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Post by StormSinger » Sat, 1. Oct 05, 11:31

Fixing the conflicts with the Patrol scripts were easy, but they were also conflicting with the Xai Advanced Combat AI, so I had to sort that out too... along with a few others.

They seem to be happy now.

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Post by RagX » Sat, 1. Oct 05, 11:54

scratch my offer on fixing advjumper, looks like I've botched both scripts to obscurity.

StormSinger, mind forum-PM me your corrections for Marks and AdvJumper?

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Post by StormSinger » Sat, 1. Oct 05, 23:55

I would, but I'm not sure they'd be of much help to you in my case. I was working around 4 other scripts that were inter-conflicting.

I ran the conlfict program several times and just picked out each one and re-numbered it until there were no further conflicts. I still have a "read text" issue with the slope tension device and HRS, but they work just fine.

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Post by RagX » Sun, 2. Oct 05, 04:15

Doesnt matter, I'd still like to take a look and see what I'm doing is right in just changing the numbers in the t files and not bother with the scripts themselves.

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Post by LaserEye » Mon, 9. Jan 06, 14:30

ok i really like your Advjumper. makes traveling between the vast of space faster by alot. Anyways my question is how do i stop the script from overloading my logbook to the point it crashs the game???

Edit: Believe it or not. After I posted this i went back in and i found what was doing it.

Line 88 of the mhordes.autojump.xml
It writes to the logbook the distance from your ship to the "gate" when your ship goes to jump.
now have that script running for 44 ships for an hour and you soon find yourself waiting 10 minutes for your logbook to open.

to fix just grey it out by pressing the period button. :D

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Post by Topchris » Sat, 14. Jan 06, 02:15

Can you rewrite your ECM script for X3? Possibly could you also create an ECCM (Master of Orion Style)?

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Post by AdmiralTigerclaw » Sat, 22. Jul 06, 07:58

The ECM's code is actually a rather oddball piece to work with.

It's been a while, but if I remember, it goes something like this....

It contains a command that gets all missiles targeting the ECM's owning ship. It then does a range check and a several 'snapshots' a second. Using this snapshots, it builds the trajectory of the missile(s) heading for you, then performs an IF check.

If the missile is inside X range, it performs a random number call.

Depending on the numeric range of the random number results... the missile is given a 'set position' command and it's location changed.

What it does when viewed from a player perspective... is that the missile approaches you, and if the ECM is effective... it suddenly teleports to a different spot at the last second before impact, resulting in it having to turn around and come back for you again. If you fly straight, even that won't save you if the teleportation doesn't move it much... so you mix it up with a bit of manuevering and what you have is an effective simulation of duping the missile with ECM.

If you recognize that and apply it to including an ECCM package. You have to realize that's going to involve a whole new set of checks in the ECM code to see if the attacker has the ECCM components active, apply them to the calculating, and make it work.

Before the random number call, a check would have to be made.
Now, if we can attatch scripts to missiles now, we can find a way to buy ECCM packages for individual missiles. (The missile itself has to have the ECCM package.) Otherwise, we have to find some way to butter up the fiction to sound plausable.

Anyway, after the 'attacker' (missile/or vehicle.) is checked and has an ECCM package. An alternate version of the random number call and result is utilized. What occures is that the ranges used to determine if/how much to change the missile's SET POS command are set more in favor of leaving the missile alone. (Where as the normal ECM script has more ranges in favor of the SET POS command.)

This would simulate the missile 'seeing through' the ECM.

Easy enough in logic... but I'll bet you it's a B*TCH to code.

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Post by Cycrow » Wed, 26. Jul 06, 15:27

Topchris wrote:Can you rewrite your ECM script for X3? Possibly could you also create an ECCM (Master of Orion Style)?
I've made an ECM system for X3 already

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Question re MH Carrier Refit

Post by PeteM » Fri, 12. Sep 08, 16:53

I downloaded this a year or so ago and it's fantastic (best carrier sound effects ever!) but I can't for the life of me remember where I got it from now - does anyone know if there was ever a later release of this? I think the version I have is 1.1

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Post by cattafett » Fri, 12. Sep 08, 23:07

try page 1 first post :wink:

EDIT: didn't notice it had been moved
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Post by Loky77 » Fri, 30. Jan 09, 02:16

Hello, I'm actually trying to port this wonderful script to X3:TC

I know millling_hordesman hasn't been active for 2 years now but I'm asking anyway if i can use and convert his code to X3:TC


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Post by Battlemeister » Tue, 19. Jan 16, 09:41

relinks form my archive:
Advanced Hyperdrive Ver 1.7: ...

containing folder is:
has several other scripts and a flyable AP gunner that i got.. somewhere a long time ago, cannot remember the authors >.<

random fact, from memory, i think i got the X2 version of the advanced jumper working in X3 though sheer ignorance back then (didn't realise it probably shouldn't work)
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Re: milling_hordesman's script page

Post by diegonv40 » Thu, 15. Jul 21, 19:18

Hi, im updated the mod mh_adv_jumper_1.74 to run in X3 Reunion.
I tried installing the x2 mod in x3, it worked but the wares id used were the same than the used in other mods (from bonus pack). And now the freejump requires a jumpdrive (see readme). I dont know so much about scripting, but changed the ware numbers, and added few lines to require the jumpdrive. About the forum, i hope i dont break any rule, there is the link: ... AqGMn_k-3g
edited new link: now has compatibility with xtended mod, changed auto-jump command to 1245 (from 1224)

(If anyone want to upload to xdownloads, could be much better so the link dont expires)

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