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Space Fuel Distillery in Herron's Nebula? [X3:AP]

Posted: Tue, 19. Feb 13, 09:20
by Ranged66
There are 2 Distillery's in Herron's Nebula, but is it legal if i build one there?
If nit then where is a Distillery legal?
It would fit nicely with my 2 Wheat Farm M's and Rimes Fact (I am newish to X)

P.S. if i am bored, i always hang around the distillery's and scan the couriers for freight. if they have space fuel i force them to surrender xD.

Posted: Tue, 19. Feb 13, 09:57
by pjknibbs
It isn't legal to build a space fuel distillery in any Commonwealth race sector--if you want your own you'll need to put it in pirate or Xenon space. (Think Terran space works as well, but not sure on that).

Posted: Tue, 19. Feb 13, 10:01
by aXeldk
I have build mine in Hatikvah's Faith due to ambient supply from commonwealth space and frequent pratrolling navy ships ;)

Posted: Tue, 19. Feb 13, 12:51
by Alan Phipps
Illegal goods FAQ. Consider the Player-owned factories of them as being considered similarly illegal by the races. Established NPC-owned ones in race areas are licenced by the local authorities.

Posted: Tue, 19. Feb 13, 16:35
by foxglow
To be honest, in my experience with TC and now AP I now never bother with the illegal wares any more, as in all my games so far a 1MJ shield complex always outstrips the profits of any illegal product I have ever made.

just my 2 creditssss worth :)