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[BONUS Plugin] Antiballistic Missile Defense 04-8-05

Posted: Fri, 5. Aug 05, 02:40
by Burianek
Hello all,
a new plugin is available for you to enjoy in the bonus package.
scripter: Lucike

From the readme:
readme wrote: Task:
This software protects small ship classes against rocket attacks by shooting down incoming rockets with mosquito missiles. Mosquito class missiles are required, as well as Fight Command Software MK1 and MK2.

Activate the software from the additional commands menu. While active, the software looks for hostile rockets which are a threat, and fires mosquito class missiles against them to try to destroy them. To disable the software, select the command in the occupied command slot to turn it off. The software will also terminate if no mosquito class missiles remain on board.

The software can also be used by wingmen or merchant ships flown by autopilots.