X2 - Found a weird thing

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X2 - Found a weird thing

Post by Afallon_Sk » Sat, 12. Jun 21, 21:44

https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ ... C284DFD57/

I found this thing in a Kha'ak sector. I think it dropped from one of the ships. It has no name or description so what is it? Anyone knows?
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Re: X2 - Found a weird thing

Post by fig » Tue, 15. Jun 21, 23:01

I picked that up too. I suspect it must have been part of a mission that never made it into the game or perhaps there is another reason. It's good to have little Easter eggs like this in the game though!

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Re: X2 - Found a weird thing

Post by Nashaulk » Tue, 3. Aug 21, 08:32

They have these too in the bonus simulator 1.

Also I never wanted to make an own thread about this but why is there a Boron Ray parked in the equipment dock in the aforementioned bonus simulator? You get wrrecked by its spinning tail right away after docking.
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