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X-BTF and X-T patch/update

Posted: Sat, 27. Mar 21, 20:57
by Electre
Just a little topic for asking some things

First, about the two first games (and X2 : The Threat too also), there is not any dialog in other language than english (and german i think) so i hope egosoft could add subtitles to help new players (and not english speakers)

Second : any patch for better compatibilty with dual screen and/or widescreen resolution would be cool.
I'm not asking that for nothing, i have tried with my new setting X-BTF work with dual screen 2390x1344
but not X-Tension that can work only after beying lauch by only 1 monitor use (yes, i tried alt+tab change screen setting on windows and the game continued to work just fine)
(Last W10 and Nvidia Geforce 1060 6Gb for my actual config, but other hardware is 10 years old so no problems about them)

I have the game throught gog and steam, the two X-Tension can't work directly (need screen setting change)
but the two X-BTF works just fine oO

Re: X-BTF and X-T patch/update

Posted: Sat, 27. Mar 21, 21:14
by Alan Phipps
I think that you can safely assume that there will be no further work from Egosoft on those very early XP-era games. You can get advice and assistance from other experienced players and modders here on the forums though.