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[X3AP] - Marine training // Return abandoned/stolen ship missions

Posted: Wed, 20. Feb 19, 21:33
by ZacUK
Hello all,

When might I expect to start seeing bigger ships for the above mission types?

All I seem to get offered are the return abandoned ship mission types with only M3/4/5 or TS ships. I'm maxed rep with all factions, X-Treme trade rank, and 62% into Crusader fighting rank.

Also, with an abandoned ship mission that spawns a TS, am I right in thinking that I can't use my M7M's to launch boarding pods at it? All I get is Betty complaining of "This ship cannot be boarded." Should I try the space walk approach with a TP? The ship is blue and unclaimed, should perhaps it be red? How can I make them red if so?

...and are the return stolen ship and abandoned ship missions both light bulb icon mission types? I'm not getting many of them spawn, and haven't come across a stolen ship mission in a long time. Although I am still moving around from sector to sector looking.

I'm trying to level up my marines to 100 fighting in preparation for Xenon capping. I've tried multiple times with my marines that are fight rank 80-100, but not all 100, and it's just a slaughter when trying for a Q. I did cap 6 pirate capitals last night with the same team though, but don't want to destroy my pirate rep too much.


EDIT: My game is Vanilla v3.3 with just the official bonus pack installed.

Re: [X3AP] - Marine training // Return abandoned/stolen ship missions

Posted: Thu, 21. Feb 19, 17:36
by nponoBegHuk
I described the mission process for TC in this post viewtopic.php?p=4780594#p4780594 - unfold return ship mission spoiler to read.

I can check changes in AP for you once I'm back from work.

If the process is the same or similar, both "my ship has been stolen and goes further away" and "our pilots abandoned ship in nearby sector" are two variations of the same mission with the lightbulb icon.

If you're ordered to bring back an "abandoned" TS, you will need to eject your ship and claim it as any derelict ship around. If some pirate stole it, you will need to force him to bail first, just like any other smaller ship you'd want to capture, and then claim it.

Re: [X3AP] - Marine training // Return abandoned/stolen ship missions

Posted: Thu, 21. Feb 19, 17:59
by ZacUK

I've since learnt today that you can only use boarding pods on M6 and above (including TM class) - TS/TP/Fighters can't be boarded, and have to be bailed/claimed.

I took a defend station mission earlier, and a bunch of pirates spawned with an M7 Carrack and some fighters. I used an M7M to take the Carrack, and got 10 more of my marines up to 100 fight rank.


Re: [X3AP] - Marine training // Return abandoned/stolen ship missions

Posted: Wed, 8. May 19, 00:16
by DrSuperEvil
Ship class spawn for abandoned ship missions is based on the race rank you have with the mission giver and a percent chance for each class with a fall through.