Dynamic relations... questions and issues

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Dynamic relations... questions and issues

Post by grayx » Fri, 13. Aug 21, 13:56

Aside from the fact that whoever have designed dynamic relations should be hunged, beheaded, and burnt on a stake, I have
some questions if good people on this forum are willing to answer.

- We could change notoriety by doing regular missions and by using the diplomacy options (and by killing... stuff). Does using diplomacy options changes relations toward others in the exact same percentage as doing missions (especially negatively)? I.E. does rising notoriety toward Argon "diplomatically" decrease Pirates' notoriety in the SAME percentage as if we are doing a regular mission for Argon?

- What's the exact meaning of the diplomacy option "Bonus Notoriety Gain". I got what it basically means, but how it's calculated, and what do those countdowns mean? Basically, how to use it properly. An example would be great.

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Re: Dynamic relations... questions and issues

Post by DanKara » Thu, 25. Nov 21, 12:19

[I would like to see this thread moved to the General-FL-Forum, because it has nothing do to with “Scripting or Modding”. I would also like to develop this thread into a place to exchange observations and ideas about how to live with or take advantage of the Dynamic Relations and Diplomacy in general.]

While I toured the universe to get all the different blueprints for ships and stations in my main game (some 500h), I thought myself fairly well adapted to the new system of Dynamic Relations. Until I did a Kill-Mission for TerraCorp (my Rank +5) against Paranid (+10). The target flew an M2, accompanied by one M6 and some smaller ship. I knew I would lose some Rep with PAR, even more so because lazy chit I am, I took on the mission in a M6 (Maru) and therefore had to do away with the escorts first. That mission send my Rep with Paranid down near the very bottom (-4). This was done in a game started in 1.1 (or even 1.0 not sure anymore), patched to 1.2 (with its changes to rep calculations) a long time ago.
The drop from (+10) to (-4) I had not expected. Sometime before that I was at (+10) with TER/ATF and have done dozens of missions for their enemies, only boarding one ATF-M2 sent me down to (+6) in the same game and thus expected that Kill-Mission would not hurt as much.

1. Opting out?
This little episode had me quite a bit of raging around and seeking a way out of the DynRep. What I found here is not a complete success but a (vanilla) way to keep the ranks of the main commonwealth factions static. I am not very far into that game (1.2 started), so I have no info yet of how TER/ATF are effected or if rank (+10) with all CW-factions is possible.
Yet I am starting to miss the DynRep for the positive side effects on allied factions and feel remorse, when “taking” ships from friendly factions… Actually, I think about switching back because the DynRep brings really a much-needed “fresh wind” to otherwise stagnating games.

2. Faction reputation – general
In my 1.2 game kills and missions done for my still dynamic Pirates, Yakis and Corps (at most +3 yet) are of little impact on their respective enemies (at most -5% in their current ranks (-2 to +2). So no hefty swings at all anymore? Or is it just my low ranks?
Is that the outcome I can expect even on higher ranks in a 1.2-started game?

3. Agent task: Gain Bonus Notoriety
Initially I thought, that task would give me another “influence bonus” (see below). But instead here a german player stated, that this increases the faction reputation gained from other sources by a mere +10% for the time that agent is active on this task. I am not sure how to test or measure this.
Has anyone made similar observations?

4. Influence Bonus
I think, this is one marvellous game mechanic. But typically X, hidden if not buried so deep I needed hundreds of hours to recognize this … or maybe I am just dumb, deaf and blind.
As you know, every diplomatic task needs an agent with the appropriate number of tasks left and costs Influence of which you can have up to 1,000 with every faction. The Influence Bonus (I will call it that to separate this from other stuff) modifies how much Influence is consumed per task. Some player have already noticed that, when their Bonus was a Malus of <-100%, they could not target any station for any task.
The Influence Bonus shown in the Diplomacy Menu is actually a combination of different boni/mali that comes from a variety of ingame activities.
There are permanent (Player is “of the same culture” =race) or semi-permanent (Player is “enemy of my enemy” seen from the target faction). Doing Trade-, Think- and Fight-Missions for one faction will grant different boni that will last some time (like 3 hours?).
Actual trading and killing Xenon, Pirates or other Enemies will grant more, mostly different short termed boni (like 10 min). I have seen separate for Xenon and Pirates but I am not sure if Pirates and other Enemies give also separate boni.

At the end of my Tour-de-Universe, I was often at an Influence Bonus of 60-80% with the faction I wanted to buy blueprints from. That numbers came easily from doing Taxi- and Station-Defence-Missions as well as being enemy to (most) enemies. Reducing the Influence Cost for a “Buy”-attempt from 500-700 to a mere 100-200. The same goes for “Steal”-tasks.
I suppose at an Influence Bonus of +100% every agent task would come at no Influence Costs at all. But I do not think that can reliably be achieved. Not?

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Re: Dynamic relations... questions and issues

Post by Cycrow » Thu, 25. Nov 21, 12:50

a drop from +10 to -4 does seem wrong.
but it could depend where the mission was and how many ships there are. For example, in a core Paranid sector, the drop for killing each ship would be alot more than if it was in a non Paranid sector.
would be interesting to find out how much of the drop was from killing, and how much was from the dynamic notoriety.

The Bonus Notoriety Gain is indeed a 10% increase to all gains. So every rep gain will grant an additional 10%, this also applies to gaining notoriety via diplomacy

For the Influence Bonus, while they are not detailed in game, other than the Bonus menu that lists all the active ones. More information is available on the Wiki
https://www.egosoft.com:8444/confluence ... B+-+Agents

in 1.3 the max bonus is capped at 80%, so you cant get completely free tasks

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Re: Dynamic relations... questions and issues

Post by DanKara » Thu, 25. Nov 21, 15:24

I thought so too.
That specific Kill Mission I took on in an Argon sector. Either Home-of-Light-gamma or Trantor (argh...Presidents End). I was at max Argon rank (so +7 98%). TerraCorp was named as the MissionGiver. The Kill happened in Home-of-Light-alpha. OpFor consisted of the target-M2 and one escorting M6 as well as 4-6 scouts and fighters. Really not worth mentioning.

With the impressions from my new game, I think that swing was caused by something inherited from 1.1. (or even 1.0).

Another possibility would be the then named MissionGiver was wrong.
Recently I took on some Taxi-missions in that ATREUS-sector from/for “Boron”. These had no impact on my Boron-rank but increased ATREUS and decreased some others. I think there were forum posts about “wrong MissionGivers”, weren’t they? :gruebel:

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