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Target Anxiety?

Posted: Sun, 9. Sep 18, 03:59
by Bill Huntington
I'm taking a look at the Terran Start in TC again. The latest version dropped those Wing Training missions at the beginning, a good choice.

Capping your fill of Xenon Ls is a nice beginning. Even better for new pilots. Not following the Pirate Nova and allowing the mission to repeat, $2 Mil every repeat if you save after each bail. Great start-up cash, and some pretty good combat experience too. If you check the prefix, you'll find that they're not normal Ls. Fine, I'll take easy anytime, for .5 mil each.

Questions: The L shows "Target Anxiety" with a percentage. What is this? Have any pilots figured out how to use this to our advantage? They're AI computers. How can they have anxiety?


Posted: Sun, 9. Sep 18, 04:58
by Timsup2nothin
"Target anxiety" is what happens when you are in some sort of 'follow that guy' script. If you get too close the counter starts ticking up. If it reaches some threshold value the mission is blown. It might be more accurately described as "suspicion."

EDIT: this post should definitely have started with "I think..."

Posted: Sun, 9. Sep 18, 21:59
by jacex3tc
Yeah I saw this in one of the campaign tail missions. Might have been the same one you guys are talking about. Might even be just the one mission with it. Seems like it was something they wrote for the tail procedurals but the tail procedurals don't have it. I think if you just keep to the 20-10 rule it doesn't even factor.


Posted: Mon, 10. Sep 18, 02:12
by Bill Huntington
Thanks for the replies. Yea, that sounds right.

Posted: Mon, 10. Sep 18, 02:41
by Fulgrymm
Why would the Ls have that though? They aren't meant to be followed, they're just meant to be destroyed.

Posted: Mon, 10. Sep 18, 16:22
by Alan Phipps
The anxiety meter is for the plot Nova that you are following, not the Ls that will harass you.