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Rock locations for Mobile/OOS mining.

Posted: Sat, 9. Apr 11, 07:32
by nponoBegHuk
I really like OOS mining (explained here), one day I wanted to deploy a mixed mining operation (mine both ore and silicon), don't remember which sector it was... the point is I knew there were both silicon and ore rock clusters in the sector so I started breaking rocks randomly trying to find silicon ones but was getting only ore for a good 90 minutes or so until I finally got one silicon cluster.

I know there are couple good asteroid locators out there but the sector I was building in didn't have any asteroid just had a lot of rocks and honestly I don't like breaking asteroids when even a 1-yield rock is good enough. So I made this spreadsheet which can be filtered to find the rock cluster you need in every sector. It tracks asteroids too.

Excel 2007 version is available, minimum excel operation knowledge is needed to filter the table but it should be pretty easy. All the coordinates are represented in meters so 50 is 50 meters and 80100 is 80.1km.