Fallout 3. Liberty Prime was a GIANT Robot created to fight communists, and communism. (The Red Menace.) He spouted very similar lines. Thus my joke.

@Kirlack: Thank you.

Posted: Mon, 12. Dec 11, 20:53
by Nathancros
Triaxx2 wrote:@Nathancros: Obviously you never played Fallout 3. Liberty Prime was a GIANT Robot created to fight communists, and communism. (The Red Menace.) He spouted very similar lines. Thus my joke.
OMFG i forgot bout him!!! rofl. yus i did play fallout 3 :P and new vegas XD

Posted: Tue, 13. Dec 11, 14:48
by Triaxx2
I'm finding out that Skyrim is essentially gamer crack. It's really, really hard to stop once I start playing it. I intended to stop after perhaps an hour last night. I started at six. When I looked back up at a clock, it was ten.

So yeah, it's really, really immersive. And I've got to play with headphones, because my speakers suck. Which makes it even harder to stop...

I love and hate it. Must return to X... Wants Skyrim. Wants the Precious!

Posted: Tue, 13. Dec 11, 19:46
by Nathancros
Triaxx2 wrote:I'm finding out that Skyrim is essentially gamer crack. It's really, really hard to stop once I start playing it. I intended to stop after perhaps an hour last night. I started at six. When I looked back up at a clock, it was ten.

So yeah, it's really, really immersive. And I've got to play with headphones, because my speakers suck. Which makes it even harder to stop...

I love and hate it. Must return to X... Wants Skyrim. Wants the Precious!

me and my freind*im at a mates house atm* both agree with this :P tis very very hard to put it down. ive finished it. playing again XD ahahaha

Posted: Wed, 28. Dec 11, 18:37
by Triaxx2
Sorry for the long update timing, but Skyrim. I'm largely over it, but I'm sharing computers with someone who has a melted hard drive, but I should be able to pick up update speed.


Chapter 11: Hind's Blood, or How to Slay a God

Because you know, Ares is the Greek god of War. And considering how far I've come to get this far, I send in the entire fourteen marines. It's a good thing. Even sitting abandoned in space, with holes in the hull where the damage was enough to cause the crew to bail, the ship still claims nine lives. Only Chu t'Sht survives among the Split marines, though the four I had aboard Battle Wagon are unscathed. Indeed, Chu t'Sht on this day became someone we know.

“You're kidding me. Ch't F'rst?”

“Indeed. He spilled blood for his ship. I gave it to him.”



With my four marines brought back aboard, Chu t'Sht took command of the Ares for the jump to Patriarch's Conclusion. I needed repairs, and someone I could trust was needed to run the ship. He had yet to take the injury that would later prevent him from fighting as a marine, but he was already an able Captain. Charismatic enough to lead, intelligent enough to take advice from those who knew enough to actually work the ship.

We would do great things. I could feel it even then.


Of course, as Drake has found out, there's one big problem with capital ships. Well, two. First, they're hard to dock. Since they can't just dock anywhere, they need somewhere capable of docking ships of their size. That means military outposts, shipyards, and equipment docks. Well, the closest shipyard was in Cardinal's Domain, but I wanted to use the Patriarch's Conclusion shipyard instead. So heading there with the Toucan on my tail and my ship already at the shipyard. I never had a doubt Ch't would succeed. Even though he was flying the entire ship on manual. It wasn't easy, he told me, and frankly, I don't doubt him. Osan'Gar is hard enough to fly with a fully trained crew. And it's designed for only two eyes. Ares are designed for Paranid, with three. I never understood how Lucifer managed to do anything with his without going cross-eyed. I stood on the bridge of my Ares for five minutes before making Ch't it's permanent captain.

The second problem with capital ships? They're hideously expensive to repair. The bill, a whopping (Exact Amount) boggled my eyes. So I decided I needed to do some more pirating to finance the repairs.

However, there was something else to be done before we left. Shipyards, Split shipyards, are one of the few places outside Family house worlds, or Family Pride, where clan adoptions may take place. (Certain temples, on worlds not now controlled by the Split, exist, where the ceremony maybe, and in some cases MUST be performed. One exists on Kingdom End.)

“Wait, what?”

“What what?”

“What... No, I'm not getting into that again.” Ea't gave her his best crestfallen look. Morgan laughed. “No, how can there be a Split Temple built on the Boron Homeworld?”

“Oh, that. Turan-shar. Temple of Glorious Victory. We created a landmass just for it. Sit's at top of volcano. Only 'land' on Kingdom End.”

“What are you talking about? I've seen, taken, sat scans of the entire planet. There's no landmass there. I assure you.”

“Lies, falsehoods. Fishsticks.” Ea't nodded sharply, then held his head. “Boron cloak it with a massive electro-static field, which bends light to make it look like ocean from space. And those sats that can see through it have their outputs carefully doctored.” Ea't shrugged. “Turan-shar is greatest embarrassment by Split ever of Boron.”


“Pride of biggest fish having biggest ocean, and no land.”

“Why don't they destroy it?”

“Can't. Power source is linked to planetary core. Break Turan-shar, planet core seals from in flux of water and planet freezes. 'Fishsticks'.” Ea't gave her a smile. She shuddered.

“That's horrible and ingeniously evil.”

“Thank you.”

Anyway, clan adoption is not quite the same as Argon adoption. Joining another Family requires a much longer ceremony, but joining a new clan does not invalidate ties to old clan. In fact, joining new clan gives opportunity to pay honor to birth clan. So in choosing his name, Chu t'Sht became Chut First. As in Chu of t'Sht clan, and First of his new clan. Thus Ch't F'rst.

“I wondered at some of the names.”

“Indeed. Reasons do exist.”

“What about yours?”

“Sounds cool.”


Anyway, with the adoption of Ch't F'rst complete, I left him the marines and told him to go recruiting. I left him sorting through a pile of large wooden clubs, for use in recruiting.

So to piracy. Haktikvah's is a wonderful place for pirating, but it's awfully dangerous without some capital class firepower. Ambushing single traders makes a good living, but the massive amount of hardware that sometimes flows through makes it dangerous to any pirate without enough assistance. And frankly, I didn't quite trust my 'wingmen' to not shoot me in the back, particularly not without the marines. So instead I jumped clear up to Family Whi. There I could assign them to guard Battlewagon and get on with pirating without the threat of getting blasted while my back is turned. My first choice of targets is near the south gate. Boron energy traders pulling fuel from the local SPP's. Setting Battlewagon and it's body guards high above the Ecliptic,where they shouldn't be bothered, but should be able to react to assist me if I call for it, I set up near one of the small rock groups. In addition to the energy I'm gaining, I'm hoping to put my hands on at least one transporter device, if not more.

After a good thirty minute wait, I see ZERO Boron traffic. Usually there's at least a few that make it up from Family Zein south, so this is quite odd. An explanation does eventually present itself however, in the form of a Split Military Tiger that appears through the south gate, and is probably the cause of dozens of destroyed freighters and traders. Figures.

Okay, so I move north, ordering Battlewagon to parallel my course some distance higher. I still don't want it in danger despite the 'protection' of the two pilots. Who have spent more time swilling my expensive liquor than actually proving their worth. Admittedly that's partly my fault, because I don't really quite trust them.

As it turns out the day isn't really made for piracy it seems. Out of a dozen ships I attack only two bail.

Well, three, but that third one attacked me, and doesn't actually count. I mean, in what universe does a Pirate in an Elite think he's going to beat a mighty Split warrior in an M3? I mean, honor before reason is one thing, but stupidity is something else completely.

And I know about Honor Before Reason. I do manage to net quite a bit of Mass driver ammo though. I have 3400 rounds available, though I only have one mass driver. Rather silly when you think about it. I did find a Mako Vanguard with two PAC's on it. I'm going to keep it, since I need something that can mount IonD, and the Mako V can. Why do I need IonD? Because I'm hunting an Argon Heavy Centaur Prototype. I've seen a couple one in the Paranid Sectors to the south, and one in Haktikvah's Faith. I think it'll be perfect for me, and while I'll have to get busy stealing some IonD, the Boron have a few available if you're... willing to work for them. Sadly it means I'll have to do some piracy in Haktikvah's, but I think I can manage that.

First order of business though, is to engage in a short patrol from Family Pride to Tharka's Sun. It's Xenon, so I order my wingmen to launch, while remaining behind large amounts of shielding. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

First of all, the boys wouldn't leave the OTAS ships alone, despite my insistence on not shooting at them. This pissed off the local Python. So I ended up ramming the nearby OTAS weapons dealer and then taking out the two MKII's so I could apologize without having it happen again. While I was dealing with that Crysis, G't Shh't managed to live up to his name and got trapped under fire from a pair of Xenon M's that ripped off all his shields and most of his hull. Sadly, this epic display of idiocy was NOT the worst I would see that day. With the fighting finished, I ordered G't to return and started to order Wingnut back.

As he went flat out to ramming speed and plowed into the side of the Battlewagon. In some fighters, this might have been survivable. Wingnut slammed into the side at full speed and not all his shields. Alas, Wingnut. I knew him. Sort of. I'm more ticked over the loss of the weapons and his ship than the pilot. Callous? A bit, but a wise Split knows when to shake his head, and move on.

Honestly I might have held a funeral, had A) I not had pressing business in other sectors, and B) had there been anything left to have a funeral with. Most of the organic bits were vaporized by the shielding. Sadly this meant I was suddenly in the market for a new pilot. After seeing how badly damaged G't was, I decided I'd find him a new ship. Something with LOTS of shields. Perhaps a Kea? Or maybe a Blastclaw Prototype. Of course if I get one of those, he might get Fangs instead. Presuming he lives that long.

No matter, I'm heading to Rhonkar's Clouds to continue my patrol. This time I'll be allowing the Goblins free reign and I will join the battle. Arriving in sector, I'm just in time to see a Chimera bail. Between the Battlewagon and I, we slaughter the entire attack group in no time. While the Goblins bring the Chimera, they also bring an N, and Manta to me. I decide not to stick around though, and jump straight to Tharka's Sun. No enemies jump in, so I'm limited to the mere 35k credits, but that's okay. The bailed ships will give me more than that. The Chimera isn't nearly as exciting as I first suspected, but it's still a solid ship. I think I'll give it to G't. Meanwhile, Battlewagon jumps south to Thuruk's Beard to spend some money on some more fighter drones to be converted to goblins. I have three in my hold, that shut down when I jumped out of Tharka's Sun, and I find I like having them on board.

G't has been informed that if he enters his cockpit, it had better be to shoot himself. Me, I dock at the local trading port to raise a glass to the memory of a fallen warrior.

Okay, so it's to a fallen idiot. So sue me.

Posted: Fri, 30. Dec 11, 14:49
by Nathancros
heheh so am i allowed to implement an idea to bring wingnut back? or shall we make a new character?

hehe i also like how u allways connect ur stories to scions :P

oh btw. ive re-read pirates story atleast 3 times :P twas bloody awesome :P