[MOD][X3:FL/AP/TC] Asteroid Texture Pack 2021

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[MOD][X3:FL/AP/TC] Asteroid Texture Pack 2021

Post by Zeron-mk7 » Sun, 21. Nov 21, 10:00

Asteroid Texture Pack 2021 for X3:Farnham's Legacy, X3:Albion Prelude, X3:Terran Conflict.


Asteroid Texture Pack replaces one texture for some asteroids, also Ore and Silicon mine station asteroid model texture.
Asteroid Texture Pack contains 8 new asteroid textures.
Asteroids in the game has different textures, pack change only one asteroid texture, therefore some asteroids in the game will be with new texture and some asteroids will be with vanilla textures.
Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image
Mirror screenshots link

Compatible with any mods, who does not change vanilla asteroid texture.

This mod does not trigger a "modified" in the player statistics.

  • Mod author and created by Solek.
  • With special Solek permission, I release this mod.

Mod must be installed as False patch.
For X3:FL/AP/TC, choose one from 8 asteroid textures and copy NN.CAT and NN.DAT files from your chosen folder into X3 game directory, then rename .CAT and .DAT files to the next highest available number.


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