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Boarding the Aran

Posted: Sun, 13. Apr 14, 17:13
by WhiteStar1
This op is killing me! I have my marines at 5 stars and still fail to board the Aran. I have read roguey's guide and it makes it sound so simple. Any hits that can help me? Please?

Posted: Sun, 13. Apr 14, 18:03
by Erqco
Fix it for a lot of time, before try.
That will do the difference.

Posted: Sun, 13. Apr 14, 18:17
by Lone Jedi
I'd rather reload and skip that particular Aran. Jump again until you find another one. It's not too difficult to find. It's too time consuming to repair the one you found with hull value too low.

Posted: Sun, 13. Apr 14, 20:18
by Alche
Repair it using SETA

Eject SETA from your ship, pick up with spacesuit, use Ctrl + J to repair x10

Posted: Sun, 13. Apr 14, 22:30
by Sabrina Bergin
SETA can be used but remember your air supply is limited.

Posted: Sun, 13. Apr 14, 22:38
by Martinez90
Exactly what Alche said.
Don't set SETA to 10x otherwise most of the time laser will recharge and ship wont be fixed. I've found 7x seta to be most optimal just for fixing the aran.

Equipment needed:

M7M (obvious:P) Docking computer, 20 marines minimum 2-3 stars general, Boarding pods, SETA, Jump Drive, Energy Cells, Hammer heavy torpedo + flail missiles (just to destroy any enemy on the way, expect fighters, Q's or Kha'ak ships. It depends on your fighting rank).

Once you find Aran in unfocussed jump areas:

1. Clear the area of any hostiles surrounding Aran
2. Approach Aran with M7M (you can't target it!)
3. Exit your ship, now eject SETA from your M7M and pick it up.
4. Return to ARAN (distance between your M7M and Aran).
5. SAVE! then CTRL+J and hold it for 10-20 minutes (the more you fix this way, the more money you save on fixing it, monitor your O2 status) the Aran will go hostile, but it wont move or attack you.
6. STAY VIGILANT! Enemies sometimes jump into the sector and fly to attack you. It happened to me twice and I had to reload.
7. Return to your ship, CTRL+C 5. Piracy>Board Nearest Ship : Aran> OK
8. As your ship doesn't have SETA, don't jump out of it to use SETA since this time accelerator messes with boarding (ive lost 6 marines because of seta, so there was another reload for me)
9. Press R>Personell and observe your troops status.
10. Once ship is under your control you can finally select it. Transfer jump drive + 5 ecells and transporter device into Aran. Dock your M7M into Aran (it's best when you have Docking Computer onboard).
11. Jump back to known space. Fix the Ship at Argon Prime shipyards (any will do but I find Argon Prime the safest place for such ship). Equip it with appropriate shields and upgrade cargo, speed, rudder.
12. Enjoy your 120 000 XL storage ship :D

Posted: Mon, 14. Apr 14, 14:41
by blaughw
I capped the Aran in my AP game just this weekend. For me, the trick was the number of marines. I did not repair the ship more than it took to make it hostile. That said, it took a couple of UFJD jumps before I found one with enough hull.

I used 10x 4* marines, picked my best Engineering and Mechanical. My Aran capped with a whopping 8% hull remaining.

I tried 20x 3-4* marines! and those with low mech/eng skill would crash through the hull. I tried 5 marines with 4*+ in each skill and they all got killed.

On my successful attempt, I think I rolled a target with high enough hull points, and that was the trick.

Posted: Mon, 14. Apr 14, 21:40
by RayF
When I started playing this game some time ago, I run into a similar problem; I found my self repairing ships with the laser and it was very very time consuming.
So I came up with a small program (see my signature) to help me and speed things a lot up.

If you play TC you can use it. The reason it works only for TC its because it modifies the code in memory and changes the laser fix power to something very big. Therefore repairs take a few seconds only. This will NOT tag your game as ***modified*** .

If the link is down let me know and I will reupload. haven't checked it for some time.