[MOD][X3:FL] Terran Player Headquarter 2022

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[MOD][X3:FL] Terran Player Headquarter 2022

Post by Zeron-mk7 » Sun, 6. Feb 22, 12:35

Terran Player Headquarter for X3: Farnham's Legacy.
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<<< This Mod is only for X3: Farnham's Legacy. >>>

Terran Player Headquarter mod replace vanilla Player Headquarter station model.

Station has internal docking and 12 capital ships docks.

This mod does not trigger a "modified" in the player statistics.

Compatible with all mods, who does not change the vanilla Player Headquarter station.

Installation for X3: Farnham's Legacy - need to install as "False patch" into the X3: Terran Conflict in the folder addon2.
For example, if the last ones in the X3 Terran Conflict\addon2\ directory are named 05.CAT and 05.DAT, then rename the files from the archive to 06.CAT and 06.DAT, etc.

<<< DOWNLOAD >>>


<<< DOWNLOAD >>>

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