X3:TC/AP - (not) New vanilla trick using transporter / jumpdrive

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X3:TC/AP - (not) New vanilla trick using transporter / jumpdrive

Post by glenmcd » Wed, 17. Mar 21, 14:15

hi all,
it's been quite some time that I've been on the forums here, however I've been playing both AP and TC constantly! The trick I have for you today requires a transporter device and a jumpdrive. The situation is that you have some ship that doesn't have a jumpdrive, but you really need to get into some other sector quickly. Assume this is an Octopus M5, which can't even use a jumpdrive. In the same sector you are in some ship (assume it's a Mercury TS) that has a jumpdrive, and sufficient ECs for the jump you require. You can jump both ships (in two steps), if you want this then again ensure you have sufficient ECs to jump each ship.

This loophole takes advantage of the delay while transferring between two ships using transporter device (which can be in either ship). This delay is around one second. You are initially in the Mercury (it has jumpdrive and ECs), and you are targeting the Octopus so you can transport yourself to it quickly at the required time. First, start the jump sequence and listen carefully to the countdown. When she says "jumping", quickly hit the key to transport yourself to the Octopus. You should see the animations for both a jump and a transport happen at same time. The screen will then black out. When it comes back, you should be in the Octopus, in the destination sector! If you have sufficient ECs in the Mercury, you still have the jumpdrive in it, so you are free to command it to jump to you if you so desire.


update: thanks Alan for confirming this was already known. It was still fun finding it the long way! :)
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Re: X3:TC/AP - New vanilla trick using transporter / jumpdrive

Post by Alan Phipps » Wed, 17. Mar 21, 14:40

I'd argue about the new in the thread title. :wink: That's an old exploit trick well-known and used successfully to defeat an XUFQ quiz conundrum set by myself a long while back. :D

It is particularly useful in getting lots of ships back from UFJD sectors into real space where you would otherwise be unable to keep them! (PS: I didn't tell you that!)
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