Looking for an overview to read up on X-lore history?

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Looking for an overview to read up on X-lore history?

Post by jayman1000 » Wed, 17. Mar 21, 04:15

I realized that since I first got mesmerized by X-Beyond the Frontier, in the previous millennia, I didnt really read up on any story or lore in the prequels. Is there a completely ressource where you can read up on the entire story (minus x4, I dont want that spoiled ;) )

I know most of the story from X-Beyond the Frontier: earth was advanced, spread through galaxy through terraformer AI (which later became known as xenons), that turned on humans, all progress was lost cut off from all the colonies for centuries, then enter we in our experimental jump craft, and zoom we port into alien space, our jump drive destroyed and talk to that first famous profit focused teladi alien helping us stranded as we were. I never got to complete the game though, I got to attacking the xenon shipyard (did I destroy it? I dont recall) but nothing happened (maybe it was a glitch or maybe I was just a clueless fool lol) and then I lost interesting until I played Albion Prelude where I payed zero attention to story and just focused as playing as terrans and conquering the galaxy. Which was insanely fun.

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Re: Looking for an overview to read up on X-lore history?

Post by Alan Phipps » Wed, 17. Mar 21, 13:42

Hello. Have a browse of this thread as a starter.
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